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Community Update #6


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First of all, I want to apologise  for the lack of community updates - as the last one was in January. A part of the reason for this is we had sort of a "business as usual" period, where there wasn't really anything new to announce. But now since we've got the ball rolling a bit recently, I feeI we have a lot to share with you all.


I&A 4:

In terms of I&A 4, it is essentially feature locked - meaning we have added all of the new features that I&A 4 brings over the previous version. At this stage of the beta release, we are just optimising the mission so it is more streamlined and runs better, along with a few little bug fixes. Ryko has a has a busy period - hence the lack of beta tests. Currently he is on vacation (a very deserved one) in which he will return on the 27th July. Moreover, Contact DLC releases at the same time, which gives us the opportunity to fix things it may have broke before we roll out the next beta test. In short, we are into the final stretch and we just optimising the mission so it isn't a lagfest.


[EU2] Zeus Operations:

Last Sunday, we held the first mission of our Zeus Operations. These are missions created by Spartans and Moderators, that will run every Sunday. We are happy to report that feedback has been quite positive, and based on the feedback from the community we have implemented some changes, such as the addition of a Platoon Squad, which includes a Platoon Commander, a Forward Air Controller, a JTAC and a Medic. Moreover we have implemented a Fire team leader. Last but not least, we have fixed the command channel, which haunted us last week. We hope that these changes will help to improve teamwork and communication, and we want to remind you that your feedback is incredibly valuable in making this work.



There isn't as much to announce on the revival of AWE. It is a long and hefty process starting it from the ground up, and we have been plagued with back-end issues that has made the server inoperable. Moreover Contact is expected to break things, so we have that barrier to hurdle too. Nevertheless, we are trying our very best to power through it, and we are now moving on to internal mod testing, so we haven't ditched the Revival of AWE, it is just a long some process and there's many issues that we need to resolve before we will get a running version. But we are making progress.


Graphic Re-branding:

For those of you with a keen eye, may have noticed we have been doing some slight updates to old Graphics that we have had for a long time. We have done this as some elements were horribly outdated, and didn't look appealing at all. Some design elements that have been updated are; Twitch overlays, Twitter banners, and a new donation picture.



After a 2 year drought, we are now putting heavy influence back into our use of Twitch and YouTube. We will be live-streaming all of our EU2 Zeus operations on https://www.twitch.tv/ahoyworld and possibly even on our youtube channel, https://www.youtube.com/user/ahoyworld where we have posted recent highlights of last Sundays operation. Moreover we are looking for people to stream to our twitch, and supply content for our Youtube Channel. For more information please message @GhostDragon.


Dark  Mode Forum Theme:

We have now added a dark mode theme for the Forums. To use it scroll down to the bottom of the forums and click Theme > Night ModeCapture.PNG



Lastly I want to finish by thanking those who have donated to keep us afloat. Last October we were scheduled to close around January/February, due to a lack of funds. Due to the overwhelming generosity of our community, we are now able to sufficiently see ourselves through 2019. I want to encourage you all to keep up the donations, as this community entirely depends on your generosity to keep afloat. I would also like to thank all of you that have donated, as we certainty wouldn't of been here today if it wasn't for your beneficence. 


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4 hours ago, Xwatt said:


to put this as simple as I can, 2 servers running on the same port


Turn off the other server? If that's the only issue then surely it isn't too bad.


Not undermining anyone or anything, just not sure if AWE's situation is that complicated. ^^

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Yeah mini, Not that simple. Yes i can close the other server. But this will break it for when @kennychr comes back to redo the MSO and thats not fair. The main issues are the ports, and the ACE version that is coming out after the new DLC. There is no point in me starting setting things up just to have to redo them in another month. Its a waste of time. Plus if the server were to release by then it would have to come back down to fix issues. So we are waiting. 

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Last October we were scheduled to close around January/February, due to a lack of funds



This is completely incorrect, as there was 500 euro on a non-ahoy bank account kept for reserve, held by Mark, as he posted in one of the communitie updates.

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Last October we were scheduled to close around January/February, due to a lack of funds
This is completely incorrect, as there was 500 euro on a non-ahoy bank account kept for reserve, held by Mark, as he posted in one of the communitie updates.
Maybe so, but that was the last backup. And as core we agreed that if it came to that then we would have to cut back on servers and what we offer the community.

If you want to discuss specifics on the funds that's one thing. But we are a community and rely on the donations of said community. If we are relying on cushions from those in power all the time this is not how I see this community being run.

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