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  1. Are people seriously butthurt over this comment of mine? Because it says "Back in the days"? I'm not talking about 'old AWE'. I'm stating how I previously ran my kit.
  2. I agree with what @Johnson said. The whole old dogs new dogs debate makes no sense here. Everyone in the discussion has the right mindset that it should be fun. It started with a gear balancing issue and how I then suggested for people to change their kits to help mitigate that problem before the gameplay goes stale. Because the amount of fuckery I see coming along in videos and pictures on Discord is simply worrying to me that people are resorting to that to 'enjoy' themselves. This is in no way intended to split the community in two, but to keep the gameplay fun and engaging for ever
  3. I'm more concerned about the gameplay becoming stale the way it's currently going. People take what they want, that's fine with me, just don't expect me to carry around a super heavy load-out that often. There's a ton of options, vehicles and items to enjoy to create some amazing moments, but as of now it just gets a tad boring to hop in the helicopter, fly to an AO, maybe do two, wipe it out, fly back and re-arm. I've had it in the past happen too as SL where I would mark a convoy only to have half the team go: "But we have Vortex online." So far for trying to spice things up and do someth
  4. I have been SL and TL often enough, lol. It's blessing when I join and I can still go for AR or Medic for once instead of having to fill TL slots. In regards of the "FOB", I put it in parenthesis because what I meant was loading a few crates in a helo or a truck and using that as a temporary staging/resupply between AO's far away. No need for a billion actual FOBs.
  5. At this point I think we can't do any balancing anymore. Liberation is more aimed at insurgent forces as the playable faction so being BAF or any larger military force will undoubtedly result in being slightly OP. Unless countered by an equally difficult/advanced faction. But even then the objectives are fairly easy to accomplish unless you run out of AT and the enemy brings an armored platoon. I would say that to keep the challenge up it requires some player effort now, carry less shit around or switch to a weapon you're not familiar with or ditch the magnified optics for a change. And
  6. I see people idling in Logi more often than not, there's almost always someone on station as Vortex, and there's no shame in using trucks for once or setting up a temporary "FOB" to resupply between far away AO's, the mission lends itself very well for such actions. It'd be much more engaging if people used the tools they were given. It's the #ArmAMoments we should strive for, so it would be nice if people were to set up a challenge for themselves sometimes. I highly recommend everyone down-specing your kit and trying to see how well you do. It's a different playstyle where you have to thin
  7. I feel dirty for being back at 10-12 mags for my loadouts. Back in the days I would comfortably run 6-9 mags depending on the role and have a fairly basic load-out to base specialist roles off of. +1 on this as this would hopefully result in less run-and-gun without being penalized for it. And perhaps give logi something to do. Love being in the field between objectives and having a resupply come in.
  8. Zombies would be cool sometime. But all the other sci-fi stuff doesn't interest me, I would have a hard time understanding the lore. I tried a few of the HALO ops, but just didn't enjoy it that much.
  9. I'm a work slave now. Can't do much about it.
  10. Nooo! I'm working late afternoon shift on the 18th!
  11. No worries, I wouldn't be available the 20th anyway
  12. I may have just edited that in my original post
  13. I'm an absolute idiot and I missread it as Battlefield-type GN. Which I don't think would work in ArmA with vehicles and shizz. But if it's actual BF then I guess yah. I don't own BF4 though. So deduct a 'No' from each and add one to 'Yes' and 'BF3' Would love to see more non-ArmA GN's. I remember we used to do ETS2 convoys where we would all gather and have like 10-20 trucks behind one another going for a long drive. Basically just sitting in TeamSpeak and casually chatting. That was great.
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