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  1. ah ffs , YEET off source : To Yeet or Not To Yeet ontopic : also, +1credit for that excellent profile name i couldnt done betta
  2. the signup form suggests that the OP lacks certain math skills ... That being said,i m tempted to sign up for the brave army of the motherland to clear of Malden from the presence of those infidel pigs and i m looking forward to trade bullets with some of the gentleman on here in a 1life manhunt ... Vanilla i assume? Go Go Go CCCP! *reloads AK*
  3. TheScar

    Scar's BTR

    Uuuuuuuuuh that color fits so perfect to any armored vehicle in any military of the current world ... Shame tho its a blapshemic 8 wheeler and therefor a no go for the SCARMADA™
  4. ... that moment you guys lit up that lorry i was like : fun vid,good laugh,a shame you missed the dead line + RIP
  5. since the last version you downloaded there has been quite some patches (changes of code/functions,DLC additions,etc.) by BI rendering version with outdated/old code useless easiest way to get hands on the (current) I+A 3.3.16 version is jumping on EU1# and downloading it via game,then extract from your MP mission cache and move from there. Keep in mind AW is developing I+A 4 right now which will replace I+A 3 soon. In addition,CSAT Conquest Invade+Annex doesnt sound like a stock AW release,more like some "eastern europe editor" customized the AW mission to his likings by adding CSATassets,troops,etc and maybe even included a mod to it. In short,its a clusterfuck to weat out the specific error and get that mission to run. Also,check in later if one of the code bois (@Ryko,@Stanhope) can help you out there more detailed.
  6. yesterday,at a BETA test near you ... #Murphy´s law #MBTbehindthe_ridge and this is what´s behind that ridge ... And now ... the end is near ... and so i face the final curtain ...
  7. BABY DONT HURT ME ... DONT HURT ME ... NO MORE ... I+A 4 BETA testing while testing the "be hurt in a car driving over a tiny wall at 80+ kmh"
  8. oh ello ello - look who s in charge now !
  9. LIKE : DISLIKE : Welcome !
  10. in BETA test phase i approve,but i was intimdatly touched by the total fog and i think im experiencing a "Stockholm syndrom" regarding the fog appreciate that No why even ? I´m currently occupied with RL issues and cannot have myself carry out another intifda thread about side mission and rewards,but i want the side rewards back (random list) and forget about that complicated (yet innovative) point system at all Ha,well - nearly lost it ,eh? *drinks 1st whisky* I mean,what are the benefits of this ? I know,you know it ll propably only takes 3 days before you see the 1st pilot that will (ab)use a HMTT Ammo or HMMT Repair to service their aircrafts in seconds rather than wait till the service is done that runs on a timer for several minutes. *drinks 2nd whisky* Quite honestly,what is left of the old mission or the original I+A mission ? Where´s the radiotowers? Where´s the brilliant side missions (Secure Intel for example) and the random luck of getting THAT reward you always wanted ? Where´s the one (and only) main base ? The "Invade and Annex" is a breed of Domination that made it s way over 1000 of servers on ARMA 1 over to ARMA 2 and due to a steal got even ported to ARMA 3 (altho Xeno disapproved it) and THIS was the time I+A filled the niche and succeeded and even expanded it up to the level we all know now ... and this is why i m on the edge of this. If it looks like I+A,smells like I+A but it aint as tasty as I+A In my opinion,updating the old mission with Ryko´s new developed AI and applying some technical update by the added BI functions,integrate the "newish" med system the BETA runs currently and distribute a AO route in the process the mission would of done way better. But hey,opinions are like assholes and everyone has one ... right? #spoilers contain advanced grim fuel´d statements that are only true to a certain % #had to write that off my chest,been editing my post several times in order to edit out the evil to a certain degree #dangmattsmith #12 edit´s
  11. AK12 + 5 mags + 2 Smokes + 2 RGOs + Titan AA launcher (1 round preloaded) + 2 spare missiles If you drop the vest you can carry 3 spare missiles,too Then again it isnt your job as AA spec to support in regular infantry engagements as in CQC getting a angle on a enemy air vehicle is quite limited. Also,use any chance to rearm on killed enemy AA units or vehicles you come along to be sufficient in longer timed engagements. Its also a pain that you cannot pick up enemy AA launcher tubes as they are treated "non accessable" (due to their camo sometimes too,depending on what faction you started with) I´m also not in line with AT =/= AA and vice versa.
