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[EU6] [MSO] Operation Hrafnagud


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General Info


This mission is a multi session operation or MSO for short.

If you played MSO in A2 you will know what the general idea is, if not: MSO is a mission that is designed to take multiple sessions to complete.

How multiple session is handled is that after each event I hold, the server\mission state gets saved to a database.



Mission Specific Info



This second installment of MSO sees the AW forces invading and securing the land of Al-Rayak. More to come in the OPORD that will be created for those who are interested.


Player squads

1x CMD element: CMD,JTAC

2x Infantry Squads: SL MED 2TL 6RFL

1x LOGI Squad: SL 3ENG 1PIL



Assortment of wheeled vehicles


Ammo crates

Weapon boxes located at HQ for outfitting.



Time of event(recurring): Fridays @ 1800UTC


Signup form: HERE



Modset link( separate from AWE ) :  MODSET






  Task organisation - AW forces


 Timezone - 0700 Local Time Zone.


 Area of Interest – SW Al-Rayak




 Area of Operation - AL-Rayak


    Observations and Fields of Fire

The land of Al-Rayak have been seeing steadily increasing violent behaviour from their current russo funded government which basically is a military regime.   

    Avenues of Approach

Multiple ports along the coast.

Several airfields located inland.


    Key Terrain

Securing a beachhead for LOGI to move supplies and heavier equipment inland.



Satellite depicts what appears to be soviet era AA sites giving the enemy control over the airspace while not needing to rely on fast movers.


    Cover and Concealment

Foliage,trees and ditches



At the time of this OPORD shifting weather patterns makes it difficult to give an accurate representation of what the weather will be.


Enemy Forces



Enemy forces have received russo gear and hardware so expect them to be fully capable to mount a proper mechanized assault including armor and helicopter air-support.  




The enemy's most probable course of action is to mount a solid defense to repel the AW forces.


The enemy's most dangerous course of action is that they can start attacking the local civilians to turn this war into a high civilian casualty one.


Friendly Forces


There is no friendly forces in this OP, AW forces will act alone against the Al-Rayak army




Civilian Considerations


    End State

Civilian endstate is to cause minimal destruction to the buildings that still stand for future rebuilding projects.



The civilians that are encountered are the indigenous people and should be treated kindly as they might be brainwashed into believing everyone other than the Al-Rayak army are dangerous



 Attachments and Detachments




It is the mission of AWF to establish a beachhead and secure it for further deployment into Al-Rayak.





 Commanders Intent  

Will be conveyed once Op Hrafnagud is under way.

 Scheme of Fires

We have no indirect fire support,  however this may change whilst the Operation is being executed.





Transportation – By air and truck

Maintenance - Fuel\Repair trucks at HQ

Ammunition\Weapons - Available at HQ and crates transported by LOGISTICS



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De-Brief 3/3-17

So its gonna be a short de-brief for the first op as there are some more pressing matters i need to inform about.


Alpha and Bravo successfully landed at the indicated beachhead and almost immediately was met by a mechanized force consisting of a BTR and 4 squads.

They maneuvered to take take it out and upon doing so crossed the first of two bridges before getting to where i indicated where we where going to hold until LOGI successfully setup the FOB.


After crossing the first bridge A and B split off securing two town at each end of the small island they where on, in the town they hit heavy ressitance but suffered no casualties after fierce resistance. Holding there while waiting for LOGI to get in with needed medical supplies they established a LZ in the middle of the crossroad on the island.


When LOGI was taking of a GAZ managed to damage one of the rotors on the Chinook and they lost control and crashed between LZ Alpha and Phase line Bravo, A and B valiantly started treatment of the units that managed to survive the crash and they also recovered much of the needed building materials and supplies.


After a short regrouping A and B set off to secure the perimeter defense line to let LOGI build in peace.


After some more probing of our defenses along the line, LOGI managed to setup the FOB and I called ENDEX.



