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  1. The Good Citizens of Tanoa

    Well even if we had it for a short while it'd still be enough for me
  2. The Good Citizens of Tanoa

    *silently prays and begs for a Stratis server*
  3. Stepping down

    *Tips fedora* well done on dealing with the bans section. One can only see so many lies before he starts going loopy.
  4. AhoyWorld in TitanIM?

    Hey come on guys, if the Chinese can build the worlds most powerful computer then why can't we. Then once we have spent an eye-watering amount of money on it we can spend $35,000 on a military simulator built with no entertainment purpose in mind . In all seriousness I looked into this myself as well and it just doesn't look fun in comparison to something like Squad or Arma. You can tell it was built for military training and not for us pleb masses who work the fields etc.
  5. PSA: Be careful with Missile Launchers on EU #1

    In mother Russia you do not fire rocket, rocket fires you
  6. ... so it begins!

    Honestly from somebody who is at the cusp of Army recruiting age I am so glad Hillary wasn't elected. I get the feeling that with her attitude against Russia AND the whole "No Fly Zone" thing would bring us into a potentially world ending war. But, as I said to my mate when we were sat down eating Quakers Oats porridge on the sofa this morning whilst watching the news "America has dodged a speeding bullet, into the path of another". So in basic terms Murica was screwed either way, just chose whether to drag the whole world down with them.
  7. Blowing off steam

    Can't forget $uicideboy$ (rubbish name, good music) Oh and Mick Gordon. Never produced a soundtrack I haven't loved. Oh and Mozart.
  8. Blowing off steam

    Honestly I like so many different genres of music. For example one of my favourite songs right now is: www.youtube.com/watch?v=3utMV9ITxsE (interesting to walk to work to) But then another one of my all time favourites is: www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNkQMtZAMAw (very interesting to take a s**t to) So yeah, my taste in music is about as varied as a multicultural family meet up
  9. On the whole FPS thing I find that the FPShas been improved very well on my end. On the other points you raised I agree.
  10. What do you fancy besisdes Arma 3

    I only play my computer these days so Most frequent: Arma 3 (600 hours) Prison Architect (137 hours) Cities Skylines (118 hours) Dishonored (48 hours+the best game I have ever played before and since) and thats all the mains that I have the most hours on *cough cough*Train Simulator (58 hours)*cough cough*
  11. ZEUS actions

    I think the Achilles mod is now almost a must for Zeus. I use it all the time. It offers way more flexibility and customisation than Ares base. If you want to change the weather, for example, there is a smooth transition mode that allows you to change the weather without the ugly sudden change. It also allows you to customise the type of infantry reinforcements drop in so you can vary the squad size to fit the number of players playing the mission. Along with this and so many other, better features makes Achilles a must have imo. It is quite worrying to hear that it wont be added as an allowed mod
  12. arma-2017-road-map-annocement

    Nice to see Arma is still being given more features even after 3 years.
  13. Look what I re-textured

    How did this go?
  14. So, I was playing a Luetin mission (Friday I think) and in the EU 4 channel Chuck (I think, my mind is like a sieve ) asked me to remove my avatar. I, of course, did it. But then I wondered why. Now I will admit that it was a little dark but I didn't think it was that bad. So I was thinking whether their are a set of rules dictating avatars that I simply haven't seen. And if not, then could I recommend you write some up as some people find some things offensive that others simply don't. (of course racism and other such things are quite blatant).
  15. Connery... Sean Connery

    Great actor, great soldier, great guy. Nice to see you in the community. All I have to say is welcome to the madhouse