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  1. Yeah, it's been dead on the server and the times people join the games aren't that fun because it's just a bunch of guys running around without organisation. A couple of guys do want to take it seriously but they usually just end up disconnecting. It's sad to see the community is so inactive. I'm with you, let's get organised again.
  2. I installed the game on a new computer and copied over my profile. I have most things, except my old loadouts. Does anyone know where these are kept? Thanks
  3. Haha, I'll tell you in about a week!
  4. Haha @SkullCollector yes those were some good times! I left just as @Ryko was getting Stiletto tweaked and running well. Will be cool to see what's up on the server these days. Thanks @Mouldy and @DakimDragco too for the replies. Is Copey still around shouting at people, haha? I recently bought a good gaming computer and reinstalled Arma 3, and I started downloading the mods yesterday. I can't even remember how to set up Teamspeak it's been that long! Hope to see you guys on soon.
  5. Hi all, I've been away from AW for a long time for a number of personal reasons, but am seriously considering coming back to the game and the community. Is AWE still up and running? What maps are mostly being used these days? Have the new Arma 3 mods been implemented? Appreciate any feedback! JaSmAn
  6. When playing as EOD, does the Metal Detector (otherwise known as "selfie stick" by some players) do anything? Is it necessary to effectively detect mines/explosives? I am not talking about the Mine Detector ACE item.
  7. TVT Return?

    I seem to be the only one, but I vote against TvT/PvP. It just feels too Call of Duty for me.
  8. The Men of Operation Backfoot

    Nice one! And great op!
  9. I suggest that we also make a new installation video on Youtube. I know I found the existing one useful, but it wasn't 100% up to date. It would make it easier for people to join. I also think we could do with an Intro to AWE video, where someone explains the basics - rules, radio etiquette, organisation, etc. I know this info is there for people to read, but I don't think everyone will, so it's another way to ensure that at least people know the basics when they join the site. Thoughts?
  10. Is this ok or not ok?

    Context needed. When, where, who, what happened? Otherwise, not very useful IMHO.
  11. Is this ok or not ok?

    @oO_ScarFace_Oo totally irrelevant post on what should be a serious topic for those who care about seeing this community improve.
  12. Is this ok or not ok?

    I was ASL during this op and all it seems MAT was upset at the quality of information they were getting (or not getting for that matter). It seems the behaviour in the video was a result of MAT being upset at the lack of communication - hear the opening comment in the video - "we've been left in the dark for so long I,m just leaving it." If anyone has an issue with the amount of information they are getting they should speak up during the op and not act out like this. This incident resulted in ME getting a complaint, which I addressed with an Admin through the right channels. The rest of Alpha seemed OK with my communication and I didn't get any other complaints. I agree with @kman. Unfortunately this sort of behaviour (not specific or limited to Moonfire) is becoming way too common on AWE and frankly, it's put me off from taking even a TL role, much less ASL (some might be happy about that!). However, it is limited to a few players. It's too bad that they are the "well known" guys, which makes them feel like it's ok to have fun any way they want but have very little regard for the rest of the community.
  13. PTSD Simulator

    Also know as "oh sh*t, run!!!!"
  14. @Ryko the "waking animation" was actually a black screen for a long time which then went to a respawn screen.
  15. Reversing ftw

    You probably survived because you were reversing. Moral is "always reverse into an IED truck."