De-Brief END



Now for the more pressing matters: 

Persistence failed, I dont know whats causing this yet as I am investigating but I have a feeling it was the 1.68 update, but when I run the persistence in debug I will get a more clearer picture.

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De-Brief 24/3-17

This event's task was to take the city of Al Tabqah and then clear towards the airfield where the suspected first SAM site was located. Following some relatively uneventful troop transport towards the town, both A and B hit heavy contact in the suburbs of the city. After a good 1.5 hours of battling enemies and clearing the town we had some disconnects and I lost zeus access and couldn't supply the forces with lost gear after a RS.


After 10minutes of reorg, A and B set out to clear a compound marked by intelligence as a occupied facility, but upon entering was found to be clear. Then I gave order to move to a small town outside the airfield to prepare for the final push.


When we hit the town we had light contact from one of the flanks and A\B setup a quick 360 and ordered Logi to move into town,as they where trailing the main forces to keep out of combat.




Armor contact was called on the comms and .5 seconds after 60-70% of the main infantry force was decimated by flak fire of a Shilka that crested the hill from the airfield.


The reinsert of said forces didn't either go to plan as the person who just took the chopper instead of getting Logi to fly(they have sole possession of said asset) flew to high and found out why the flight ceiling was below 30 m.


As all forces where scattered and no proper chain of comms could be established to remaining forces in the field, i took a executive desicion and placed a task for all remaining forces to gather in a small compound about 900m S of the town where i flew the chinook in and extracted the forces back to the FOB.


Endex was called and the remaining online SL's and me had a small chat about the events.



De-Brief END


So this was a more chaotic session then I would have liked to have, with comms issues and general impatience. This has been discussed with the involved parties and a consenus has been made that we could do better. 

I for one love these sessions from a command POV and hope that people generally like them even tho its different in play style and general setup compared to AWE with almost no HUD and first-person only.


I for one will bring fresh excitement and commitment for the next session and hopefully we will have a more painless play-thru next session without the server kicking the bucket and me loosing zeus to alleviate any gear problems that may occur in arma's sometimes unfairness.


See you next session

- Kenny

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16 hours ago, kennychr said:



So this was a more chaotic session then I would have liked to have, with comms issues and general impatience. This has been discussed with the involved parties and a consenus has been made that we could do better. 

I for one love these sessions from a command POV and hope that people generally like them even tho its different in play style and general setup compared to AWE with almost no HUD and first-person only.



I think this is a polite way of saying that we got our asses handed to us and that we fell apart..... the chain of command wasn't working.


At one point A and B were holed up in some buildings waiting for LOGI to show up. There was some problem with the trucks, and we sat in this compound for what felt like an eternity. Squad leads went back and forth for discussions and it felt like nobody really knew what was going on. Then Platoon Lead (PL) came around telling individual people where to stand and point their guns - clearly very frustrated and micromanaging. This to me sounds like a breakdown in the CoC.


Another example - I was killed (along with a few others) and then reinserted. It didn't help that my TFAR was broken, so had to restart AMRA. However, when I finally made my way back to body of the group and wanted to find my squad, PL stopped me and then personally walked me to my squad. Whilst I very much appreciated the kindness, I don't consider that the best us of PL's time! Then we took contact and more people died. PL could have been one of them.


I'm not blaming anyone. It's was a result of new teams, some new players (I include myself in that group), and some confusion about the mission purpose and objectives. PL did a great job trying to get everyone organised and trying to keep them safe. SLs did as much.


As a suggestion, it would really help to get more information - early on in the briefing and later during the mission, particularly when you reinsert - about what the current plan is and what is expected of the squad.


That said, it was loads of fun and I hope to join the next one!


[Bracing for the flak]

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During the last mission, it seems (to me atleast) that there where some confusion about locations. I for one feel a great disadvantage when not knowing my exact location without spending some time in map trying to orient myself. Would it be a bad ide to give us a standard GPS so that we could better orient ourselves and the teams?



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