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  1. Noticed something last night when FOB Bravo was attacked by enemy air, the defenders didn't attack, they tracked but didn't attack, I had to jump on the AA system to take the threat down.
  2. Pretty poor excuse for not having a mod, also I was using BAF as an example, yes we get it you hate BAF but it's not really that big and as for ammo we have the Chinook that's a flying arsenal and also like Stan I'm thinking of when things become the same old thing.
  3. That night was quality, so funny and such a laugh.
  4. Logi' is strangely therapeutic after a long fought out battle.
  5. Not feedback as such but more of a question, I'm thinking will we be using different modsets at some point or are we going to stick with what is up now? As in say do we use the mods going from the current game nights and then change as the game nights mods change or are you thinking of say like using BAF at any point?
  6. RiverWolf

    UAV lasers

    Personally I was not a fan of losing the lasers when it happened back in the day but after a little time and some runs I'm able to use the drones to good effect.
  7. I'm really interested to see how the Medivac works out.
  8. Also I think that module kicks when used.
  9. Midnight, car bombs are needed and were used by the enemy, I think it will add to the atmosphere of war in op.
  10. Welcome to the community, hope you enjoy your time here and if you have questions go ahead and ask, there are lots of people willing to help.
  11. RiverWolf

    Arsenal update

    This could make for some nice Zeus Op missions.
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