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  1. A new Base

    if we'd end up using this as main base then the whole idea of 'invade and annex' is no more, current base is good as is, we invade the island from 1 end and gradually take over the rest of the island.. ur base is slap bang in the middle of the island, however it looks good though, dont get me wrong, just doesnt suite i&a as its intended imo.
  2. Swift Strike WIP CVN Dawn

    im using this atm, so far this is the best background u can have imo ;p
  3. It's Sooo Shiny!!!

    not that shiny, you forgot the baby oil
  4. New like-system

    Efficient? You have to count all the likes yourself now.
  5. When Devil flips his Prowler

    You have to be a dare devil sometimes.
  6. Guess this wasn't his day :(

  7. EU1 in a nutshell.

    are u a lefty?
  8. ok

    @fir_nevwell flying was the same didnt notice any difference, however the landing, idk wat happened there lol it was a good landing but got auto-ejected out for some reason lol
  9. ok

  10. Hmm, gas prices have gone up a lil..

    its the price they paid for ripping me off with those prices
  11. Malden Island Race

    Yep agreed, I'm really liking the rally aspect.
  12. Malden Island Race

    Why not let everyone choose their own vehicle in the race? If someone thinks he can win on a quadbike, let him have it, if someone else wishes to do the race in a Hatchback sport, let him have it. This can easily be spawned in by a Zeus before the race starts or they have to submit their desired vehicles beforehand so the vehicles can be added into the race mission. I just like the idea of everyone taking their own favorite car they feel comfortable racing with. DLC vehicles included, just as in real life races not every car is the same. Doesn't mean the faster cars always win though, can have a fast car but a terrible driver. The Hare and The Tortoise Story.