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  1. AW’s MVP 2019: @GhostDragon AW’s Most Friendly Admin/Moderator/Spartan 2019: @MidnightRunner AW’s Most Helpful Admin/Moderator/Spartan 2019: @Lindi AW’s Most Helpful User *Non-Staff* 2019: @Stanhope AW’s Most Friendliest User *Non-Staff* 2019: @WinterMute AW’s Strictest Admin/Moderator 2019: @Admiralbumfluff AW’s Most Tacti-Cool ARMA player 2019: @BruceLee Altis insurgent/guerrilla/IED scientist AW’s Best Teamplayer 2019: @Jenkins AW’s Most Underrated User 2019: @Stanhope fixing I&A 3 when it breaks AW’s Most Incoherent ARMA Player 2019: @itsmemario AW’s Worst ARMA pilot 2019: @Wookz (to many CAS tk's) AW’s Best Drunk Member 2019: @itsmemario AW’s Worst Joke 2019: ........ AW’s Best Voice 2019: @Murph batman AW’s Best Moment 2019 (can be in any game or on teamspeak/forum): to many to list AW’s Best Forum Post 2019: (please put url in): i'm with Jenkins this is funny AW’s Best Driver 2019: @Xwatt the best because he is the worst AW’s Worst Driver 2019: @Xwatt AW’s Best Fail 2019:
  2. Time for a bit of feedback I will put more in at some point but here is what I have at this time. 1- Can we have command VON locked again as 4.6.2.Do not talk in global, side and command channels. Use group, vehicle and direct chat for voice communications. still stands as far as I know. In 3 it is locked and solves the problem. 2- Sidearm magazines are not showing up in current selected weapons magazine slots when adding ammo to load out. 3- Zeus slots do not receive any points when joined so can not reward players. 4- If possible bring over v3 Admin/Zeus tools from the scroll wheel menu. (I will send more detail over discord DM to Ryko) 5- UGV reward is broken. 6- Squad menu not showing what slots are taken until I take a slot when first joining. 7- When players TK if possible give them a hint saying they have team killed. Does not have to say who they killed, this way they don't go on team killing and not knowing, as this is a public server where new players join and learn most of the time. 7.1- For admin channel if possible add the weapon used when telling us someone has team killed as that helps a lot when looking into situations. (I&A 3 Team kill messages for those with Zeus work well as they tell us who killed who and what they used to do it) 8- Air channel as good as it is would be better if removed from all roles but the pilots so all the squad leads/Zeus don't have to listen to the chatter of "is that pad taken" and just pilots talking to each other as players do, if removing it is not the way foreword maybe if it can be done add a option to remove yourself from air channel as that would allow those that want to stay on it can and those that don't don't. I hope this feedback helps with the next version
  3. Step 1: First you will need to subscribe to Task Force Arrowhead Radio (BETA!!!) on the steam workshop (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=894678801) You will also need to subscribe to the required mod CBA_A3 for TFAR to work. Step 2: open the Arma 3 launcher and go to the MOD category Step 3: time to load the TS addon so TFAR works in game, to do this go over to the Task Force Arrowhead Radio (BETA!!!) under available mods and click on the drop-down arrow. Once you have clicked on the drop-down arrow it should look like this, now go to the Display more options button. Now open folder in Windows Explorer. Be sure to follow the warning. Once you have opened Windows Explorer locate the folder named @Task Force Arrowhead Radio (BETA!!!) and open it. Now that you are in the TFAR folder open the teamspeak folder. Now double left click on the task_force_radio TeamSpeak Add-On, once you have done this a window looking like this should open. Once open select install and follow the prompts. (version will now say 1.-1.0.325) The final prompt should be add-on installed. Do you want to activate this Add-On? Select yes and restart your teamspeak Step 2.1: Now it’s time to check the Add-On is activated. On teamspeak go to tools and go down to options Once in options go to the Addons category and look for Task Force Arrowhead Radio, once located check for the box that will either say Enabled or Disabled. If disabled, click on the box that says disabled to enable it. Congratulations you have now installed TFAR and the TS addon. (if you are referring to this guide on how to update to the latest version of the plug in all you need to do is reinstall the addon following the same steps)
  4. - When making a custom squad I get a message saying role already taken or something similar or I get put in some random persons custom squad which only has 1 role in it.
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