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  1. Whoever was sitting next to me in the bear should probably get to the hospital XD
  2. Wierd. I would imagine those kind of issues would be result of bugs with rhs gear(which there are some, especially since 1.7). Was expecting something like missing equipment or something. Well I agree its better to remove the mod than deal with these kinds of issues, but I'm hoping project OPFOR will get updated/fixed and reintroduced to the gauntlet. I really like murdering those units.
  3. Broken? In what way? I have been using it privately for a long time and never noticed any issues.
  4. Why are we removing project OPFOR? Its dependency is RHS, not CUP.
  5. Well, if you wanted to test if a bradley can survive 20 large IEDs placed directly underneath it, I can tell you right now: What exactly would you want to test, though? I imagine doing something equally stupid in large scale would lag the server pretty hard.
  6. Unlike cats, BMDs dont always land on both tracks.
  7. I should probably add that my TS name is JANXOL.
  8. In-game name when banned: Janek What message displays when you attempt to connect? Zostałeś zablokowany permanentnie na serwerze przez "IOnceWasATeddy" (Troll) (translates as "you have been permanently blocked") (teamspeak ban) Why do you think you were banned? There were trolls on teamspeak EU#2 and I presume I was accidentally banned along with them Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted? I wasn't one of the trolls. As I understand it, it was an accidental ban. Which administrator banned you (if known): IOnceWasATeddy When were you banned: 1.05 around 7pm
  9. Getting an error when trying to install TFAR from respository. Missing TFAR userconfig file.
  10. I don't know if you guys noticed the appearance of "Project OPFOR" mod. It is a continuation of leight's OPFOR pack (who got banned because of legal issues). Are we going to implement Project OPFOR at any point in time or are we going to stick with what we have? Personally I think that switching to project OPFOR is a good idea, especially since it's supposed to be constantly updated, but I don't know how thins look from technical side and how much effort it would take to switch out those mods on the server.
  11. We could. I got one friend who I sometimes play with, both blitzkriego and wargame. (sometimes even ArmA, but his PC is just not designed to run ArmA...).