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  1. PayPal is not available in my country and i want to appreciate this amazing community by donating or subscribing i suggest opening a patreon page for this matter just a friendly suggestion i hope it sounds good
  2. Wingman

  3. Avanger 1

  4. 5 minutes before deployment

  5. pov2.jpg

    poor fella
  6. Did someone said CAS

  7. seatbelts on please

  8. Donation options

    Hello lads i realy like to donate some money and help this beautiful community but there is only paypal available and in my country paypal is not accepted can we get some alternative payment options i ll be pleased.
  9. hide under the blanket of night

    Tag someone who loves the night
  10. Some things are better left unsaid

    @Mark T Fabulous
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    so i need to update my TS now
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    -Nickname in game [DPUH]YAMEROo -UID 76561198126071973 -Squad name AhoyWorld Members -quote i love AW more than my GF