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  1. Lower the settings and your spikes should be gone
  2. @Ryko according to Arma 3 lore, Kavala used to be the capital city until Colonel Akhanteros and the AAF took over in 2026 and made Pyrgos the new capital.
  3. Don't mind me, I was just trying to express how I feel about the situation. It doesn't necessarily make too much sense. It just doesn't feel and sound like the Invade & Annex I know anymore. What I forgot to mention in my original post is that I really like that one can now play a different faction than just NATO everytime. The downside here of course is that the gear is restricted to the current faction, but I think that's an appropriate tradeoff.
  4. This is exactly my opinion on the matter as well. I really shouldn't be talking because I have never played I & A 4 further than the point at which I was first asked to select my role through an ingame custom menu. But what the hell. The point is that with I & A 4 you've merged Invade & Annex with a (reward) point system somewhat similar to that of other Arma 3 gamemodes (e.g. Exile, Life, KotH) and elements from EU#3 and the result appears to me like something that cannot convey the I & A spirit and feeling that I am used to. Over the years, Invade & Annex has developed its own sort of... culture, spirit, concept, way and character. When I connect to EU#1, I'm looking for that experience exclusive to, well, the AhoyWorld EU#1 server. It's easily accessible to all players, with only lightly restricted freedom and (thus) ordered chaos. Arma is a huge sandbox and I & A preserves some of that sandbox even during the live mission, especially with Zeus. On EU#1, you can do whatever you want. The only restrictions are the arsenal restrictions (to provide some basic form of sense and immersion) and the very loose rules designed to preserve that freedom to play any way you want to for all players equally. Like I said, it's a big sandbox. You can crashland your helicopter and suddenly half the server joins forces for a rescue effort against the evil Zeus. Unlikely, but entirely possible. Or you can just blow the bird up and respawn. Which is technically against the rules, but in more than 90% of cases nobody is going to care. That is the amazing and unique potential I & A offers. Something new, change and innovation are necessary and should not be stopped by people like me, but, in my opinion, some details of the I & A 4 concept seem more like proofs of concept, technical gimmick and showing what can be done. There sure are missions where all these things would be very cool, but as for Invade & Annex, I am afraid that these changes restrict the ease of access and the freedom I & A offers, even though they should actually only add to it. That's why I am not happy with what's being developed here and why I don't want to support it.
  5. ansin11

    Community Update #5

    Nearly white text
  6. I didn't choose the names, BIS did. The carrier is named USS Freedom and the Liberty class ships have the following selection of hull names (textures) available for their customization: Liberty (a3\boat_f_destroyer\destroyer_01\data\destroyer_01_tag_01_co.paa) Virtuous (a3\boat_f_destroyer\destroyer_01\data\destroyer_01_tag_02_co.paa) Constitution (a3\boat_f_destroyer\destroyer_01\data\destroyer_01_tag_03_co.paa) Valor (a3\boat_f_destroyer\destroyer_01\data\destroyer_01_tag_04_co.paa) Glory (a3\boat_f_destroyer\destroyer_01\data\destroyer_01_tag_05_co.paa) Democracy (a3\boat_f_destroyer\destroyer_01\data\destroyer_01_tag_06_co.paa) Micdonals (a3\boat_f_destroyer\destroyer_01\data\destroyer_01_tag_07_co.paa) The DDGs can have (almost) any three-digit hull number assigned and fly any flag texture from the game files, but unless you make your own texture, your ship can only have one of those names (or none). Long story short, my choice was limited I'm glad you like it though!
  7. Since it would be very rude to ignore such a generous offer, here is the USS Democracy (DDG-136) launching a Venator cruise missile using its Mk41 Vertical Launch System. In the background: USS Liberty (DDG-131), typeship of the Liberty class, also launching a Venator, and DDG-137 USS Micdonals. Does this picture summarize my Arma 3 experience in 2018? Let's see... Was it created in the editor using only vanilla assets? - Does it use scripts? - Did it take a ridiculous amount of time? - (three hours) Will it never see the light of the Steam Workshop? - Did I enjoy this? - Yup, defenitely my Arma 3 experience.
  8. Dust animation for vehicles I think. As Stan said, most are not our fault, plus, in my experience, script errors usually won't decrease performance in Arma missions unless they create an infinite loop or something of that kind.
  9. A server activated trigger to call a script? Stan already hates you. Please extrapolate on how you integrated it
  10. Isn't this how you like it @TheScar?
  11. Well then just either delete or rename [...]\Functions\SeatRestrictions\fn_restrictedAircraftSeatsCheck.sqf or remove class restrictedAircraftSeatsCheck {}; from [...]\Functions\cfgfunctions.hpp and have a look where the now undefined function generates errors. Isn't this the obvious way to go when removing something?
  12. Because I & A is not a clean, organized enterprise project. We're not using version control and we ignore a lot of software engineering standards. We should probably change that. But then again I have no idea how they did it in I & A 4 and how far they are with it, so maybe we are doing it by now. As for AW_fnc_restrictedAircraftSeatsCheck, it (should) only be added to the two Event Handlers Stan already mentioned, so if you removed those two lines, you should be fine. Did you save your changes and restart the test run? The GetInMan and SeatSwitchedMan Event Handlers stick to their unit even after respawn.
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