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  1. Finally some minecraft again ;D
  2. When YOUR team is getting intel but the civs don't want to talk.

    Yes im in the picture!
  3. Another happy landing

  4. So where is the update?
  5. "Play your Role"

    Follow the rules Teamwork Using the right weapons normaly Follow orders from command Dont dress like a Christmas Tree in a desert
  6. Realy big map for Arma. Would be used as a Gauntlet map or for big events. Dose NOT require CUP. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28882 https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/182043-australia-version-509-release/ https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=485417177&searchtext= I think everybody knows it allready. Its a great map with great variety of different terrains like deserts, mountains, open fields, little forrests and big cities. You can enter most buildings. That means a possibility for house battles. There are several Airports on the map too, so there is the ability for FOB's. The map itself is quiet big. For scale: Altis is 270Km² big. Australia however is 1500Km² big. It dose not requier CUP. I dont have the best PC but the map ran at an constant 25 to 30 FPS in singelplayer. It's file size is 2 GB on Steam and 4 GB on Armaholic (Dont ask me why) All in all i think it would be a great adittion to Gauntlet and the server. Regards Snogers
  7. Chernarus is part of CUP isnt it? If so, it's sad that it will be gone
  8. [AWE] [GAMENIGHT] Operation Valkyrie - Tutvys [29/04/17]

    Will there be a new link to Sing-Up or is it the old one?
  9. How to use a UAV right!

    Hey. As you mabey recognized, the deathstar's on the server mostly dont know how to use a UAV's right. This is mostly due to insufficient informations for newcomers, who also want to use UAV's. But dont worry. I found a video for people who want's to learn how to use one. Here is the YouTube-Link: Click me! I hope i could help some peopel with that. If you still have any questions, you can ask me in the comments. Snogers
  10. "Each find a tree ..."

    But it worked!
  11. [EU6] [MSO] Operation Hrafnagud

    Ah you can download the normal EU3 Repo. Is it the same as the 124th?
  12. Update Errors?

    Still isn't working
  13. [EU6] [MSO] Operation Hrafnagud

    i'm getting errors while downloading and cant download Edit: It says the link isn't exsisting
  14. Just checking base for mines

    Very important
  15. Flying to the mission