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  1. Mic Drop Thread

    thanks for a grate time on eu3. i am gone for now good bye
  2. just rann this settup for this evening and it worked like a charm. we had 3 guys in asl and 4 in A1 and it worked coridnation was good the weapons spec was always within shuting distance +it was a pleasent experiance squad leading. GG and good evening
  3. Lost Station

    give me a crate of mines and no one wil get to the ojective
  4. approved Specialist Military Arms

    to be honest i think there are to meny duplicat weapons in SMA. and i wuld rather go for NIarms due to the PNP nature of it. but thats just my 2 øre
  5. ACE mine detector is bugged its making vannila nosies
  6. i think this approach is rather lopsided when it comes to how the teams are gone be used. So I suggest that you instead have a squad setup like this. ASL Alpha squad lead Intel operative Weapons specialist (allow him to use bolt-action rifles and mawws and mortars) And a weapons assistant And let A1/2 remain the way they where. TL AR ENGI LAT MEDIC This will make the squad balanced so the alpha teams can be used interchangeably instead of the current system where one team is extremely heavy on AT and the odder team has the only engineer. PS. + that the squad leader has better control on the heavy weapons players and dispatch them accordingly
  7. The chinese comisar

  8. i have a few ideas on how to fix the FSG problem IDEA 1 lock fsg until alpha is full and make a rule that if there are to be FSG before there is a full alpha there needs to be ASL and ADMIN approval (the admin is there to make Shure that FSG does not snake their way around ASL,s orders) like the time when asl told FSG to go alpha and they decided to respawn after the ao to slot back op to FSG without approval and then slowed down the planning and deployment process to the point where ASL left due to him not wanting to deal with them anymore. IDEA 2 remove FSG and replace the marksman and the rifle man with a weapons specialist and a assistant IDEA 3 remove FSG and give every one a M72 IDEA 4 remove FSG and restructure the entire squad system in a way that the FSG gruppe gets integrated in to the alpha teams PS this is how i usealy react to seen fsg bean filled with out ASL,s aproval
  9. missions on the gorgona disarm nuke misson I arived on the nuke and started the disarmament process by pressing the spacebar and by the end of the seid process it was not disarmed and I was unable to disarm it agein but some one else was stil able to disarm it so after he did it we decided to chuck ot down a cliff and hope the nuke did not kill us ( wich it did ) after that it said that stelleto had failed and server restarted
  10. approved cTab Limitations Poll

    i recomend stil letting the engineer and the medic have the android so we dont have eny miss marking wen it comes to ieds and casualty collection points
  11. approved LAxemann's "Mount" Poll

    as long as it does not have a chance to break or cause any other issues i am all for it
  12. RDS civilian pack it adds civilian assets from arma 2 to arma 3 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=612930542 it wil make the server more immersive and it wil brake things up so its not the same old urals and random (new) offroads scattered across the map. also the new civilian (uniforms) wil make zeus scenarios more immersive + that the civilians won't look like tourists that have bean copy pasted. the cars have a proper damage model compeard to cup