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  1. Well, here we go again... semi lockdown for Germany from next Monday on. Still at 75% salary, still working full time.
  2. Last time i played, respawned sometimes without the saved respawn loadout (naked, not even the standard loadout) . It's a bit of a hazzle when you respawn at a freshly established FOB with no arsenal around or even a mobile respawn and the respawn timer kicks in.
  3. Schubz


    'Ahlaan bik to another guy from Al Jazeera. Like Lindi said, check the Sub/Event forums for info to join us at AWE.
  4. Thank you all for joining and thereby creating that piece of gold. Exactly what players like me were expecting when joining AW(Enhanced). Everyone had an out of the ordinary experience today. Like we had with the Vietnam campaign... Bonding with team mates and such... to bring out the best of the SL/TL's and everyone else in the team. Keep it up, b/c that's what keeps the AW community great. A mission pretty balanced for all of us, the exerienced semi milsim dude, the nerdy loadout guy and the never advancing semi scrub who just wants to have fun with the boys guys they have bonded with the la
  5. 1. Do we have to disable TFAR plugin when using ACRE in TS? 2. What's the current version of the ACRE plugin for TS? 3. Or did it already just install the right version? 4. No problem when using the same ptt key for ACRE and TFAR?
  6. Schubz

    Hey guys!

    Hey Batman, did you follow the guide to install TFAR for AWE? If you did already, then please tell us what exactly your problem is with TS, so we are able to help you with installing/connecting. Please bear in mind that we are probably switching to ACRE anytime soon or later. Cheers!
  7. Hello my beloved brother Oleg! It is me, the little brother of you. I hope you are in good health and things are of greatness in Motherland Russia. Please tell mama and babushka that I‘m in good condition and I have a great time here in [УДАЛЕНО] with my comrades. I’m of writing to you in English because old friend Wanja told me that you learn the language of the spies as well as me. ха ха! We were ordered of taking part in an operation this [УДАЛЕНО]. All went some kind of well for our team of soldiers. This time we had of 4 or 5 foreign brothers in arms from the brother land of ne
  8. 1. Radio gear got issues mid session (i guess after player going down). Frequencies all messed up (the one without display). Even after grabbing a new one from the arsenal, the frequencies/channels were all messed up. (solution is to get the beige one with the display and set channels/frequencies manually) 2. Enemies going prone after shooting at them and stop firing back/noticing thread (even if you're very close to them), so it's really hard to tell if there down/dead or just laying on the ground mid combat. 3. Sometimes enemies sneaking up close to walls/barriers and start shooting thr
  9. How about starting Sunday OP at 17.30 instead of 16.30 UTC?
  10. Was watching and lazing an HQ for arty strike and to mark the target for my TL (at night - NV on). After around 2-3 minutes in to the range finder the fog density got to a point where i didn't see the target at all. Was around 500 meters from my position so distance settings got nothing to do with it, i guess. (fog density slowly increasing while watching a target through designator/rangefinder over time at night) FPS barely playable at around 22.00 to 23.00 UTC yesterday. (was not the only one who noticed that). That said, I enjoy every minute of Liberation so far. Thanks for that!
  11. Schubz


    Hey Pukamafin, brings me to a smile everytime i see you as a pilot (because i know we get good transport now). Good to see you here.
  12. that's right. siege sent me a dm with the possible lines the subject gonna be shouting... i see the problem very clear now. i'm an atheist btw... don't get me wrong here. thanks for the info anyway.
  13. I'm curious now. What do they say while they blow up? And how is "God is great" not appropriate? Tempted to close this post with "/s" but nope.
  14. I think i'm the one bleeding out in the foreground...
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