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  1. Crashing still happening with Soflam, going to check out the RHS settings and see if anything I can change. Guess if it's not working come gamenight I'll most likely take Medic if it's not already taken.
  2. I chose Plat co slot and copied my every move I did while Rifleman and Engineer and I did not crash so I'm thinking maybe a problem with Arsenal/Squad restrictions?
  3. Problem still happening, it seems the whole binocular section is broken for me. Just replicated the same bug with a different Squad (Bravo), loaded gear, then changed to Vector 21 Nite, ranged object, ran for 10 seconds then crashed. Role was Rifleman, also happened to me in Engineer slot too.
  4. Something is going on with rangefinders/Soflam every time I try to change it to something different I crash, when I just equipped soflam I crashed, "status_access_violation" is the crash every time
  5. RiverWolf


    Welcome to the community
  6. If anyone is wondering about optional mods I would highly recommend using Blastcore (Standalone Version), Enhanced soundscape and Dynasound 2.
  7. Welcome to the community
  8. We need a 3 strike system that teleports you to military prison, bit like the TK script
  9. Welcome to the community Gaz, we have some very knowledgable members that are happy to help, don't be afraid to ask questions, we all had to start somewhere
  10. Whigital is a beast!
  11. Once you use blastcore you will prerfer it so much to vanilla that you'll be saying to yourself "Hmm, why didn't I have this mod before". Just to add also there are two versions of Blastcore, Phoenix and stand alone version, you want the stand alone version as Phoenix has broken smoke.
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