  12. Vehicle despawn timer / respawn timer this is a picture of a side mission near Kavala engagement point i took ... quite a few times ... First,this are all "stock" vehicles available on base that are free to use to everyone. I started with the Hunter HMG,got send to incap by a T140K commander canon and returned using the Prowler,got incap´d again by the same T140K commander canon and returned in a HMTT truck and ... you may guessed it ... got incap´d again by the same same and returned in the med HMTT this time and ended that canon drama. Now,what observations does this lead to? For a start,there is a need to divide between respawn time (vehicle got destroyed and misson restricts respawn untill a certain time passed) and despawn time (vehicle despawns once no alive player is in <500m to its position and will respawn instant back on stock spawn place in base). I do agree that despawn time can be abused for several reasons i dont need to digg deeper in it as it doesnt really has a mission effectin factor. But as seen in my above example the time values are way off to be comfortable and it will def get worse with raising player count using the current values. Also,the amount of enemies invovled in side missions should be a fixed one,not scaled to player count. I had several sides that varied from 12 to 90 units (not counting the reinforcements) with up to 5 BTR´s,3 FriTs and some minor offroads on a HVT mission - that s just tad to much considering this is a side mission not a full sized AO. I m aware BETA isnt about tweaking finally,but consider employing a fixed amount of enemy force for certain side missions. Side missions are quite dull too imo,compared to the challenging ones from before I+A´s (Secure Intel,Prototype tank,etc) (yet). A thing i find to be a improvement is the notice telling you what got you killed,altho i assume its hard to catch (as the message gets displayed quite short) and i assume it isnt working in all possible events (killed in chopper,mission time,etc.) is this : I focused on side missions in the past 2 tests mostly as i cba to compete (and yea,this is the right word for it) in AO barrelshooting with Reaper,Viper and that UAVname,Hitman,Dodger,whatever in order to kill a handfiull of enemies that are barely a threat to our force. For real,the times i see CAS pilots surfing the AO regulary without any massive risk against them is breathtaking. I call the decicion to add stock vehicles to certain roles (A10,BF,Slammer,Greyhawks,Sentinel) that respawn on the regular a bad one. Everything is given to you in I+A 4 were you had to work for in previous I+A versions. Nothing is precious anymore. This is also another main division between I+A before and now - apart from the side mission change and the points over rewards - that really puts me off alot. And no,it doesnt enhance cooperation alot,at least not that i got knowledge on. It just leads to jet pilots doing CAS runs in AA jets with customized armanments and a free_to_shoot_everything attitude while i get shot by a jet on the other side of the map and no pilot cba to take it out ... Raises 2 questions to me : how many AA specialists you saw playing in our ranks yet? with all the smart(er) AI now,i wonder why a 115mill $ jet is engaging single ground forces in a area way off the main action? (and why didnt our AA jet take care of it to begin with?) I realise i got offtopic quite abit here ... but hey And ofc there s good things in I+A 4 but icing the cake was never my thing. I nodd gently if i approve/like something, i appreciate the work and effort taken to achieve this stage of mission. But i m just better in pinpointing flaws and issues than i am good at pleasing other people s feelings. That´s just the way i am. Heads up,tho.
  13. important I+A 4 BETA update ----> enemy jets still eZ to take out by shooting a Titan AT up their back savin that one guy that dare to engage side mission HVT with me (**** stars performance rating) quite intense coop without much talkin required CZ ftw dear Sir
  14. Can you elaborate on what you mean by this? My intention is to make use of the pilot rule properly - that means i expect my pilots to insert and exfil forces as it was back in early versions of Invade + Annex. I luved the idea of mass exfils with a full loaded Huron,marked by smoke and gathering 8-12 people on a spot (that includeded secured LZs in annexed AO´s at once. Due to the lack of a maplist (AOlist,obj list,w/e) in a long time even before I+A 3 was released AO´s got spawned close/next to each other to cope the shite pilot point and make it convinient for people and avoid travel times. This was clearly wrong ! Ever since that the role of pilots has decreased to a simple 1 way mule attitude. Transport chains,supply RTB´s,exfil and reinserts has been mostly history since. In order to revive that spirit i applaude a certain distance between new AO´s to conquer,for example why not take Lakka,then have Frini,then Stadium,then Pygros then ... you get my drift. This requires the infantry to make use of the transport/supply concept and also stops AO campers (insert Sierra or any AT Rifleman with Hunter here) while keeping the pilots busy and not abusing the CAS over the transport part. How is this not obvious ? Yea,it def is different. And yea,its enjoyable. But it is off to previous I+A´s no blame there,just stating a feeling here Alrighty then. but there are no consequences added to them,right ? It rarely does matter if you care on those objectives or you just clean the city janitor style ? Wreck shit up,kill anything that moves,flatten area,job done,move on,amirite In I+A2x and 3x radiotowers spawned enemy air,making air transport and ground movements alot tougher and once the radiotower was out you had a more chilled time on before mentioned things. action > consequence sort of. In 4 there s a high chance of continues air threat no matter what state or sort of AO is live or what obj is active in that current AO. there´s no connection between actions and consequences anymore,at least not that i noticed. That´s what bugs me alot,the lack of necessary strategic and tactical pre plan needed. Last but not least,i appreciate the thougts.
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