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  1. Cheers for the fun Liru -was enjoying it until i had to go grab some food.
  2. Ive seen so many videos of Rust pop up lately - been thinking of buying it all week
  3. Well it is a DMR. So having it restricted to marksmen makes sense.
  4. That and clearly marked no-go zones marked on the floor to prevent spawn killing.
  5. How limited are the smokes...because FPS Also i like how you chose wisely the smallest and most optimised map. Stratis <3
  6. Rave

    Forum updates

    Bananas mate (Test Message)
  7. Rave

    Pcars meeting tonight

    I suggest narrowing down the cars that can be chosen......so no weird cars from aprevious year can slip in. And because of the diff build regs just thrash everyone else.
  8. I agree with this. Also it's up to the troops you drop in a safe place with helicopters that do/do not have flares to take out AA threats fro closer/hotter drops in the AO. Better to thin bigger picture and Risk/reward. I think adding this will add to complacncy and stupid LZs from pilots, at the end of the day you get them to the fight not killed before hand.
  9. Again cheers for the idea mate it's great to see people come up with it. Apart from a few dedicated Trolls and /or TKers EU #1 and #2 have an awesome player community that normally self regulates as a server. We are lucky to have an awesome community here at AW and one that promotes gameplay for everyone instead of 1 guy dicking about in a chopper. Peak times are normally on EU/NA timescales and admins are usually about on TS. If you have aproblem drop us a line - or ask someone else to use TS to contact us who is on the server if you dont want to join. Cheers again for your input. -Rave
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