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  1. Saving private Nightexx

    and who is suppose to clean up the mess @Nightexx made?
  2. reviver of old threads 2018 award; @fir_nev
  3. AhoyWorld Social Club

    I joined, Denny050, however I havent played gta online for a very long time cause I lost my PS3 account and don't feel like grinding back up again
  4. ill wear my title with pride (see signature)
  5. when needed evac and waited 15mins for it

    it happens regardless on the public servers, whether they know theres evac on its way or not, trolls will be trolls however, this is the funniest and most unique evac request ive ever seen, i like it
  6. Introducing AW's Littlest Member

  7. Veni - that guy

  8. Enemy CAS

    it was at this moment that nathan knew, he fucked up
  9. When The Pilot Jettisons The Rotter Blades

    autohover gets u killed always
  10. A wild Ansin11 hanging out of my heli

    nah ai did, and why does it need repairs? it still flies
  11. Old man, new player

  12. AWE and its future

    im too lazy to read through all these messages tbh therefore im not too sure whether its been mentioned or not but heres why aw(e) is 'dying' according most of u guys and also a solution at once, this quote is from @Minipily during the ahoyworld meeting last night, enjoy; <21:26:57> "Minipily": only way to fix that, is for players to play <21:27:59> "Minipily": players dont play because no ones on, and no ones on because no one plays <21:27:11> "Sony": Yeah.. <21:27:22> "Minipily": its one big circle that gets blamed on staff, its fucking stupid if i'm brutally honest remember whenever u point a finger towards staff or anyone else for that matter, u got 3 fingers pointing back at urself keep that in mind and think about it my 2cents, i just really liked that comment and felt it had to be forwarded in this thread
  13. Landed like a boss!

    ye that would be crazy
  14. Landed like a boss!

    can u land without autohover? :\