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  1. TheScar


    HEY ! thats ma mum you messin about ...
  2. NO - YOU AINT FUNNY ZEUS !!! #tryharder the JET_SNAKE_TRAIL incident
  3. TheScar

    Slight Issue

    - worst driver 2017 - worst driver 2018 ... WORST DRIVER 2019 CONFIRMED !
  4. once again,according to stats EU1# has a replay rate of over 40% - that means you see at least every 3rd player comin back related on their past experience they made. this is what i m going at,EU1# is more than a "random server" to a greater audience than you might think. At least every 2nd week i got some player coming back after months and years they last played on AHOY WORLD and once they filter for a mission they join AW´s EU servers according to the past experience they had. Far from random to me ... the difference is in the people,not the mission. I dont know why you make it up to the release day of I+A 4. why not setup a EU3# (AWE,Enhanced) version of I+A 3 that both you and Johnson edit and uphold/adapt according to the chosen way you see EU3# (AWE,Enhanced) and use that in the meantime untill 4 arrives. You can also use that Stiletto thing or whatever mission you seem fit for a wider audience acceptable to play. Why not use COOP missions from Armaholic that cater both to the community spirit and the enhanced gameplay and gun/mod variation you guys prefer ? I might see this way to simplicistic than it actuallly is,but having something is better than having nothing at all. After all,swapping and adjusting x amount of mods each time i join the same server is a part that kept me off modded servers. I m sure alot of players do partly agree with me here. Back in my days PLAYwithSIX was convinient,but also a pain in the ass for less boradband people to keep up to date hence i up to this day prefer no modded missions that cater by using the vanilla content only to make great times. Those missions do exist. And oh yea,just so you are aware of - i havnt voted in that poll at all,why would i even ...
  5. for fucks sake,you know nuttin Jon Snow ... You realise that EU1# is the horse that carrys AW and it has always been. Stop talking BS about things you only see from your perspective. There s a shitload of people that come for AW and the spirit it offers,have some unrestricted fun,talk some shit,do some shit,win some shit.etc on EU1#. I can name at least 40 names of regular,dedicated people that play EU1# as their first adress. They team up quite frequently in the same groups,doing the same stuff together and having fun together. Thats the whole secret behind it ... fun with comon minded people. If AWE,Enhanced or (like us old guys refer to it) EU3# had 50% of those like minded people we wouldnt have this conversation here. All i see is talk from you people. First,you never gonna get everyone 100% happy - face it. Second,you gotta start somewhere.Talk isnt gonna help,progression comes with time played,so just start somewhere and take it from there - just grow a comon direction and follow it together. Every day EU3# isnt up is another day you loose people looking for a modded,enhanced experience of Arma 3 they yet have one option less to choose from. The secret is in numbers playing - find 1 or better 2 days you can get 10-15 people together to seed the server and advertise them both on EU1# and AW facebook so people get the awareness. For sure,this wont be a change done in a week to get the server at least 50% full,but with every gamer possible knowing about this the situation will improve. Dont talk,just do it. It cant get worse,can it? Isnt the poll looking like the BREXit poll of GB? Either decicion you go,you got more than a 3rd of the populatio being not ok with it,yey on democracy. Thehe. Please do not take offense in person,just your quotes got me really railed up this morning and i had to take my anger out somewhere,right? Altho i got no buisness in this part of the forum,but as long as i read stuff i will forma opinion on it and i may express it,too. Kisses and make me proud,so i can have a go at EU3# people on EU1# again. Good times,good times ...
  6. you got DERP´d the "4 Titan´s for 1 ban" deal who likes churches ? Xwatt Clipper´s
  7. IT HAPPEND AGAIN !!!!!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaah EU1# is offline - restarto la vida pls dont make me drive to Amsterdam or go for the doctor b´cause i cant have any other idea to waste my time Hmmmmmmm ?
  8. Goddamn,i regret not playing yesterday - i really luv me some chat wars with worthy/witty victims trying to bully other people in MP games ... Altho,ARMA chat is way more civil than for example any MORDHAU chat i witnessed in the past 4 weeks or just check their "official" forum and its topics to get the idea of what i m rambling about >>> CLICK HERE for example evidencia Then again,AW admins (sometimes) lack the experience of early interventions to prevent issues and we got way to less of em playing regulary on EU1# for a extended time. Reminds me of filling that report on player "Jihad" which i had run into a few days ago at a very early time on EU1#,but its not forgotten,just has no importance to me yet to invest the 7min to fill that report. On the other hand they not payed for their duty/service of administrating and upkeeping of peace and love on EU1#,too and its a time intensiv job to do so when your just looking to play some ARMA for own enjoyment. So,what did you expect? I´m not sure and i cant make any sense of your action. Currently,i can only think of two solutions: apply for admin yourself give TheScar admin access Other then that,relax yourself. Its just a game ...
  9. depending on team + routine that is,time needed is different only cause you dont doesnt equal to none does + 6P rule it isnt ment to give you anything it s a mission created to up the threat in addition to the usual clear red circle objective and to give people (on a full server) something different to shot at again,only cause you dont doesnt ... ya know i see the possibility of a tweak to raise the factory mission_true value starting at 20+ players you lazy bum,nuff said 6P rule again also,the enemy engineer does carry 1 atchel charge,1 AP mine and a Slam mine - if you shot him last you got the option to loot those and set em all in 1 place by the wall blowing the expl charge will make the AP and Slam mine to also detonate - creating a big enough damage to take down the factory knowledge = key how ? i m curious to read your suggestion on this matter Im quite baffeld to read something from the guy that once described this forum as a hmmmm ? And now here you r ... And tell me about that 3day ban of yours also,i m eagerly curious to get the hard facts ... from your pov. I do know the official story already,so dont bother telling me about. kiss kiss huney SIncerly yours
  10. ah ffs , YEET off source : To Yeet or Not To Yeet ontopic : ? also, +1credit for that excellent profile name i couldnt done betta ?
  11. the signup form suggests that the OP lacks certain math skills ... ? That being said,i m tempted to sign up for the brave army of the motherland to clear of Malden from the presence of those infidel pigs and i m looking forward to trade bullets with some of the gentleman on here in a 1life manhunt ... Vanilla i assume? Go Go Go CCCP! *reloads AK* ?
  12. TheScar

    Scar's BTR

    Uuuuuuuuuh ? that color fits so perfect to any armored vehicle in any military of the current world ... Shame tho its a blapshemic 8 wheeler and therefor a no go for the SCARMADA™ ?️
  13. ... that moment you guys lit up that lorry i was like : fun vid,good laugh,a shame you missed the dead line + RIP ?
  14. since the last version you downloaded there has been quite some patches (changes of code/functions,DLC additions,etc.) by BI rendering version with outdated/old code useless easiest way to get hands on the (current) I+A 3.3.16 version is jumping on EU1# and downloading it via game,then extract from your MP mission cache and move from there. Keep in mind AW is developing I+A 4 right now which will replace I+A 3 soon. In addition,CSAT Conquest Invade+Annex doesnt sound like a stock AW release,more like some "eastern europe editor" customized the AW mission to his likings by adding CSATassets,troops,etc and maybe even included a mod to it. In short,its a clusterfuck to weat out the specific error and get that mission to run. Also,check in later if one of the code bois (@Ryko,@Stanhope) can help you out there more detailed.
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