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  1. 17-12-2017 Meeting

    Added a question form to the post.
  2. DeadRusH_

    Hi DeadRusH_ , Irrespective of where you meant to say it on Discord or in chat on our server. you will remain banned as you broke our rules and you have the right to appeal after 6 months. Appeal Unsuccessful Origins
  3. Can we get to the topic of feedback regarding stiletto and nothing else.
  4. ahowyworld this is tecHunt message over

    Hey tecHunt, great to see you on the forums, we had a good laugh on AWE the other day, and hope to see you back on Origins
  5. When The Pilot Jettisons The Rotter Blades

    safer for the guys when rappelling (sudden movements kill them all)... well not in this case
  6. When The Pilot Jettisons The Rotter Blades

    for the record. z was pressed instead of windows key.
  7. I mean for the loadout system on the mission
  8. maybe, when logi is enabled. arsenal in FOB's disabled? also, the F/A 18e is broken with the current system, due to the inability to use the GPS system to target on the map. don't know if this is due to ace or something else. Basically the JSOW and SLAM, and a few others are pointless
  9. also, many many AI are "bugged" they don't move, can't kill or be killed, nor deleted or moved via zeus (via karate, i don't have access to Zeus) and Atools
  10. Cache's are spawning in the zones, what so ever, and it is consistent couldn't find in that area
  11. Jinx

    closing the appeal, due to no response from the player.
  12. Stekhet-Koskit

    Hey Stekhet-Koskit , Here at Ahoyworld we operate a no tolerence policy towards racism and hate speech. Due to this i will not be unbanning you. Appeal Unsuccessful Origins
  13. JulianWilliams

    Hey Julian, since you were banned in September, and the ban was permanent, we operate a 6 month period where you cannot appeal the ban within those 6 months since your ban. So come back to us in march and I'll review it again. Appeal Unsuccessful Origins
  14. WingedHussar

    hey WingedHussar, I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, and unban you. Appeal Successful Origins
  15. denied Advanced Armour Plate Mod

    Plate durability is in the works, if you check the steam page, you'll see up coming works Sent from my MotoG3 using a phone app that is really irritating because it constantly advertises itself.