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  1. i recomend having team leaders and engineers (and if they are ok with the risk) having regular infantery search the bodys but if a trap is found call either the eod or a engi over to deal with it (also establish a protocol where the medic is at some distance form the rest of the guys just in case somthing hapens, and call out over the radio if somthing is cooking). also one of the safest taktics is to have A boddy team search the bodys at the same time so both have time to escape if they find somthing they dont like. note that 78% (not offical numbers) of the time you wil not set it off. edit note that checking trucks and cars is a difrent story there its recomended to have either the enginer or the eod checking it the trucks have a high chanse of going wrong in a catasropic manner also this is all from my personal opservation
  2. AWE Training Polls

    also we might need to consider adding a comms training session. most of the training currently done is in the field where quality may vary also eny eta for training?
  3. the Metal Detector is not the best mine detedtor but it works remember to conect the head phones and have it activated. i personaly use both i primeraly use the ace one to detect the mine and then i use the Metal Detector as a backup tool incase i have to runn in to a car ( where it takes some time to activate the regular one) or if i runn out of battery. also the Metal Detector makes a swish witch you can bearly heare. but it also detects exblosives that have bin deactivated if you want me to i can arrange for a training run for you where you can practise eod ing in a some what less stress full enviorment wen i get back btw got to say i hate the new minedetector from the laws of war looks like its abaut to make things to easy edit ITS CALLED A SAFETY STICK !!!!!
  4. a trow back to the good old days on alrayak http://imgur.com/a/NILj7 and what i consider to be a fiting theme for that time on eu3
  5. not able to attend but can you host somthing like this next week? (sent from my crap top at a unknown position somewhere in tr√łnderlag)
  6. New DLC 'Laws of War'

  7. we removed most of the opfor uniforms during the last major update on eu 3. so that might be why you see sutch non fiting out fits on some of the opfor
  8. what dues the new color codes on the towns on stelleto mean? (sony pointed it our for me) also i think that intel is too few and far betwen (in this version). and there are to meny armed enemies at the start of the game, like a regular foot patrole becomes a combat partrole insted ( there migth be some discrepancies in this findings due to unknown civilan catualties) also a shift in mindset for squad leaders and infatery alike is necessary in my opinion edit there are way to meny areas on the map that are in red/ black collor witch might explane the hevy enemy presence in moste of the missions edit 2 is there a reason that the new squad creation system requies 3 caracters for the call sign? also the eod spsialist can not be selected in the squad creation menu. also call sing for the costume group is not working properly the call sign i used was EOD and it appeard as CST
  9. did you start ts in admin mode?
  10. @Mouldy and unknown player moments before the crash
  11. where did he go?

  12. MEDIC this guy is spazing out

  13. bug on guantlet 54_122 kerama defend town mission no enemys spawned or did not make it to the objective http://imgur.com/a/QbaMM also when i tried to join as platco to skip the mission i was unable to access the whiteboard there was already a squad leader on but he was far away in the field when we tried to skip it
  14. just wanted to note that at some point (i think it was last week) me and moldy did some testing on fast roping and we concluded with it been bugged. we got stuck on the rope just below the fuselage and in 1 case i got sucked in to the engine of the chinook that we used for testing (this bug applies for all helicopters that uses fast rope) i recommend avoiding the use of fast rope until the opposite is proven