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  1. Hi Ronin, After reviewing your report, I'm going unban you. Seeing as you were truthful. One condition is that you check your fire. Ban Appeal Successful Origins Sent from my MotoG3 using a phone app that is really irritating because it constantly advertises itself.
  2. action required

    Hi Juuonsee, If you don't like our rules here at Ahoyworld, you are welcome to go else where in the Arma Community. Oh and the Ban is permanent, and with this repost the chances of getting unbanned later down the line are slim. Origins
  3. Hi Juuonsee Here at Ahoy World we don't tolerate any forms of Racism/Hate speech, regardless of its context. In addition to the ban itself, you were banned today, therefore i will also no be unbanning you for that reason also. Ban Appeal Unsuccessful Origins
  4. Hi EclipseDevil, Due to the nature of your ban and the time in which you have appealed you ban, i will not be removing your ban. you can re appeal your ban in the future. If i were you i would wait a few months Appeal Unsuccessful Origins
  5. action required

    Hi, As you're showing that you are not proud of using clickers and using cheat engine to *beat* them, i'll go ahead and unban you Ban Appeal Successful Origins
  6. Hi, Sgt.R.Brown After reviewing the report under your name to why you were banned, I will not be unbanning you, this is down to that we operate a strict no advertising policy on the servers. In addition to the fact you failed to listen to admins who gave you warnings not to post your ts address. Ban appeal unsuccessful Origins Sent from my MotoG3 using a phone app that is really irritating because it constantly advertises itself.
  7. Hi, Aviv After reviewing the report you have from one of our admins, it is a temporary ban, of 2 months. I find this a suitable length of time for your comments, and i will not be lifting the ban before 04/06/2017. Ban Appeal Unsuccessful Origins
  8. pending review

    Hi Breaded Chicken, After Reviewing the ban report under your name, I won't be unbanning you, the reason why this is, is that you were using vulgar language towards an admin, and insulting them also. Ban Appeal Denied Origins
  9. Participated in old war stories
  10. nah... myself, Copey and Adshield have done it on occasion
  11. Pass round the Port, may she rest in peace
  12. Tell me your best joke to get the key. Rules; No Dark Humour and must be SFW (Safe for Work). Winner will be announced 13/5/17 @ 15:00 GMT WINNER IS BloodintheSand
  13. Hi, Edd I am going to be unbanning you, as a significant amount of time has passed since you were banned. But I were you i would read through the rules, and also make sure you identify your friendlies next time. however I see you get banned again, i won't be so lenient. Appeal Successful Origins
  14. Hi, Vlad could you send me your TS UID please Origins
  15. I'm having a look now, this may take some time. bare with me on this.