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  1. In fact, when I think about it, it's not just the issue of slightly overloading the RTO's ears - that can be handled, I believe we were really missing that PlatCo tonight. ASL was mostly concerned with pressing tactical questions, issues and communication, so naturally that strategic role he had to fulfill on top of keeping A-1 and A-2 coordinated fell short and everything became more chaotic compared to last week. You see, I had Alpha Lead group on one ear and Vortex, Angel and Reaper on the other and even though I stayed out of the action and heard all radio communications within Alpha I had what can only be described as a very rough idea of what was going on and what the next planned step was. Now if it's only the RTO, that's not too big of an issue, because the RTO doesn't make decisions, but I'm pretty sure that ASL was far busier than me while also trying to plan ahead. This overstrained command element took a big toll on CAS: neither ASL nor RTO had confirmed knowledge wether OPFOR AAA current status was "dealt with" or "being dealt with", leading to CAS being called in while AA was still up twice. What I'm saying is: show more love for PlatCo, because when we have one, ASL can focus on fighting, managing his teams and passing important information up the chain of command instead of also having to process it and react to it. Leave the tactical workload with ASL and ATLs and the strategic workload with PlatCo. It's better for all of us, even if we only have one squad on the ground.
  2. Being RTO is a lot more stressful when attached to Alpha (Actual), there's much less radio chatter (and more combat capability / situational awareness) when working with a dedicated Platoon Squad.
  3. I have actually played I & A 4 since posting that comment on february 8th. With that extremely relevant conflict solved and out of the way I'd like to point at a far more interesting question: Did I simply forget or never notice or were there no public polls and discussions on the community's hopes, wishes and expectations for I & A 4?
  4. I had my suspicions last week so I did some testing. As far as I know and as far as my testing established, DAGRs do not feature LOAL. The WY-55 Hellcat does not have a laser spot sensor, the helicopter can't lock onto laser spots. The sensor suite can of course display laser spots uploaded to the data link (if the Hellcat has data link reception activated), but this doesn't influence the lock-on mechanic of DAGRs on the Hellcat: The missile itself needs to be pointed directly at the laser spot in order to lock onto it. And, even then, no LOAL, as far as I could see. This makes DAGRs on Hellcats more or less unguided, confusing pilots who try to lock onto or fire at a laser with their supposedly guided rockets. Add a MANPADS to the mix and that Hellcat goes down like the first one last week. Don't give the Hellcat guided munitions.
  5. Steampunk 2035: Armoured Towns of Malden
  6. @applechaser: I'll have you know that our three man Bravo squad was very much combat effective! @Xwatt: Too many autoriflemen if you ask me. I suggest: SL Medic TL Marksman Repair Specialist or Explosives Specialist AA/AT TL Autorifleman Rifleman LAT Actual team composition will always be changed by the SL anyways, depending on the current situation and plan (e.g. overwatch team and assault team).
  7. I suggest keeping it as basic as possible. One marksman, one autorifleman, one AT/AA, one LAT, one medic, one or maybe two grenadiers per squad. No assistant roles. Maybe split the engineer role into a repair specialist for the one squad and an explosives specialist for the other squad. If there are too many slots and too few basic, alround roles, just put a few riflemen in. My experience over the past two weeks was that though Bravo did sometimes have a TL, the players just acted as normal riflemen, appareantly mostly due to being inexperienced (also because Bravo was too small to be split into real fireteams), so there seems to be a market for that simple role.
  8. @Gambit: I can't help but die when Vortex explodes with me sitting in the passenger compartment ... It seems to me that we have different views on how gear is supposed to be provided. The way I understand @Xwatt, he removed the Arsenal to be able to costumize what's available at base without having to edit the very unwieldy hardcoded .sqf files that handle the Arsenal limitations. This seems consistent with the public approach to these Zeus missions, seeing how our limited supplies included 20 rangefinders but 0 binoculars as well as an endless amount of Mohawks. @Xwatt: Adding a "Save" option to the map settings would allow people to save in the field, something I don't think we want. I'd say just put an addAction on the equipment box in base.
  9. My routine for the last two sundays (Bravo Autorifleman) was: Remove NVG Remove laser from Mk200 Take sidearm Remove all spare magazines for that sidearm from my inventory again Remove two blue smoke grenades Take two white smoke grenades Take backpack Put a third spare belt for the Mk200 into the backpack Take binoculars or variation thereof On every single respawn. I don't see the gameplay value in that. I don't mind getting my kit from a limited supply box. None of my gear is special or rare; the only things I looted the past two weeks are FAKs and grenades. But I do mind going through the same tedious process of combining the provided basic items into the gear I want to use every time I die. Plus Arma's boxes don't come with the nice item categories the Arsenal has, so there is always a bit of searching involved. And then I have to call Overlord mid-mission because there are no 6.5 mm 200 round belts left at base. All I'm hoping for is to be able to get my stuff from the box, hit "Save" somewhere, go out and fight, then die, then hit "Load" and be reset to the loadout I put together in the beginning.
  10. Please provide the option to save one's loadout at base so we can simply load it after respawn. The Arsenal is not needed for that.
  11. Alpha worked very well tonight, especially during the first assault on the Vehicle Pool. Being able to focus on command chat and FSG while @Jenkins coordinated a beautiful attack with his team was a really nice experience - my favourite part of the mission! After that it all became more chaotic of course, but in the end it defenitely was a good OP. Enemy CAS was a bit much though. Big shoutout to @Jenkins for his teamleading! Also to @Kacper for his frequent medical aid ...
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    (mission failed, we'll get 'em next time)
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