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  1. missions on the gorgona disarm nuke misson I arived on the nuke and started the disarmament process by pressing the spacebar and by the end of the seid process it was not disarmed and I was unable to disarm it agein but some one else was stil able to disarm it so after he did it we decided to chuck ot down a cliff and hope the nuke did not kill us ( wich it did ) after that it said that stelleto had failed and server restarted
  2. i recomend stil letting the engineer and the medic have the android so we dont have eny miss marking wen it comes to ieds and casualty collection points
  3. as long as it does not have a chance to break or cause any other issues i am all for it
  4. RDS civilian pack it adds civilian assets from arma 2 to arma 3 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=612930542 it wil make the server more immersive and it wil brake things up so its not the same old urals and random (new) offroads scattered across the map. also the new civilian (uniforms) wil make zeus scenarios more immersive + that the civilians won't look like tourists that have bean copy pasted. the cars have a proper damage model compeard to cup
  5. until we have a working training program atm most training is done in the field and this change wil hamper training done on server. btw the eod slot can still be accessed by the command menu what about adding all of the explosives to that slot so it could be used as a training slot
  6. MRAP Driver of the year

    at the least i managed to un flip it
  7. just downloaded ant tested the new rhs oppdate it seams like some of the russian equipment (helmets in particular) are bugged can you confirme the problem or is it only on my side. the helmets affected are the 6b26 down to6b28 flora (filter used was sorted by mod) oppdate dirsegard this post just redownloaded it and it works fine now
  8. just tossing this in here sence there was no urban combat training last evening
  9. may i request that we get a crash course for those that are not familiar with how to breach a building and engage in close quarters combat.(just to lower the poteintial for tking) aslo i might need a refresh of it sence the last time i had a proper course in cqc was wen @J0hnson and @Minipily was training us for the milsim thing that stalled back in the day. but it was a grate course. may be the AWE training committee @Amentes @BloodInTheSand can make somthing work.
  10. OP Poseidon: T-72 Taming

    i chased that that tank for a good 2 min before that hapend if you had just stood still and accepted your faith this would have been so much easier also that is what hapens wen i loose contact with my sl and i know we have 0 at left on our side of the compund and i have some super glue and a demmo charge . and on the + side i got to practise my cqc anti tank tactics
  11. shhhh


  13. AWE cv landing