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  1. Community Update#3

    alrighty,cant leave this uncommented like this i do agree that s a major breaking point by the last version(s) of I+A 3 i disagree there,as the way your equip does have a great impact on how long you can run or how much sway you got due to being exhausted then,there s the rest feature the main point of EU1# and EU2# were to be easy accessable by the public without the need to have/use any mod this is still possible altho there s the problem of what mod(gunpack) to use as opinions are like assholes,everyone has one Steam Workshop isnt the most reliable source i would like to make use of,but a "light" AWmodpack with the most "basic" stuff was an option,but is a b*tch to maintain updated Then there s the issue with exploits and script injections,too Nobody is updating current I+A 3 over the point of adapting A3updates to the mission Same for developing a Stratis or Tanoa version of it. Current development is going 99,5% into I+A 4 It s a dead corpse. some truth in there but it aint easy cooking like it lookin - what games,the most comon game that unites most of current AW members is A3 or 4 respective. SWAT ? EUROtrucker ? every little thing gonna be alright
  2. Community Update#3

    no AW-Borat mankini ? no AW bra´s also ? clearly a missing feature ... yet Also,why so small logo on all of em - i mean,cmon if we go full nerdie supportive then have it BIG on the BACKSIDE too And what about pics of Staff,maybe while ending a mighty dragon with a sword up close ... and beards Or,i can send summertime pics of myself on the beach,too Everyone likes to have a scar,right ?
  3. stash.jpg

    ARMA tip no.478: setup emergency stashs to change the pace of game anytime to your liking be creative,ARMA doesnt know limits dont fall for trap questions for example "didnt we had a Rhino this morning"
  4. Community Update#3

    i wasnt actually serious on that,cause the EU3# kidz be like WTF;Y GAWD Y but ...
  5. Dreas is in.

  6. Community Update#3

    well,this is fairly a thing i could of imagined and ever since i read about this i m making up my mind on how to dig quick and reliable sources to attend regular income for AW,this includes MarkT T-Shirts and Xwatt punching bags - i m also willing to give myself for 1 night (12h) for a minimum of 5o.ooo E (or higher) donation to AW to any paying customer (hot females prefered) and i will teach em in tactical luvmaking and school t them on penetration of missiles and similar but i take it this isnt going to work out in the short run. Anyway,the current subscriber system might have its benefits,but imo it will only be attracting to AW related/hardcore users. I cannot imagine alot pubs making future finance plans and will rather change/cut their subscription quickly once they run into a thing they see their money benefit em more. Maybe think about more options to donate money like paysafe cards and similar - they allow quick donations/subscriptions and i also assume that 50% of the EU1 plebspubs is mostly under 20 and dont own a paypal accoutn or credit card debit. Like said,open thinking olny here. Need to dig myself deeper in the issue over the comin week. For now,start getting the word out when playing EU1# and EU2# to draw attemtion to the public (regular) users (read=dont overdo it) Also,to the guys in the lead - think positive,its not your fault,we got you on this. After all,everything will work out just fine. + we can always cut EU2# and EU3# to save budgets,right
  7. Dreas is in.

    ello ello
  8. save me my children - Daddy needs you.jpg

    Getting shot in Pygros 1 time - 5 medics to the rescue? Spoiler > i died
  9. 98497adec52ecb71dbe59ad7a4314b4f_4

    HERETIC ! *lights torch and grabs fork* GAWD DISAPPROVES 8 wheelers ! i digg the HelloKitty stickers,as i happen to have comfy underpants from the collection,but pink tires ? #pretender #shameless #burn
  10. Unable To Chat In-Game: ARMA 3

    glad it is fixed and the Medical truck stocked with Titan´s is back in buisness again ! Just remember to carry a AA setup with ya too,cause i will be inspecting ... on a road near you ... soon ... Also,here s the early signup for the LEgION for your daughter *drops double axe and dragon skull*
  11. Guide - Blackfish

    true story +1
  12. fullcrew.jpg

    *hands Xwatt a glas of wine* ... remember our talks back then and i saw the perfect opportunity to start off those old overtake thoughts Now all we need is to get the other half,how about whore assasination or poison ? I think its worth a try,what s your thougt on this ? Now,drink your wine ol chap Cheers *raises own glas*
  13. It happened and I have proof!

    good ol EU1# gets all the ladies ... sooner or later guess we need a new box for all those panties from the EU3# girls
  14. fullcrew.jpg

    ... for testing purposes
  15. full_of_win.jpg

    3 things every ARMA gamer needs : - KUMA - Titan AA (5 shots on the ready) - Surfer Cap *micdrop*