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  1. Community Update #2

    looking good!
  2. beautiful.png

    this proves arma is unrealistic, the earth is flat.. wats with the curvature
  3. Acceptable casualities?

    i agree with scar, if theyll ask wat happened id just pretend i did not see him *shrugs*
  4. Not sure if I want to be saved by this doctor :D

    can i sit in cockpilot seat plis
  5. Very close air support

    hmm if the radio didnt work, then how did he find u in that dense terrain, oh wait nvm
  6. Until next time lads.

    h1z1 isnt worth waiting 126days for, its not worth waiting for at all if u ask me, id stop the download immediately if i were u
  7. TheScar stats.JPG

  8. Taking the Reins

    I and I'm sure, others, believe in you Mark, hope you believe in yourself too. I'm sure you can pull it off, I wish you the best of luck. You know how to find me if you ever may need something.
  9. Arma Bundle

    Don't have Arma? Are you interested in Arma3 and previous Arma titles? Humble Bundle now has an Arma3 bundle including previous Arma titles and current Arma3 DLC for just 20$ - bundle only last 9 more hours after this post, be quick! Arma Humble Bundle Enjoy
  10. Veteran and Field Ambassador Update!

    https://tags.ahoyworld.net/ http://armasquads.com/user/squads/xml/bkg7sLSOvhH3F4e6gUs3pIox35mA6mOj/squad.xml
  11. Veteran and Field Ambassador Update!

    hmm the xml says modded tho; <squad nick="Modded Mod">
  12. Veteran and Field Ambassador Update!

    it may seem that fa-enhanced are of a higher "tier" than fa-public, due to its name obviously for the newcomers, why not have fa-public, fa-modded instead? just like the moderators team, its easier for outsiders to understand imo
  13. Some things are better left unsaid

    at least now we know wat @Mark T does in the weekends
  14. Shooting star sighted over Altis

    Quick, make a wish!
  15. Dark theme for the forum

    for those that want a black theme just close ur eyes while on our forums, problem solved, next! jk