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  1. Bumped in to quite a few good players and players that were willing to learn so just provided them with any help and questions I could answer, they also seemed to like the Zeus missions I made. Overall no more trouble than usual when I was on. Hope we get some of the good players sticking around.
  2. Had goalkeeper spawn but unit did not change to CSAT.
  3. I just realised I have absolutely no use for ArmaSync any more.
  4. You're most likely aware of it @Ryko but performance has been a bit low compared to usual.
  5. Welcome back to the community, sorry to hear that you had to go through cancer but great news you beat it! If you need any help feel free to ask here or in the Ahoy World Discord
  6. Not missing this one, my non Arma 3 Sunday duties can take a back seat, good bye Sunday dinner
  7. I have no problem rewarding an armed Xian as a Zeus Op reward, all you have to do is request it
  8. I'll just say a bit of my point on the Zeus op, suppressed you on the kill farm because you were shredding a small force and you would have just steam rolled the place, I don't think that would have been fun for anyone and if left to the AI you folks would have been saying that it was too easy. The fog and wind was not my doing and I even said about the flames on a burning bin looked ridiculous. I have experience in Milsim ops so I DO know what it's like on the receiving end and I've had it a lot worse than you guys on that mission, you have to adapt. There were vehicles available but some person chose to walk every where, totally out of Zeus's hands. An instance when the spacing from the ground was not too good one minute and then the next they're broken up, in fog, probably should of kept rank and closer, I grabbed a straggler that was close and actually ran after a bunch of people who broke off from the main squads and chased them down and instead of firing at me when they seen me they just looked at me with no reaction so I shot them, I even shot at them a few times before they ran into the building so they should have known what was coming. Another point is Alwin was told NOT to take armour out so that's on the ground leaders heads not zeus's. At the end of the day this is a dedicated server for a Zeus mission, it's going to be hard and I expect it to be much harder than an EU1 Zeus mission. Sorry if you thought I was too brutal and I did not intentionally target people, but you have nothing to worry about next op because I will not be having any involvement in EU2 on that one and I will not be involved in any more in the future. Wish you all the best on the next op but it's not for me.
  9. I have noticed while Zeusing in I&A 4 that AA manpads rarely use their shoulder mounted launchers, example for instance, there are two AA running around in the AO with no Bluefor anywhere near them, a Ghost hawk comes flying over the top of them and drops it's infantry and still gets out completely safe and with no engagement, I have also noticed the massive lack in enemy jets and helo's for Talon and Bluefor manpads to shoot down too but as I have Zeus powers I can throw some enemy air assets at them every now and then until it's changed, I did that very thing the other night and Talon was dealing with what I threw at them which took their focus off of ground targets and I'd like to say enhanced their gameplay.
  10. Bit of a big issue today, UAV keeps exploding behind base on the taxi road, I've witnessed it 3 times now just explode while on the same part of the taxi road. Update, UAV seems to be re-spawning miles up in the air and it's dropping to the floor and exploding. Update 2, Both UAV's seem to be spawning way up and then tumbling straight down to the ground and exploding.
  11. Oh yes just to add, tonight we ran into a little problem with sub objectives, players would prime for the explosives to go off but at the end of the count down there was no explosion and the players had to lay explosives manually and detonate to complete the objective.
  12. Had a lad tonight using CAS and he was trying to re-arm the Wipeout, he could choose his loadout but he said he was unable to re-arm the main gun, not sure if he could re-arm flares though I'll have to ask him about that.
  13. Does this mean we can dump leaflets on CSAT now?
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