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  1. No Contact DLC here. Next gamenight ... Have fun.
  2. Thanks. I’m not sure I would know how to deal with the file needed to be uploaded for GameNight request but I’ll try to summit my form and see what you guys think about a modded Fallujah storm gamenight.
  3. Let's go back to Fallujah... The tittle says it all !
  4. Sorry I couldn't make it, I heard a bit of the briefing thru TeamSpeak from where I was with my family, next week I'll be there. How was it ? Lot's of contact ? Cheers.
  5. Need to download (buy) Contact DLC Until next time ...
  6. Scar with grenade launcher EGLM is all I use. The rest is to fill AT, Recon or Marksmen from time to time and enjoy arma from another point of view but Scar is my weapon of choice. Such a good looking, bad ass looking weapon and it exists in real life, so it works for me
  7. That’s what I call a loadout ! And the whisky uufff... Nice !
  8. I use glock 17 suppressed, red dot (MRD optic), laser.
  9. This is how I roll pretty much all the time including weapons, camo and the only mods I use and enjoy: SCAR, RSASS, Magpul Mazada and Barret. Cheers guys !!! Including a couple of meds, mags, smoke grenades, RGO grenades, and why not, explosive charges for dirty jobs. One Man Army kind of stuff
  10. I mean for future events... missed the post and time. Also I had to go out. But interested into going back the events on sundays.
  11. I think is not about the playerbase feminin feelings, I would say it is about playing with all the options a couple of mods can do towards a better/cooler Arma/Ahoyworld experience. New weapons, vehicles, aircrafts and not repeating the ‘go to mission’ factor since this mods change the escenarios, without stepping out of serious gaming and realism of course. Cheers guys !
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