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  1. TVT Return?

    I didn't really have the opportunity to play a lot of TvT, except for that one time we were flying around in a bloody strategic bomber. While I'd say I probably prefer PvE, I would definitely be up for some occasional TvT, especially if it's well made.
  2. I'm pretty sure you can still talk via arma VOIP if you press caps (radio) while also holding alt to look around. At least the voice comm for "side" comes up, not sure if anyone can hear it.
  3. Isn't corpsman a navy personnel? I know he can serve with USMC, but I thought marines also have their "own" combat medics.
  4. I'd give you a like, if the button worked.
  5. New like-system

    No like system - no problem.
  6. I agree that there either needs to be a teamlead, or a squadlead needs that responsibility. In fact, that's how russians do it: The squadleader is also a fireteam leader (and vehicle commander when mounted, but that's a different story). I think it would also encourage taking platco, as that would be the commanding role, while squadlead would focus on his team/squad, instead of the whole AO.
  7. 1/2. Whitelist HK417 from Apex to be available for marksmen in the arsenal 3. NA 4. HK417 is a 7.62mm battle rifle, in this(present in ARMA) version usable as marksman weapon (and ARMA classifies it as such). I am not sure why it's not available to marksmen, though I think that it's logical for it to be whitelisted for use.
  8. Troubles joining the public servers

    Or perhaps battleye freaked out a bit more than usual.
  9. The thing about war in general is that it is absolute hell, but also makes good material for video games. I agree completely on this. In my opinion, the only legitimate reason for banning the bombs would be performance-related. As far as immersion and gameplay goes, I believe they should be accessible to all factions that aren't part of the CCM.
  10. Troubles joining the public servers

    Does it happen every time you try to join? Even after a full game restart? If so, check the Arma 3/addons folder in installation directory and make sure you have files with .bisign extension. Each .pbo should have its respective .bisign. For example: "animals_f.pbo.a3.bisign". If not, try to redownload/verify game files via steam. To be honest you can try that even if the files are there, to be sure.
  11. FIR_AWS Weapon Systems

    I can help you with that if you want.
  12. FIR_AWS Weapon Systems

    I believe it should be clarified that guidance for SDB II is a bit different than other bombs. It's not GPS or laser or IIR. You drop it with GPS guidance, and upon reaching approximate destination the bomb switches to IIR/laser seeker, to search for a target in vicinity. This means it can be dropped by GPS on approximate location of a target (moving target as well), leaving it for terminal stage guidance systems to find and track it. (This is true in reality, and from my testing it also appears to be true in arma). EDIT: There is a possiblity of friendly fire here. Don't drop the bomb in vicinity of hammer, for example. It might lock onto friendly vehicles.
  13. Gauntlet 54 Update and feedback

    That is precisely where I checked first. They're not there. And I couldn't find them anywhere else either.