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  1. How close? That thing is still pretty radioactive (elephant's foot). Funf act: picture of it was taken from behind a bend in the corridor, using two mirrors. Trying to get a direct picture resulted in camera being fried by radiation.
  2. It wasn't ported yet. We changed the modpack, and currently it only works on Altis. It will be ported to other maps soon.
  3. Working as intended

    Did he dieded?
  4. That is indeed short notice. I dont think the server has been updated yet. Unfortunately i wont be able to play today, if it happens, but i'm looking forward to playing the next one. sent via handheld potato, disregard possible typos
  5. AWE Status

    Personally I am more likely to get a message via discord than steam. I have discord on my phone, and steam isn't always running on my pc.
  6. AWE Status

    We have a discord that is supposed to serve such purpose, but perhaps a steam group would work better. I don't know.
  7. AWE Status

    I'm checking ts too, sometimes go in for a bit, wait if anyone will appear. I also tend to ask in discord, but usually there's no response, unfortunately. I should also be on today early evening.
  8. AWE Status

    Anything that can bring some life into AWE is good. Personally I'd love to have a gamenight. I'm also throwing something together, I know that @Johnson had some ideas for a GN. Hopefully there are people who'd be interested in palying.
  9. Time to formally introduce

    Hello and welcome! As Colby said, you should definitely check out AWE for tactical teamplay.
  10. AAF Sunday

  11. AAF Sunday

  12. AAF Sunday

  13. AAF Sunday

  14. AAF Sunday

  15. I understand what you mean. And just to clarify: I'm not saying I don't agree with that decision or its reasons. I'm saying I will be sad to see some of mods gone. That's just my my personal feelings. But as it's meant to make things better in the end, I understand the decision to cut these mods, and I am not opposed to it.