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  1. you can try making the image you uploaded slightly larger and then cut it slightly, that gives you a bit more room to use the cutting tool.
  2. This needs a reply. Because this will lose us more members than adding a security level to Teamspeak
  3. did you verify your game cache in steam?
  4. We have to secure our grass farms! I'll be there!
  5. Currently ^^ You can see I highlighted the part after the War Thunder channel, because that is an important reason why there are so many channels. People like to play a game, so they make a channel for that game so other people know what they are playing, and maybe join in. Plus you are not talking through each other talking about other games.
  6. A few points. I5 is good for gaming, I7 is good for rendering and processing(3d modelling and video processing/Streaming). I7 does not really improve much price/performance wise, you don't need the extra 4 cores. If you are going to go for SLI, do it from the start. SLI requires the exact same GPU chipset, and ideally the same or more VRAM. So to get the best performance out of it you need an identical card. Get atleast 16GB of RAM(prefereably in 2 sticks, because dual channel memory) According to the MSI website the "MSI Z170A Gaming Pro" supports dual SLI. and seen the size of the case, mobo and gpu it should fit with lots of room. Get dust filters for your case, even if you use liquid cooling. You may think it is not needed, but trust me, it saves you a lot of cleaning if you use an air can from time to time.
  7. Most liked/played: Arma 3 Squad Insurgency Fallout 4 GTA Online ARK Disliked: Dayz Life is Feudal: Your Own Wishlist: Fallout 4
  8. After reading all posts on this thread and looking at the topics poll results, I can see there is a slight majority of players who prefer picking there own uniform oppose to getting a forced one. Originally when we first created EU#3 the plan was to remove VAS and VA all together. We did this because the idea of the modded server was and still is to have more serious gameplay. With this kind of gameplay you were not suppose to have as much freedom as you had on EU#1 when it came to gear selection. The reason behind this is simple: if there are no distractions, you focus more on the gameplay. Now as I read this topic and the other topics with a similar subject, I have been thinking or was would make it possible to have some form of customization within the same gear settings. Having a fixed uniform (or selection of similar uniforms (sleeves, rolled sleeves, t-shirt) that will be randomly assigned). Having a option in the parameters of every mission to select which countries uniform will be used, U.K., Germany, U.S., Sweden, Netherlands, etc. possible in combination with point one. Having a selection of vests in the right colour(it has to match the uniform). But you can choose if you prefer a bandoleer, light carrier or medium carrier. Having a selection of helmets in the right colour(it has to match the uniform). This may or may not include berets. You spawn with a standard selection of basic items such as earplugs, bandages, grenades, a sidearm and your rifle. A have a selection of weapons available, all using stanag magazines to remove compatibility issues, which include weapons like but not limited to: M4, M16, M416, M417, L85, Mk16, Mk17, AUG. Now I will say this, none of this is a quick implementation. But the point of a uniform is to be uniform-ally worn. This is there for easy identification of friendly and enemy forces and to display organisation. The same with weapons, most NATO countries use weapons that fit stanag mags such as U.S., U.K., Canada, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, etc. It is there for easy distribution of magazines and ammo, to make it universal used, just like the uniform.
  9. I'll be that guy again that saids no. Atleast to some mods. Funny thing is, I've already added the weapon pack once, on request. Did not turn out well; the quality of the weapons is not up to standard of the weapons we already use. So after the pack was added people complained the pack was bad quality. Plus the only reason we added it was because of the L85 (for which we have the standard rifle in now), most other weapons are already in the modpack. Unit pack has no purpose what so ever, apart from making it easier to place units (which are already placed). But to use it you need the other mods, which is not really practical because it adds a lot of duplicate weapons of lesser quality. Plus we use a custom loadout script with custom loadouts (that have required ACE items) anyway so we may as well do it manually. The only one that may be interesting is the equipment pack. It has some useless equipment, like the Soflam, glasses and NVG. And some useful equipment like the HMG, GMG and mortar packs that you put in the launchers slot, so you can bring an HMG and a backpack at the same time.
  10. the 2 1 makes sure that battleye connects to its servers and checks for updates. And if there are any, if will download them. 0 1 does not do this.
  11. By the title I presume you are meaning to say that this difference occurs with both the m416 and m417 rifles. Which are pretty much the same, except the round it chambers(and the parts that come with it). I will clarify a bit more, it is not a hidden stat nor a realistic feature we(as in AW) are playing on. It is however a realistic feature added by the mods maker blazenchamber, to indeed add a realistic aspect as the real weapons differ in weight as well. However, I doubt that the weight difference displayed in game is comparable to that of it's real life counter parts. Seen that the M417 13'' weights 4.22kg, and the M417 16.5'' weights 4.4kg. It would be less that 10% weight difference IRL compared to about 20% difference in game(as a rough estimate seen from your screenshots). This goes for both the M416 and M417.
  12. http://www.ahoyworld.co.uk/topic/3475-eu3-required-addons-repository-information/ at the bottom of the post is a spoiler with changelog
  13. CUP Terrain pack is now on the repository and server, so AiA Terrain pack will no longer work.
  14. As the title suggests, we are going to switch to a new Terrain pack. CUP terrain pack is the successor of the AiA TP, and features a variety of imported updates such as: - Modular setup, data pack and individual maps - Correct sea levels - Ponds - better shadows - Trees and bushes should no longer be see through for AI - Better terrain textures on ArmA 1 maps - More enter-able buildings in the Chernarus area (not on this release) And more The reason I make this post is because there is no "lite" version of the mod. This means the compressed download which includes all the maps AiA TP has, is 7.5GB big. Now we won't use all the maps, but the uncompressed files on the repository will be more that the compressed download, due to the data pack alone being 6.5GB. My recommendation is to download the mod separately, so you will have all the maps(just in case). And you can start now, instead of waiting for the repository update. (For Those with slow internet) EDIT: The switch has been made, the server is now running CUP Terrains and the repository has all the needed files. Download link
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