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  1. First,you taking this way to personal. Second,logic does demand it. As to why have a balance script running if it isnt working properly? And no,dont thank me for mentioning it. I´m quite sure 100s of others already told about ....
  2. I havnt paid any attention reading the past patch notes when I+A 3 was "updated",but the past change log mentios class restictions being balanced. About a week ago,2 pubs that i delivred 2 of my expl charges to blow a tower one of which took also my TITAN compact launcher. Which,in the past,was instantly deleted by the script about 5sec after the pickup of said weapon. While in the example above that didnt happen, The guy being a medic running happily along with my TITAN launcher. Then,a few days ago i needed to swap for a repair spec slot in order to fix my "i dont recall yet",but it doesnt matter. I´d left my TITAN launchers (AT+AA) in the vehicle and as i had fixed it i took one of my TITAN launchers and it wasnt deleted by the restriction script ... not after 1min,1 hour or the whole session. So,if you being smart like me you slap a Toolkit and 1 missile less in your backpack and you are a mobile rocket and repair system. I assume this one must have slipped and no one else noticed it? This explains the ridicoulous amount of people using Statics (AT/AA/MG/GMGs) with ammo trucks and the like. The script does work when you try to select the weapon via the arsenal,but you can easily avoid it by loading a existing setup that has the weapon of choice. I demand a fix,asap.
  3. i see the use in the idea,altho i d limit crate transfer/loading to certain aircrafts (like you mention d it) to certain aircrafts ( GH,Huron for main base and mission start,then on progress expand on the Taru and the Mohawk) - i dont see a need in MH9 and Hellcat in the need of crate ability. Then again,why not bring the initial loadout of each chopper up to standards ? For example,a GH should have : 4 parachutes FAK Toolkit Medkit 10x 6,5 10x whatever low caliber is most used 2x MGammo 6,5 3x4 smoke grenades (white,green,blue) 5 chemlights 2x Titan AT 2x Vorona 2x MAAWS 2x explosive charges this is up for discussion,but for a initial thougt so you get what i m saying After all,its a much more convinient way to get a supply for the troops than having to request a crate,wait a long time,then have the wrong ammo loaded,etc. Plus,most pubs go by air,so once a LZ is established,it shouldnt be to hard to get to sppply up for a limited degree at least. Aaaaaaaand,it isnt that much of a workload for capable people like Miss Belgium,right?
  4. when i read the title i expected to order some penis enhancement medicals or a bollywood movie on ARMA ... Ran into this guy last night and i can recommend. He s fun,illiterate to a certain degree and he makes ecellent chicken marsalla ! Welcome !
  5. hey,i know dis chick !!! welcome !
  6. Pleased to meet you, squire. I also am not of Minehead but I in Peterborough Lincolnshire's house was given birth to. But am staying in Peterborough Lincolnshire house all time during vor, due to nasty running sores , and was unable to go in the streets and play football or go to Nuremburg. ah. Am retired vindow cleaner and pacifist, who's not doing war crimes. Oh... and am glad England vin Vorld Cup. Bobby Charlton. Martin Peters. And eating lots of chips and fish and hole in the toads and Dundee cakes on Piccadilly Line, don't you know old chap, And I was head of Gestapo for 10 years. ... Five years! ... No! No! Nein! I was not head of Gestapo at ALL! ... I make joke! #classic
  7. ... in order to service their jets and UAVs quicker to avoid the regular wait time for the service script Let's not twist reality.
  8. kinda funny how a niche thing can be implemented quite quickly now,let me question my glasbowl about it,shall we? Ima predict with certainty we will see way more beginner pilots try t omake use of the capabilities of that thing,logic or not doesnt matter We ll have one less vehicle in GUardian (yes,the fuel truck) to get transport for desperate people,while we not have a med tent by default,but fkk it why not put alot pods for a questionable use in the ring ... Anyone ever counted how usefull a Huron is? Correct,it barely gets used for vehicle transport,let alone any of the Huron containers ever moved from base EVAR. Now,standstill is communism but this .... yea,exactly Thumbs up for the tought,thumbs down for it being anywhere near usefull. Aaaaaaaand i luv flying the Taru,i m actually one of the 7,42% that bought the DLC No offense,tho
  9. so,you play under 3 names ... I must admit i felt a kind of softness towards that "pickle" thing - as you mentioned being hospitalized temporary Well played Regarding that "Scardestroyer" thing ... let me point you to the last guy that tried : la nub du jouir e tu picolette Enjoy !
  10. TheScar

    The NVA

    that most definatly is NOT the "Natinale VolksArmee" that i knew .... #history nut
  11. ... shots fired !
  12. who are you ? edit: jail-time over? i assumed it to be longer
  13. Glad you took the effort to to voice "your" impression of events in a acceptable manner,i did expect to read different cllcking on this topic. Discussion is fine,exchange of opinions too. From a outsider point of view there s a few things that come to mind : playing on a MP server,especially in these times,i wouldnt find it uncomon to certain associations being drawn by player crowd this is defintiv not a thing to talk about in a MP chat/MP game - at all which is certain,altho i still do not understand how you/or the admin in charge draw the connection to this My money would be on a general misunderstanding between both parties,jumping to conclusions to soon isnt gonna help anyone. To my made experience,especially on Lindi,i doubt he or the admin team had any intention to judge you by stereotypes. Might be worth to join Teamspeak later the day and try to get hold of a admin and talk it over again,hmmm?
  14. 99% of stuff i say is a lie - even this you should of know that by now
  15. spoiler,i d chosen the ESSENTIAL DLC over the CONTACT one,as it offers way more usability. also,lucky me it still gave SALE DISCOUNTS so i dont need to gut one of my ... cattle to make me some chow Yea,lets use the term "cattle" #EU1 #filthyrich
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