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  1. Is this EU3# only? I got 100s of screens from the good old times towards nowadays (EU1# only) Lots of Zissou to MK and the great, great Pepperman to Iranzan and that nub Xwatt which became Staff by now... Cheap, cheap, cheap too. Hey, I just met you and this sounds crazy, but here s my number Just call me maybe!
  2. AHOYworld Picture & Gif thread

    https://www.askideas.com/media/49/Leopard-Funny-Bored-Meme-Picture.jpg so fkkin bored at work today I digged out this corpse And my links fail me 2 AAAAAAARGH!
  3. Forum Backgrounds

    feels like FarCry all over again ...
  4. Some things are better left unsaid

    https://i.imgflip.com/oj6b1.jpg https://i.imgflip.com/u68gc.jpg https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQvi6Ko2pa1G4u2RFfgvzOcyHJS_nA34AuVVQpS6TL4bjRzdWll https://img.memecdn.com/rainbow-shitting-unicorn_o_1112700.jpg
  5. Eu1 rewards

  6. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 Announced

    Get out of here,Stalker ! I´ve played both the original game and the (sucky) expansion, i recall awesome hours finding anomalies,pimpin my suits with findings and firing my AK74 SU in the woods ... Not my worst times :D Still,not really looking forward to this (rail)shooter.
  7. Correction in the server rules

    I´m not about the rewards,but who shall stop me when i did the mission,it rewards a KUMA and some random guy just snaps it simply because he could. On a side note,ever since the relase of the tank DLC i still havnt had my hands on a Nagara or Nyx - and when i get the chance ... just read above. Instant. You could also argue that there should be a rule for a maximum flighttime of a pilot for the Wipeout. Or add a minute blackscreen for everyone that presses the respawn key. You see,there s a few options for improvement. The abolsut simplest one would be the admin to act up like a admin and just solve the issue at hand by making a desicion by his gut feeling and common sense. You dont have to construct all those very,very rare examples to justify the making of a reward script that will only complicate the issue. I already gave up on this issue quite some time ago,again i point you at my previous made topics about that issue and my point to it. No need for sematics. In short,i was raising attention to a easy fix with barely any more work effort involved than solution no2. Taaaaadaaaa!
  8. peekaaaboo.jpg

    that moment you placed charges,set timer and then get mowed by that prone hidden CSAT rabbit out of the box Charge did go well,killing me and David CSATfield instant. #priceless
  9. shakira down.jpg

    WAKKA WAKKA EY EY Titan AT kill on overconfident Shakira *!* #winning
  10. shakira down.jpg

  11. Correction in the server rules

    Well,i really wanted to not voice my opinion here,but i just cant : Propably the first time i totally disagree with your statement here - altho it s a pretty rare occasion your situation turns up as mostly the guys that done the job worked as a team to a certain degree so they sure can figure who of em will use the given asset. For the generel "stealing" or "reward area camping" i expect comon sense and a minimum degree for morality from a admin/ZEUS/AW associate and judge/handle the issue that way.Reward the effort people took to complete the mission and dont pull the cheap exit via the "first come,first serve" thing. I m not new to this problem,it s existing since Evolution on ArmA 1 and carried on via Domination or any similar mission that offers great stuff for no work effort. But,i recall kind of a few admins in my times (even on AW) that did the right thing by default and either locked rewards or exit´d people off em to guarantee people that worked got their benefit. Simple,fair,instant. No need for that fancy "new reward" script you ve been talking about kind a few times and since quite a few months ... nothing changed. You can read up more on my topic that got locked,too. Spare the work effort and just apply comon sense. Thats what i expect from a admin.
  12. Correction in the server rules

    *looks* ... ... *walks away mumbling curse words*
  13. Greetings from Austria!

    stopped reading there ... Hey you!
  14. Return of Tanoa

  15. Return of Tanoa

    hold your horses Soldiers ... there s a few hickups currently that must be consider´d when talking Tanoa map/rotation,as partly mentioned by Gamerbug before. First off,the map wont be the issue,anyone having the APEX DLC will be able to play - its the mission that the server runs on that map being the main point to worry. I+A 3.37_Tanoa must be updated,existing kinks and errors need to be looked at and fixed (boats,spawns,transport loadout,etc) then implement "new" DLC stuff ... you see where i m coming from. Once that is done you can evolve to a map rotation thinking (Tanoa-Stratis-Malden) (Tanoa and Stratis need a updated mission file before,see above). Then there s the issue with having a dedicated EU2# crowd keeping the server alive (play on it exclusive) to seed public attention and attract more regular players. As its current loadout is between dead and 12 players max at best times ( out of 40 slots). I´d luv to have EU2# attracting a regular crowd ... as i hate those pesky EU2 plebs settling over to EU1# where us cool kidz are,right