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  1. it was indeed when objectives/AI spawned in. Which is, considering the amount of these much different friendly units/squads was not a small count... was not that bad as in "my machine couldn't handle it" but was quite remarkable. it was not that horrible but it left a dent in my overall experience...
  2. I think the clean up script still needs some more tweaking. after finishing/fighting through objectives there's so much bodys (friendlies and hostile) and burned out vics around. at this point it's not the AI spawning in what gives me frame drops, it's the remains still laying around after a run for an objective that kills my frames. Another observation is that in general we need somewhat strong SL or TL leadership to go anywhere, which is a good thing imo. I hope SL's or TL's don't forget about the retreat and regroup we have to do sometimes, better lose some square inches of area then lose
  3. Thank you AW for another challenge, loved this one! 1. Ok, there is this medical thing where people got a "minor" head (only thing is: head is slightly yellow) injury and you can't do anything but watch them die after two minutes... 2. The weapon sway after a (minor) shot in the upper part of body is just too much. almost got motion sickness in the first 1 hour. even after stitching and everything - it won't stop. 3. Frame rate drops/lagging/desync made the mission almost unplayable sometimes. (believe me i'm used to have bad performance...) 4. After first respawn I lost random medica
  4. (DUI is included in the Frontline Modset - does not look like it's optional...) I hope the STUI is still allowed b/c for me the DUI never worked and i'm not going to restart Arma while joining GN and lose my slot...
  5. Just took a look at the modset for Borealis GN, seems like Blastcore, Enhanced Soundscape is included, does that mean these mods are mandatory for this OP?
  6. I don't think that's the case when you have "casual" lib players online. Everyone is happy if someone take that/these roles and we gladly follow and help any SL/TL or PC if the plan to the next obj makes even a little bit of sense and they are not the ones who leave the server first and unexpected.
  7. >randomly joining EU1 >almost all squads except the zeus mission one are locked >"The 2nd thing is pushing players to join squads" nope
  8. AW MVP 2020: @Stanhope AW Most Friendly Admin/Moderator/Spartan 2020: @LH5 AW Most Helpful Admin/Moderator/Spartan 2020: @Xwatt AW Most Active Staff Member 2020: @MidnightRunner AW Strictest Staff Member 2020: tba AW Best Team Player 2020: @Bomer AW Most Helpful Member *Non Staff* 2020: @RiverWolf (for me at least...) AW Most Friendly Member 2020: @Mikael AW Tacti-cool member 2020: @Minipily AW Underrated Member 2020: @chicken_no6 AW Most Incoherent Member 2020: @RiverWolf AW DAAASSS BOOOOT 2020: no clue... (i mean i know what this means
  9. "All CHADS are required to have their vaccinations modset up to date prior to deployment." (reminder: please post modset asap)
  10. Player with the overall shortest time to KIA/respawn on any server. Player with the most damage to team members by backblast. Player with the longest time on (any) server while having the lowest kill ratio. Most swearing player. PLayer with the lowest/highest shouting/swearing to kill ratio. Most hard to understand mic input/line in player on AWE.
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