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  1. Frustration

    basically,what xwatt said is standard routine and will most likely work out,also typin !admin EU1 report + name of offender is usually enough to get a admins attention. Not to forget that none of the people doing admin duty is paid for the time they r spending on it - so please dont expect an answer instant. Then there s different ways of handling the issue,like: - talk to the offender via chat making him aware of the issue - screenshot and fill a report on the website Remember,there s so much minor BS happening that people feel the need to call in admin for it s ridicoulous admins actually giving a fuck about (stuck WASP,broken choppers,change of time,change of weather,server restart to fix client fps,etc) Aaaaaaaaaaand,you can always apply for the admin program for EU1# or 2# @ansin11 HQ like in the warfare gamemode where 1 chosen/voted commander manages tasks,goals,buildings,base stuff
  2. Pink Ghosthawk landing at Pink smoke alongside a Pink Hunter

    you totally ruined the whole "pink" experience ... BOOOOOOO ! BOOOOOO !! Also :
  3. Hello there

    Wonderfull entry to the forums,just like we used to you from ingame,rrrrrright. I´m not even speculating about your "issues" but friendly advise: Keep it a tad more less aggressive. Also:
  4. Units spawned by the main AO

    Well,both ways have their up´s and down´s. To me,mission/server performance is the no.1 priority as i want the mission to run stable as long as possible. Currently,i´m still convinced the 4 FOBs + main base do have a large part in taking performance - but as heard in the meeting there will be mission versions with 1 main base only for test purposes which should drstically enlarge performance and it also eases up (regular) mission restarts as none will be bitching about loosing FOB(s). On topic again,for performance issues my vote goes to fixed numbers of AI@AO. It´ll be harder for low player crowds to conquer a AO but thats why we have side missions to go for.
  5. Hello there

    ... and so it begins *locks car* enjoy
  6. kumaEdition02.jpg

    FYI - the shown KUMA was being nuter´d by Stan (no main gun) and just comes in flashy pink with no other assets compared to a regular pink KUMA known from I+A 2.x (albino crocodile leather interior,coffeemachine,flat-screens and double the amount of ashtrays) ... ... > the legend continues#
  7. kumaEdition02.jpg

    TEH PINK IS BACK , b*tches !
  8. Make Arma 3 Great Again!

    You better read up dis :
  9. Nostalgic weekend on EU2!

  10. VCOM Trial on #EU1/#EU2

  11. UAV Drones LD

    Well,good morning. I´d like to adress some of the above too. As i m playing 90% of my time as dedicated AT using a Prowler (loaded with AT,AA and explosives to be prepared for 99% of things that be imginable) and having to mostly travel via a fair part of the map to reach any of my destinations its a slap in the face coming to a AO/side/priority mission facing it being blown up in minutes by some overcompetent selflasing UAVop that sits in base without any fear of being harmed at all + operating a (respawning) arsenal of 2 Greyhawks and 1 Sentinel (6x GBU) by stock that are capable of being anywhere on the map in minutes ... is kind of meh. I might got slighty offtopic here. Another thing is UAVop focus on bombing shit and totally forget about the recon aspect of the job. 1 out of 10 slot users do mark the map with detected recon - altho giving info about the current situation of AO is vital to minimize casulties to ground and air forces. Even i can erase a whole AO easily with my loadout - it s kind of pointless to the motivation for the boots on the ground that are prepared for fighting armor and it erases a big part of the challenge for the "team" to complete the goal. Hence i limited myself to kill armor only (ZSU > BTR > T100) and disable the MRAPs near LZs if i see fit on AO´s. Leave some challenge for ground forces,the time it takes for a competent setup team (Pilots,UAV,AT teams,inf units) to erase the armor presence is about 2-8min after AO spawned at best. And its a public server,dont forget that. Not all people will have the knowledge or will to cooperate as a team in the first place. A UAVop shouldnt even work on side missions for the start of it. Your job is intel and GBU support "on request" imo. I m aware we got people playing EU1# that use UAVop and a Hunter to complete side´s up close,but that s a rare case. And how many times i got a UAVop flying a Sentinel in 60m height over sides doing maneuvers to show off and drop GBUs as they see fit ruining the mission in the process. TLTR# the UAVop is a highly biased and OP slot in the first place and it ll be impossible to balance it right for all
  12. Destroy Weapon Shipment + make it more eZ

    i 2nd that approach Your screenshot shows my main problem with the current mission - there s a shitload of houses to check in such a city,easily 40+ which is a ridicoulous amount to maintain fun in the mission. Back in the original version (Kavalalalala + Pygros) the crate was positioned outside and if i recall correct it was a red cargo crate that usually stood out when checking perimeter and you had less house to house search action while keeping the CQC action high by hidden fighters in houses. Which focused the mission 85% on urban warfare for infantry units and only 15% on locating the objective. Vehicles had no use in the orginal too due to the low firefield in those big citys. By changing/adding other locations the mission drastically changed to a painfull search for hours for a yellow/beige vehicle crate INSIDE a house in a area with hostile patrols and hidden shooters. Now you can also setup on a hill with your Hunter HMG/APC/MBT and mopp up anything that moves like on a usual AO,the RPG infidels are literally no harm if not close up. My point is that this mission was/is/should be a infantry job focused mission only to break up the usual routine of side missions (get there,kill armor,clear out and complete obvious target). Now back to the screenshot and the square marker/hints being revealed by finding/getting Intel. Imo 2 of those 4 squares are useless hence i prefer a meter distance script so you can triangle the location by getting min. 2 preferably 3 Intel/hints. Add´s some mindwork too. You r correct that it requires yet another script being run for this job,but isnt it possible of breeding the current existing way of receiving Intel by using part scripts from the SECURE INTEL side mission? Yea ... even more work - i know. Well,for now - some of my thougts about this. I know there s more to say but i m currently @work No offense also,reading over my posts i notice i could add some emoticons to not look like a continuesly bitching prick over minor stuff ... But well,why change old habit´s - right ? NSFW:
  13. Destroy Weapon Shipment + make it more eZ

    I do see issues with this method as by the to quick despawning corpses they intel will vanish too and for the generic public player it ll take weeks to even check dead corpses for intel. For this reason i´d prefer the method i mentioned in OP that was used in the original Insurgency mission @ A2 which will let (killed) enemies drop a white suitcase (click link below for a read up + screens) which has a far greater chance to be investigated than searching corpses (EU3#style). After all,the mission shall attract the random pub as well as the elitist nolifer to have a go at it. + keep it simple (as far as that´s a criteria) Insurgency guideline + read up + screenshots pre galore# page 3 point 2.4 discussion about HOW TO @ suitcases I´d like that (additional) method too,but - thinking about it isnt the civ´s behaviour to run away if the face armed mobs? Behaviour check ftw pls. Can we settle for distance to cache in meter ? Again propably very similar to Insurgency,the more intel you cap the more exactly the distances get? I m not even starting to think about the number of markers possible nor the displayed hint ... (yet)