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  1. Ahoy there! Welcome
  2. Hello there, Glad you finally made it here.
  3. Nice...sorry I missed it got stuck in a meeting and had a 3 hour drive home after so missed it by a decent amount.
  4. Decent pilot 7/5 would fly again
  5. The "Decal" is his unit tag, check out https://units.arma3.com The flags are editable items on most vehicles
  6. Purchase of UGV is bugged, button is clickable in base but you get the "You must be more than 400m away" message, once out of base the button is greyed out.
  7. Also, it appears that when Viper is destroyed and the 2 players are kicked from the role Reaper is also getting kicked. Had several reports of this today as well as at one stage having 5 vortex pilots, with two of the slots being double occupied. Reaper also reported that when purchasing a different loadout the original weapons stay in the display but with 0 ammo. Vehicle ammo box reward drop is not de-spawning as described All enemy ground reinforcements were spawning in the same spot regardless of where the AO was, is this by design? It was taking them several AOs in some cases to get to their destination. I feel like the new mechanic of being revived injured if the reviving player isn't a medic, over penalises not being a medic. I think that the extra time needed was enough of a cost. Also the animation shows you being fully healed and then injured again. I had a few bits re Zeus but want to wait until the next update comes out and will come back to that since some of my comments will be out of date already.
  8. Supply cache side mission spawned at 0,0.
  9. Ahoy there and welcome. I hope you are enjoying it here.
  10. The Enhanced mission is down for redesign at the moment, as of yet the modset or method of download has not been released. For now I would recommend using the workshop versions of allowed mods when playing on EU1 or EU2.
  11. Welcome, hope you are enjoying it.
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