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  1. I'm getting olde obviously as I feel a enhancing necessity for a FAQ/Help Form to figure some of those awards... WTF is a "Das Boot" award and do I really need to Google a "Dankest meme"? Think of the elderly, will you? And stay off my lawn, damn kids!
  2. kinda 40/60 on this one but it cant hurt to tweak favours to some limits,does it
  3. feels like yesterday when you crossed my path back in the days of olde I+A 2.x and its kind of a way you walked down here to this point since then We had quite some laugh and i m glad to see my prediction you becoming CS didnt turned out that bad after all as i imagined Also,i still recall that utterly surprise when you handed me my ass on HLL in comparison to your ARMA skills tehehehe Heads up,job well done
  4. AW role model 2020 <<< for people that exel above their duty AW get_a_life 2020 <<< people that are tied to either the rcon,forums or servers - regardless there s a outside world
  5. and it now has ended ! Biden won over Trumpette 284 : 214 Its time to drink and get laid,ladies and gentlemen,its the end of the world as we know it ! Also,post no.666 judge? coincidence? foretelling?
  6. its that time again people !!! altho you mostly EU located and therefor careless for the elections in the US of A but we cant let the democrats win,can we now,show your true colors (see what i did there?) #reelect #seetheworldkeepburning #republican GoGOgoGOgOGOGOGogogOGOGOGO !
  7. short answer: NO long and respcting human norms answer: search the forum for "pilot whitelist" - all of this been discussed and ended I+A3 is hardly developed anymore try using your memory to recall good experiences scissors cut paper enjoy
  8. sorry,i stopped reading at "Holland" welcome to teh forums finally,at 55years of age make sure to get your senior pass for full benefits as AW olde goldie
  9. *note to self* play more EU1# again Welcome,tho!
  10. First,you taking this way to personal. Second,logic does demand it. As to why have a balance script running if it isnt working properly? And no,dont thank me for mentioning it. I´m quite sure 100s of others already told about ....
  11. I havnt paid any attention reading the past patch notes when I+A 3 was "updated",but the past change log mentios class restictions being balanced. About a week ago,2 pubs that i delivred 2 of my expl charges to blow a tower one of which took also my TITAN compact launcher. Which,in the past,was instantly deleted by the script about 5sec after the pickup of said weapon. While in the example above that didnt happen, The guy being a medic running happily along with my TITAN launcher. Then,a few days ago i needed to swap for a repair spec slot in order to fix my "i
  12. i see the use in the idea,altho i d limit crate transfer/loading to certain aircrafts (like you mention d it) to certain aircrafts ( GH,Huron for main base and mission start,then on progress expand on the Taru and the Mohawk) - i dont see a need in MH9 and Hellcat in the need of crate ability. Then again,why not bring the initial loadout of each chopper up to standards ? For example,a GH should have : 4 parachutes FAK Toolkit Medkit 10x 6,5 10x whatever low caliber is most used 2x MGammo 6,5 3x4 smoke grenades (white,green,blue)
  13. when i read the title i expected to order some penis enhancement medicals or a bollywood movie on ARMA ... Ran into this guy last night and i can recommend. He s fun,illiterate to a certain degree and he makes ecellent chicken marsalla ! Welcome !
  14. hey,i know dis chick !!! welcome !
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