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  1. I just recently noticed that there is a demining drone in the game after screwing around in the editor for a bit. I'd like to ask if it was possible to add said drone to I&A3 as a mean for the UAV-Op to help the infantry clearing the mines around the HQ and the RT without having to drop a GBU on it. Therefor the infantry can still destroy the objectives without having to deal with the mines ( triggering with nades/explosive charges).
  2. it would help to have one there since there is the possibility of UAV and jets landing in need of service
  3. Jonas

    Cleanup script

    maybe something in chat like the announcements for I&A 4
  4. Jonas

    Cleanup script

    Would it be possible to get like a 30 sec. heads up warning before the script is gonna run the next time so you don't loose your launchers/mortars to the hungry beast?
  5. Agreed. I got downed 20 times in a row but "woke up" every single time . So Kacper and I were basically just paradropping into the middle of AO get downed and then revive ourselfs and then just fire 5 rounds and get knocked out again. So in the end we had like 5 squads dead around us.
  6. While testing the newest I&A4 Beta version Weston, Ryko and myself talked about being able to have access to armor even when not playing as a designated armor devision. Ryko's main concern was the fact that it would be possible that 20+ tanks would swarm the AO and therefor ruin the game for the infantry. So he would have to adjust the AOs depending on the amount of friendly armor present on the server. My idea was to be able to purchase the armor without being in an armor devision but making the vehicles way more expensive than they would be if you were in the armor devision. By doing so
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