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  1. Some things are better left unsaid

    at least now we know wat @Mark T does in the weekends
  2. Shooting star sighted over Altis

    Quick, make a wish!
  3. Dark theme for the forum

    for those that want a black theme just close ur eyes while on our forums, problem solved, next! jk
  4. FOB Guardian Red Burger!

    i run a profitable enterprise, i dont need babysitting
  5. FOB Guardian Red Burger!

  6. RIP Oderus. Gone, but never forgotten.

    Although I didn't know Oderus that well myself I know he was a great and nice guy to talk to and with from time to time, may he rest in peace..
  7. Saving private Nightexx

    and who is suppose to clean up the mess @Nightexx made?
  8. reviver of old threads 2018 award; @fir_nev
  9. AhoyWorld Social Club

    I joined, Denny050, however I havent played gta online for a very long time cause I lost my PS3 account and don't feel like grinding back up again
  10. ill wear my title with pride (see signature)
  11. when needed evac and waited 15mins for it

    it happens regardless on the public servers, whether they know theres evac on its way or not, trolls will be trolls however, this is the funniest and most unique evac request ive ever seen, i like it
  12. Introducing AW's Littlest Member

  13. Veni - that guy

  14. Enemy CAS

    it was at this moment that nathan knew, he fucked up
  15. When The Pilot Jettisons The Rotter Blades

    autohover gets u killed always