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  1. This might be helpful aswell: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=192094335 Cya future AW Pilot!
  2. sorry guys, i thought i could join servers 24/7 the next weeks with you guys but today my boss told me i have to take care of all the freelancers who happend to be working with us... explain the situation to my co workers and work full time to be prepared for the time after that fan hitting shit... such things. it's complicated and i don't know the outcome for our facility that is education related and shit hitting us hard. hope we survive this situation and i certainly know we are not the only guys lost in that shit. stay save everybody! love you buddies! also picture of one of my co workers that i can't imagine to be abandoned by us during this...
  3. Tell your mom Karen that I love her anyways. There's no such thing like herd immunity for a (modded) virus that just popped up 4 months ago. Still not sure about you being sarcastic...
  4. Hey gurudoor, welcome to AhoyWorld! Best place to gid gud and learn a thing or two. Your introduction reads very similar to my own a year ago. You'll have fun!
  5. Schubz

    ACE Basic Handbook

    This is actually great, guys! Can imagine the work behind that... Thanks!
  6. Hey, although i'm not so happy with the addition of ACE to the Vietnam campaign, I will eventually accept voting results and give it a try. But please allow me one question: Why you'd like to bring ACE to the campaign? What's the benefit? I already watched the Twitch from last two sunday missions and i'm not sure about if I like what I saw or not. (regarding medical system) Cheers!
  7. I dare you to remove the sewer pipe from the arsenal! Please don't do it! I promise to behave this time at the end of the on server debriefing!
  8. I can plainly say that the sunday missions have been one of the best things I had in a while. So important for me that I planned the whole weekend around this event. Just to build up comradery with some nice guys and to overcome myself to be ready to fight through these missions was/is a great and beautiful experience. All the missions were great fun and immersive as hell. I am glad to have been a part of it. I understand your decision Xwatt. Thank you very much!
  9. Please bring back the RPG-42 Alamut. We're going with CSAT gear all the way anyways and we have a LAT slot. Most of the time the armoured target is lesser then 300 meters away. In all that missions i had only two opportunities to lock on a target. 80 percent of these missiles were fired (by me) on straight sight. Let me carry two PG-42V's and two TPG-42V's and i'm much more of a help to my unit. (would go for the Titan or PCML anyway if i notice there is no other AT in the group) And please consider to bring also back the red circle around the player when you search for your self on the map... it saves seconds that maybe saves lives....
  10. ooohh baby, can't wait to conquer your absent civilian population.
  11. Stan is right, as always. With everything. ("cash register machine ping sound playing") Still be prepared to meet a level 100 "shooting over the dry wall" semi boss inside... I show myself out. don't want to derail that thread. (it's my birthday, still got 5 minutes to midnight) CHEERS, guys! You!
  12. so that's why i was harassed by a jet saturday morning when i'm the last one player at EU1... yes i know i deserved it b/c i didn't let zeus get his well deserved sleep... (just what you get for "!Admin AFK check?" twice in a row half an hour earlier...) And yes, i second Scars recommendations. A bit more alternations in mission spawning and gameplay would be great.
  13. Welcome PiNKMiST! Hope you're near me whenever i'm going to die go down. Wish you a good time at the AW servers!
  14. Schubz

    When You're Out Of Ammo.

    There is a script at EU1 that spawns 20 hostiles in front of you at exact the moment when you get out of any ammo. Works great.
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