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  1. Howdy

    Welcome, Always good to see new people around, we are a friendly bunch, for the most part , so if you have any questions, let us know here or in game.
  2. I&A 4 Beta Test Feedback

    Notes from todays' test: Inventory still closing randomly while in base Achilles modules still disabled Dragging bodies bugged, people get stuck in the animation Request to add I&A 3 Admin tools to scroll wheel Can you add the aiming reticule back Paradrop function returned the following error No FF warning in chat Carrier rig(green) no flag not available in some load-outs
  3. CBA_A3 Update

    Oh yea I figured that was just making sure someone had raised the issue
  4. CBA_A3 Update

    I had manually added the public repo version to my arma launcher so I'm currently using that and my other mods are fine.
  5. CBA_A3 Update

    The workshop version of CBA was updated today(Jan 10). As a result the latest version doesn't work on the server(EU1).
  6. Hey there.

  7. ahoy

    Welcome, Hope to see you in game soon. If you have any questions let us know.
  8. Ho Ho Ho!

    Happy Christmas!
  9. Hello Ahoy This is Mcmilan

    McMilan, nice to see you on here. It's always fun to share a battlefield with you.
  10. Time to move on

    Chuck, It's been a pleasure dude. Best of luck with your endeavours. See you around.
  11. I&A 4 Beta Test Feedback

    Some of the Helis have started to explode on respawn Exploding Heli Respawn.mp4 .
  12. I&A 4 Beta Test Feedback

    Got two strange occurances in the last few minutes on I&A4. First, player who had been on for a while got the following message. Then, @Patrik_swe got kicked and a random player became Zeus
  13. A3 Warlords update 1.86

    @Stanhope enemy can shoot you in the spawn zone, you can't shoot back haha. Vehicular manslaughter is the name of the game.