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  1. Let us know if you're having any trouble and if you are we can help
  2. Wanted to try this game mode, it looked fun from Xwatts stream.
  3. Welcome and you can find our Squad server info in this following link https://forums.ahoyworld.net/forum/155-squad/
  4. RiverWolf


    Welcome to the community dude, you may also enjoy some of the moded game nights we hold, they are usually Tuesday, Friday and Sunday, Tuesday is something other than the normal game play for example we have just finished the Halo themed game night series, currently on Friday nights we are running the WW2 series and on Sunday we host Liberation Sunday. You will have to download mods to play in the game nights, here are a couple of helpful links for you Campaign Iron Front WW2 Liberation Sunday and here is a discussion on what the next game night series will be f
  5. @Johnson You should mate, I'd say it's my favourite campaign even though I die a few times
  6. Hmm in specific order Medic has to be my go to role, second I'd say Pilot when there is a spot free, third AT and fourth Grenadier, I'll sometimes take Engineer as that's a pretty fun class too.
  7. Found by searching server browser in the Co-op and I chose it because there were a few people on at the time and I was bored of the server that shall not be named
  8. I think we need a defining line, AWE is not milsim yet at times it feels a lot like it is with some of the restrictions what we can and can't do, I understand that it's not EU1 also and I hope that it never becomes EU1 like, I also understand that it's not good to have tools available all the time to basically take out where ever you want but what that boils down to is trust and people knowing that if they use tools inappropriately (ie 2 man on server taking out a major objective with "op" assets) then I would fully expect them to be punished and a talking to. At the end of the day the game is
  9. @Ryko Think the AI need dialling back a little bit, so many pin point head shots last night from miles away was crazy
  10. As you know me Midnight I'll be down for any of the selection
  11. RiverWolf


    Welcome aboard :)
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