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  1. Copey, I've known you for donkeys years on here, and seen you go from a puny player to a damn good member of the Ahoy world staff team. It is a great loss to the team that you are leaving, however your wish is yours to have and myself and the staff team will respect that whole heartedly. Best of luck being a scrub, and keep on ranting 😂😂
  2. Joe's PC now it is Jacob

    Hi, TiePae After reviewing the evidence, which is stacked against you. I will NOT be unbanning you, this is because the comment you made is very toxic towards the player it was aimed at, and this is something we don't give any leeway to in this community. Appeal Unsuccessful Origins
  3. GreyHound

    Hi GreyHound, Due to the Nature and timeframe of your ban, I will not be unbanning you. Appeal Unsuccessful Origins
  4. Zanji

    Hi Zanji, After reading your report, I will NOT be unbanning you. This is because the rules you broke are the kind you don't get unbanned from, such as racism and hate speech. Appeal Unsuccessful Origins
  5. Col.Bennett

    Topic Closed, assuming issue sorted.
  6. Col.Bennett

    Hi, Bennett you were banned for 1 day, and you should be unbanned, reply to this if you didn't. Origins
  7. midgetshooter

    Hey Duckling, sorry for the long time to respond. after giving it some thought, and also it has been 6 months. I am going to be unbanning you, however if you do get banned again, you will need to appeal after 1 year since the ban Appeal Successful Origins
  8. Carrier rigs are often ballistic nylon, Kevlar are usually used in stab vests Sent from my MotoG3 using a phone app that is really irritating because it constantly advertises itself.
  9. but also there are images, and 3d models in it also
  10. Well the Mod author has more knowledge on that, if it is rendered on a per hit basis, and the file is only 2mb, i'm not sure how deep the calculations could go.
  11. The calculations are done when the client is hit, therefore the load will be very low
  12. I am willing to test the mod with you guys and even the author may come this weekend to talk about. @V_Berlioz
  13. Furthermore, all it requires is someone to go and test the mod themselves, to see whether their suspicions are correct or not, for example; the SPC vests, if you are to shoot just below the bottom of the carrier, you'll have a bad day, compared if you were to shoot a couple of inches higher where you would hit the plate. Also if you were to hit in the gap below the armpit you are also going to have a bad day. so all in all the flaws of the carrier rigs, and areas where they do not cover are still vulnerabilities to you.
  14. The torso isn't encased in a "force field", as you still can experience pain, and penetrations. the mod enhances the armour, so that only certain calibres and types of bullets can pass through the vest. The plates only apply to the chest (front and back) and there are MC, more coverage plates, which are bigger and increase the chance for the bullet to hit the chest. Also with the reason of the mod not being updated, for crying out loud the mod author commented in this exact thread, and he is very active on the steam page, and is very open to suggestions. Also The Vests (carriers) are only ballistic Nylon/Kevlar, meaning any rifle round will go through like butter. The plates are steel, ceramics, composites, or all three, and they will resist the bullets to an extent of the capabilities of the material. The vests from all the mods and vanilla, act like they are only there to stop pistol rounds, and even that they will go through. Also back to "Force Field", you can still get shot in the sides and take critical damage. Furthermore, the mod removes the inconsistencies from arma armour system, as if you have a systemic damage model and to finally point out, they are not vests, they simply add plates to the inventory, which stop bullets. which they do in real life. and if you guys don't want a more realistic experience, of dying to rifle round into your chest rig after rng rolled against you, then be my guest.
  15. Sure after one or two rounds, you really should get some medical help if needed. or pull yourself out. but the plate will still work to an extent