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  1. Tested the "not being able to close Arma / it takes an age to get back to the main menu"-thing today by joining my own server, a mission and the editor (oc with the same modset!). My observations as follows: while playing on AW's AWE server (no difference if playing a GN or Lib session): - "ESC" to abort the session -"Abort" -back to the lobby -clicking "Back" -server loading screen comes up, the window in the middle of the screen got no image, everything else resembles the normal server loading screen -this screen stays up for about 3-7 minutes -the ma
  2. Joined AWE LIB this evening. All squads full, so I joined Charlie. Someone told me to rejoin to Bravo. NP.... After joining Bravo my Radio kept switching to channel 1 every 2 minutes, so I had to make sure my channel is still set to 2 every other minute. Sorry for that. (even after "save loadout" with the channel selected and "save respawn loadout") I got KIA'd while being an element of Bravo. Messed up the respawn point only to redeploy at Bravo FOB. Respawned in front of Alpha Squad. Nobody noticed me (?) and so I got in the Vic with them only to be told (at the Alpha RV/Respawn and after
  3. Got the Idea from todays Arma 3 tweet. "Protect/Save an historical or world heritage site from getting destroyed by hostile forces". Could be a church, basilica, grave yard or such thing.
  4. AW MVP 2020: @Stanhope AW Most Friendly Admin/Moderator/Spartan 2020: @LH5 AW Most Helpful Admin/Moderator/Spartan 2020: @Xwatt AW Most Active Staff Member 2020: @MidnightRunner AW Strictest Staff Member 2020: tba AW Best Team Player 2020: @Bomer AW Most Helpful Member *Non Staff* 2020: @RiverWolf (for me at least...) AW Most Friendly Member 2020: @Mikael AW Tacti-cool member 2020: @Minipily AW Underrated Member 2020: @chicken_no6 AW Most Incoherent Member 2020: @RiverWolf AW DAAASSS BOOOOT 2020: no clue... (i mean i know what this means
  5. After receiving a passive agressive reminder to post that here: Althought I was told the following after putting it in discord/screenshots: [00:13] RiverWolf: That would be a broken Schubz [00:39] Shō Iwaizumi: Yeah the Inventory thing is broken [00:40] Midnight Runner: Fixed in next version, will be live Sunday
  6. "All CHADS are required to have their vaccinations modset up to date prior to deployment." (reminder: please post modset asap)
  7. Player with the overall shortest time to KIA/respawn on any server. Player with the most damage to team members by backblast. Player with the longest time on (any) server while having the lowest kill ratio. Most swearing player. PLayer with the lowest/highest shouting/swearing to kill ratio. Most hard to understand mic input/line in player on AWE.
  8. Well, here we go again... semi lockdown for Germany from next Monday on. Still at 75% salary, still working full time.
  9. Last time i played, respawned sometimes without the saved respawn loadout (naked, not even the standard loadout) . It's a bit of a hazzle when you respawn at a freshly established FOB with no arsenal around or even a mobile respawn and the respawn timer kicks in.
  10. Schubz


    'Ahlaan bik to another guy from Al Jazeera. Like Lindi said, check the Sub/Event forums for info to join us at AWE.
  11. Thank you all for joining and thereby creating that piece of gold. Exactly what players like me were expecting when joining AW(Enhanced). Everyone had an out of the ordinary experience today. Like we had with the Vietnam campaign... Bonding with team mates and such... to bring out the best of the SL/TL's and everyone else in the team. Keep it up, b/c that's what keeps the AW community great. A mission pretty balanced for all of us, the exerienced semi milsim dude, the nerdy loadout guy and the never advancing semi scrub who just wants to have fun with the boys guys they have bonded with the la
  12. 1. Do we have to disable TFAR plugin when using ACRE in TS? 2. What's the current version of the ACRE plugin for TS? 3. Or did it already just install the right version? 4. No problem when using the same ptt key for ACRE and TFAR?
  13. Schubz

    Hey guys!

    Hey Batman, did you follow the guide to install TFAR for AWE? If you did already, then please tell us what exactly your problem is with TS, so we are able to help you with installing/connecting. Please bear in mind that we are probably switching to ACRE anytime soon or later. Cheers!
  14. Hello my beloved brother Oleg! It is me, the little brother of you. I hope you are in good health and things are of greatness in Motherland Russia. Please tell mama and babushka that I‘m in good condition and I have a great time here in [УДАЛЕНО] with my comrades. I’m of writing to you in English because old friend Wanja told me that you learn the language of the spies as well as me. ха ха! We were ordered of taking part in an operation this [УДАЛЕНО]. All went some kind of well for our team of soldiers. This time we had of 4 or 5 foreign brothers in arms from the brother land of ne
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