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  1. How's life everyone, what have I missed?
  2. You were a great admin Pero!
  3. Yea Tanoa's going to be in huge demand once it launches.
  4. I'll wait and see on the performance before buying it after exams.
  5. Welcome to ahoy world!
  6. So Soziop4th wanted a bug report from me in a formatted manner, capable for him to read. Let's just say that's kind of hard with the general quality of this mission, it's fantastic. The only bug thing I kind of found was the suspension on the transport we were given first. But i'm sure everyone knows of that one and its mod side, nothing to do with the mission. Some of the classes didn't contain ear plugs, which would had be nice to mute out the sound of the machine gun next to me.... Also the assistant automatic rifleman could use a little more body armour, like seriously he was going into battle with a sweat shirt.
  7. So you can get 3 months of free reddit gold by downloading and logging into their new app during this week. Which basically gives you a ton of extra features on the website.
  8. Hello, so as some of you may be aware, we are now in British Summer Time. That means we are 1 hour ahead of GMT. So when planning gamenight times / turning upto gamenights be aware of this. Turing up an hour early is good however... (Posting this due to my recent gamenight with people turing up early and Mr Collider gamenight meaning to be at 8:00 BST I believe.)
  9. I never understood why they didn't start from sctrach with Dayz standalone on the Arma 3 Engine.
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