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  1. Well, all rhs ones have "rhsafrf" in their classname as far as I could tell. Assuming CUP keeps some sort of logical naming convention (so far it seemed it does) it won't be difficult just time-consuming. Perhaps I wil take a look and compare stiletto list with rhs arsenal on my private mini-server. Maybe I will be able to find and replace them?
  2. For russians, get rid of cup scopes and add rhs ones (pso-1 for example), RHS is always better quality so if there are duplciates, rhs one should be chosen (I am not aware of any isntances when cup has higher quality than rhs). Also, the cup scopes arent placed correctly on rhs guns and clip into it.
  3. Packet Loss

    Well... Starting with standard packet loss cause: how many machines are connected to your router, and for how long have you been experiencing this? Otherwise, I'd check your NAT. Though I'm not certain if BF would be affected by it, I have learned that most "peculiar" online problems are caused by NAT.
  4. Fair enough. I retract that suggestion then, but still suggest the NLAW for LAT.
  5. Whitelist su260 and su230 with RDS for autorifleman. The normal su230 is already available, but one with RDS is missing (the only difference is additional sight on top). Su260 is MDO with decent zoom, seeing how machinegunner stuff is available in AR role, I don't see why it would be blacklisted. As for NLAW, it would be nice to add VANILLA NLAW ("launch_NLAW_F") for LAT. Ace changes how it works. It does NOT lock onto targets, but does have laser rangefinder. It's still a one-shot, dumbfire weapon and requires to use overfly attack mode to be effective against anything that has armor.
  6. Very close air support

    And the fact that this player totally managed to take off without crashing.
  7. Very close air support

    Radio didn't work because it didn't un-jam. Luckily thats a STOVL plane so Vortex could just land next to us and talk.
  8. Steam.exe not found?

    I'd say it's about issues while closing the game, not your patience. Closing a program for 10 minutes is bad, even if you have a really potato pc. Try checking if it's planetside actually not closing, or steam thinking that it didn't close. When steam says its closing and it sits there for that 10 minutes, open task manager, go to processes and check if any process related to planetside is still running and whether it takes up any memory and cpu. Note that even if it says that application isn't running, there might still be some processes running. Edit: Those processes are also planetside related, so it might look like this:
  9. Steam.exe not found?

    In my case if it says its still running either steam needs a moment to do it's steam things, like synicng savegames and such. If it gets stuck for good (in my case happens when I crash xcom 2 because of long war) what I do is kill steam and xcom process in task manager (process, not application). Never had it happen to the point i had to restart the whole pc.
  10. Steam.exe not found?

    Looks like shortcut was pointing at the wrong thing, but how exactly did installing planetside change steam shortcut? I'm curious.
  11. Leutin09

    I also learned about AW because of Luetin, but I don't think he was still here when I joined. Came for LT, stayed for cool community. (Even though I was absent for quite some time now, Real Life issues)
  12. Forum graphical glitch?

    This doesnt look like GPU problem to me. More of a screen refreshing problem with the browser. How does that look when you try to scroll? Does it stay static or scrolls with the page? Or when you drag browser window around the desktop? Does it move with the window or stays with the desktop? Also try firefox and see if that happens as well.
  13. [SQUAD] AhoyWorld's first Squad Night test this weekend! (24/02/18)

    Wait what? The squad night/afternoon is today. You can still make it.
  14. Its not a bug - it's a feature. Just like the fog.