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  1. Points to note from tonight's test: Alpha Anti Air default rifle is removed by script when playing as NATO Pacific Loadout script removed my parachute while falling during paradrop I went splat I think vehicle/AI clean up should be a little more aggressive. Picture shows vics and civilians from the last 3-4 AO's, including Opfor, Blufor and civ vehicles. I love that the enemy AI stay it adds a cool dimension to gameplay but the part of me that worries about server load hates that vics and civs are left behind Arty strike reward purchase runs through timer on map but no shell lands Reward points were not being deducted when purchasing items, but were deducted on donation Helicopter ammo drop had an error when triggered on the ground I accidentally called an ammo box while in base by calling it then purchasing a vehicle which teleported me to the base and brought the ammo box spawn with me Zeus stuff: Ctrl double click command for RC is disabled (Probably a CBA thing) Garrison instant results in Kick Zeus spawned units are being cleaned up and deleted Reinforcement function is disabled Suppressive Fire function disabled Spawning Submarine/Frigate results in kick The 5 minute hunt for that Elite squad was awesome though.
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    Ahoy and welcome
  4. Enhanced movement is a must for modded play. The tactical opportunities it opens up are massive
  5. @TheScar you should probably post this in the I&A4 feedback or message Ryko directly. As people might not look at this thread.
  6. Fun fact the guy on the right in the first picture is actually @TheScar.(Beside the badgers)
  7. Welcome, glad you're enjoying it. See you in game soon hopefully.
  8. Yea I'm gonna give it a go tomorrow evening and see how it works. I have the 30rnd mags on this loadout as they are lighter.
  9. So I've been thinking about the the Anti Air gunner role in I&A 4. I enjoy the role and have tried to get a loadout that works for me. The issue I keep coming up against is that I cannot carry enough to be both useful in combat and as an AA gunner. If you carry 3/4 missiles then you can only take a pistol or PDW with a light rig which makes you ineffective in combat. To be effective in combat you can only take 2/3 missiles which means you can only take out 1 maybe 2 aircraft and are quickly rendered ineffective at AA. The I&A 3 way around this is to pack a hunter and sit on a hill, but that goes against the feel of I&A 4, and without dual wielding an AT launcher would be quite boring. I did play a game with someone who carried an extra missile for me but that isn't a guaranteed option. My best of both worlds load out has a Spar16 with 300 rounds and 3 missiles, this gives the ability to take down maybe 2 aircraft depending on if they flare and enough rounds to last an AO after which you could hopefully be resupplied. Pilots should be willing seeing that you are keeping them safe from enemy aircraft. Thoughts?
  10. That's not a bad idea, I do think that to remove CAS completely goes against the general ethos of I&A being open, but maybe restricting it to being purchased when the server is busy is a suitable solution. If CAS is needed players can cooperate to purchase one.
  11. We did airdrop a Hemtt with 11 people... that was awesome
  12. Completed several side missions last night nobody in the squad received points on completion.
  13. Ammo drop reward purchase was not working yesterday or Sunday, you could buy it and activate it but nothing happened.
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