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  1. Forum graphical glitch?

    This doesnt look like GPU problem to me. More of a screen refreshing problem with the browser. How does that look when you try to scroll? Does it stay static or scrolls with the page? Or when you drag browser window around the desktop? Does it move with the window or stays with the desktop? Also try firefox and see if that happens as well.
  2. [SQUAD] AhoyWorld's first Squad Night test this weekend! (24/02/18)

    Wait what? The squad night/afternoon is today. You can still make it.
  3. Its not a bug - it's a feature. Just like the fog.
  4. Logi actions are broken as well, no menu appears.
  5. A wild tank that wanted to play with us. In my opinion @Shadow Knight's screams make it even better.
  6. [SQUAD] AhoyWorld's first Squad Night test this weekend! (24/02/18)

    I should be able to be there. I love the FOB idea.
  7. Squad Server - now available at an AhoyWorld near you!

    Yeah, I already rebound what I could to make it more like my arma keybinds.
  8. Saving private Nightexx

  9. There is an optional package in ace that removes uniform restrictions. It would unrestrict OPFOR uniforms as well though.
  10. Raw Video Contributors!

    I have made the application about 2 months ago and got no reply. I don't know if I should still wait, or something went wrong with the application.
  11. Carrier landings

  12. USMC have made it official

    I meant IRL. I think m249 is the exact same weapon as FN Minimini just manufactured in US.
  13. USMC have made it official

    If I am not mistaken, the FN Minimi and M249 is the exact same weapon with a different name. Also the m249 should kick less than other lmgs, since as far as I know that is true IRL. It has a hydraulic system for recoil reduction, so the kick is much less than you would expect from the looks of that thing.
  14. LHD/landing craft/navy mods?

    Well thanks for the answer anyway. I will search for a good one once I get the time.