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  1. Noah I never use elastic, they are not in any of my loadouts, package bandages and quickclot, literally have stitched people then not a minute later they are bleeding.
  2. The bleeding and stitching are broken, the wounds and the amount of bandages that need to be used are excessive and when people are stitched their wounds re-open almost instantly and on the weight of that the Surgical kits take too much room and burn off each time their used, either make surgical kits weigh less or make them infinite use.
  3. I voted BAF but the only thing I want in Lib' are wide NV's, edited to say mainly for flying
  4. Welcome to the community
  5. RiverWolf

    Grad Trenches

    I too would like to see this implemented.
  6. Does the intro not skip when escape is pressed?
  7. Wishing my best Midnight and hope everything will be OK, take as much time as needed sir.
  8. OK mate will keep an eye out for if it happens again and record it
  9. Next time it's night I can do, I'll see if I can make a clip as for me they fade very quickly, also the night in general is extremely dark for me, I've not adjusted any settings either.
  10. Lithium map, can we get the wide night vision goggles added please as they are better and the current one available is bugged/broken as in when you wear them and activate them your vision fades to black and it's near impossible to see.
  11. I pretty much stack the heli I fly with supplies just in case they are needed and if I'm not doing transport I will gladly take requests for gear of your choice to be brought over, either that or I just bring the Chinook.
  12. You could drop a union jack on it for a bit to rep the nation and you can also just make English/British related meme skins
  13. Just to point out that there are Zeus's that will give one as a reward for a Zeus mission, we usually give 3 rewards per Zeus Op and I personally like to give one of the rewards as an air asset if the pilots have been doing a good job flying.
  14. Britain vs the USA would be funny, or USA vs China.
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