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  1. your favorite; medic/pilot/marksman/uav operator has returned just so you know XD
  2. Yeah that dose make sense I did think that a matchmaking system could be implemented but then that would take away from what ahoyworld is the new system in I&A4 is definitely better. The point system should work and make things fair
  3. just throwing this out here but what about encoding the side missions with an alphanumeric sequence and binding that sequence to the players who where in that side mission and when you unlock a reward only the people who have the sequence bind to them can go and retrieve the reward from a terminal just an impossible idea But we all know stan can do anything XD
  4. hey just wanted to say i really enjoyed the event on EU1 i know it was only one AO but i really enjoyed it. thanks to the people who set that up really good work and this is a testimony to how good ahoyworld is getting thanks for it really loved it
  5. so ive been thinking and i dont know the difference between a donator and a member could someone explain
  6. here is a tactical tractor enjoy
  7. Zzeroz


    when you connect to the UAV's they dont move and you have to tern the engine off and on again a few times also sometimes the UAV's go off in there own direction and you cant control them
  8. Zzeroz


    So I was thinking about ways that UAV's can be better used in the game and I thought well first we needed to fix that glitch where the UAVs get stuck in the ground and second I thought why not ad UGV's back I think they would be very helpful and also give the UAV pilot something to do since not all the time a UAV is required
  9. Oh i would like to use them because i thought of some creative ideas for them
  10. So me and 3 guys where alone in the AO and needed surveillance so me being me desided to deploy 10 darters place them in diffrent spots around the AO. It was very effective and we cleared the AO Job well done PS i think there should be UGV's other than the rovers have them like the drones have 2 parked at the base
  11. No just went to the editor it's not really that hard haha I'm done with arms for a bit anyway my computer can run everything but God if I got in arms the CPU starts smoking and I'm not joking
  12. Yep I can now fly the masive ball of s*** and I can land it too "look at me ma, I can fly a blackfish". I'm still going to precise in the editor untill I'm very good before I fly it in game
  13. hey i know its not much but i thought since i like playing on the server and thought id like to keep it running id donate some money its one £1.50 but its all i have at the minute
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