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  1. This makes you realise you miss AWE quite a lot.
  2. Apart from the fact that I disagree on AWE being the worst of both world, I understand your point. And while the "bar of entry" is a valid concern, I feel that setting it too low will make the server too casual to enjoy for many players. We should perhaps focus on helping new players jump the bar, rather than keep lowering it. Apart from players being welcoming to new people, I'm sure that running regular zeus events (which I gladly will, as time permits) will also help with that. Maybe some sort of introduction sessions, that I remember we had on AWE a while back.
  3. To me: UI options (removal of friendly tags, ammo count, etc). Fragmentation simulation from explosions (frags being actual frags), backblast, grenade aiming, explosive arming/placing, marksman ballistics, damage models, ace cargo, vehicle cookoff, captivity system, ace arsenal. And a lot of zeus modules, not all of which are in achilles. In my opinion ACE is an essential mod, enhancing all aspects of gameplay. It's hard for me to think of a modded server without ACE.
  4. I think there's some truth to it. I have witnessed it when playing zeus with friends. The knowledge that as long as they dont die instantly they can be fully fixed with a magical bandage really influences decisions. At least that's my observation.
  5. I believe that ACE is very much a core mod, and the (advanced) medical system is great, and not that complex, IMO. 5 minutes is all that is needed to explain it at the level that is enough for a non-medic role. I have also found that people are always extremely helpful with such things. I know there are people who enjoy playing the medic and enjoy saving lives of their fellow teammates and all the troubles that come with it. AWE was always more than "come-and-shoot", I believe advanced medical system has a place here. With that said, I would oppose adding additional ADV mods, as cool as they are, at least for now. I think ACE advanced medical with no addons is the way to go. I also think basic medical is boring and too arcady, but that's just my thoughts.
  6. Spikes in Arma are never trully gone. They can return at any time, no matter the RAM, CPU or anything else. It's almost like the game isn't optimised as well as it could be...
  7. How close? That thing is still pretty radioactive (elephant's foot). Funf act: picture of it was taken from behind a bend in the corridor, using two mirrors. Trying to get a direct picture resulted in camera being fried by radiation.
  8. It wasn't ported yet. We changed the modpack, and currently it only works on Altis. It will be ported to other maps soon.

    Working as intended

    Did he dieded?
  10. That is indeed short notice. I dont think the server has been updated yet. Unfortunately i wont be able to play today, if it happens, but i'm looking forward to playing the next one. sent via handheld potato, disregard possible typos
  11. Personally I am more likely to get a message via discord than steam. I have discord on my phone, and steam isn't always running on my pc.
  12. We have a discord that is supposed to serve such purpose, but perhaps a steam group would work better. I don't know.
  13. I'm checking ts too, sometimes go in for a bit, wait if anyone will appear. I also tend to ask in discord, but usually there's no response, unfortunately. I should also be on today early evening.
  14. Anything that can bring some life into AWE is good. Personally I'd love to have a gamenight. I'm also throwing something together, I know that @Johnson had some ideas for a GN. Hopefully there are people who'd be interested in palying.
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