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  1. CPU: Intel Core I9-9900 @ 3.10ghz RAM: 16GB Ram GPU: Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER SSD 1 (OS): Kingston m.2 NvMe 1TB SSD 2 (Games): Samsung 860 QVO 1 TB SATA 2.5" Internal SSD double monitors: samsung 32inches Loghitech G940 Hotas system Razor Mouse and headset an old microsoft keyboard TrackIR 5 for headtracking
  2. here is a couple from a few years back, hope you can use them
  3. Classic indeed we should try another one sometime ....what Altis dissaster?...video plz(if there is?) @J0hnson
  4. looking on the side of realism, i would like to see some logistics, as in landing groundtroops to secure a beach head, then fly in base supplies and vehicles and equipment... but then again that's just me....:)
  5. THIS! still piss my pants laughing every time! the chaos, the horror, the DEATHS!!
  6. i seem to remember a stint with fastroping a while back on altis (i believe the horrible ressults can be witnessed in the "we are ahoyworld video") wich was not a pretty sight to witness! but also, as you stated, the height on that try looks to be more than 35m tho
  7. would have joined, but Division beta comes up today...so sorry....
  8. by the time im done with work, you guys are 1hr into this...if there is still people i may join if that is possible tho....? ---------addition------ A10C for me if im able to make it plez^^
  9. +1 on that since i've finally got it as well
  10. FrOzT

    Squad Servers

    any tips for a new squader?..got it today..looking forward to trying it out with your guys..
  11. so..had a day of from work mid week wich totaly screwed with my brain..im sitting here now thinking..yay..friday..dcs stuff!...realises its saturday and i cry...how did it go?...
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