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  1. Wow, this is super helpful. I remember the days where I had to use AWE mission files and construct off of that, super poor performance because so many things kept running in the background that weren't used. Never got really good at decent missions with scripts in it so I had to heavily Zeus them after initial setup. But a overall framework is super nice.
  2. Bloody necro on this post, in times of dire need we should get this back up.
  3. Thank you Midnight for the session, it was good fun again! Very well balanced when it comes to engagement distances, weapon types, number of enemies en when counter offensives take place.
  4. Lovin' this! Should be the last big operation on my current PC, aka Muckduck's old PC. She will be retiring hopefully next week. She's had a good run at an age of nearly 10 years.
  5. Insurgent game night has proven that people can actually behave and not shout Aluha Akbar at every kill they get.
  6. People naturally grow bored of running the same kinds of missions, randomizing towns and maps doesn't really aid in that. Eventually, you get the hang of how to approach each mission regardless of their location.
  7. Well, it kinda all boils down to that gameplay is the feature and not the toys. But even though Stilleto is an amazing mission I think the bigger part is that doing the same missions in different locations just kinda gets boring after a while. Designing a mission isn't all that hard with a working base file. E.g. all the mods and server related stuff and base stuff is in place. Then you can drag it around and place the enemies where you want the mission to be. Hey presto. That said, numbers were already declining greatly back when I did those missions. It has always been the organised events that drew in the crowd though, no matter who did them.
  8. Speculation, but the larger mods like ACE, TFAR and RHS have a massive community following. If they release via Steam, which so many people use, they'll get called out for delivering a broken update in an instant. Right? Limiting the size of the pack, and getting rid of the smaller not-so-necessary-mods-without-a-large-community-following reduces the broken mod risk quite a lot, not? I say speculation because we all know ArmA, and experiences may differ over servers.
  9. I'm all for removing all the mods and starting fresh running just TFAR, ACE and RHS for example. Keeping mods to a minimum also makes the issue of auto-mod updates less of a hassle, right? So many small mods are on the server now, so many purely aesthetics, but also the sheer amount of vehicles of which so many aren't used. They were relevant with the larger player base when people screamed to have them added. But a fresh start and a clear direction can keep the downloads to a minimum and makes Steamworkshop downloads a much more reasonable solution. I don't see why some are so keen on not removing mods now they've become obsolete with the current player base. I'd say, grab this opportunity for a fresh restart while it lasts.
  10. Sorry I did not cater to your liking Jonhson. Prometheus was very experimental and was mostly driven by the ways of insertion. Gotta admit that I don't have experience as a tank crew or even as Vortex, so didn't know in advance how that would play out. I don't know what I did wrong for you on other times as Zeus, so far you're the only one who openly speaks out about that. I don't understand why I suddenly deserve all that salt, though.
  11. Thank you I had people message me begging at one point for me to spice it up... I truely don't know what it was that I did well... One thing that annoyed me personally was when Zeusing was done when nobody requested it, there was a few nights when things just appeared to be rather random.... That said, my return to AWE for now I can only say is probably going to be a fluke, I don't know how long it will last. I wouldn't want to attempt to pick up a moderator position, but if I stay, and player count goes up, I may run a GN at some point... But don't count on it.
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