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  1. If both of these screenshots are from scripts/client/build/do_build.sqf then those lines are not in the AW_Liberation_v0_8_2.altis.pbo, at least not in the one on my machine.
  2. From setVehicleRadar documentation: Chances are that the AI emission control is set to automatic by default when spawning the radar.
  3. I vote in favor of the MIM-145. Player numbers are mostly low, so its nice to not have to deal with constant air threats for once. The improved AI and the reinforcements are already challenging enough when there's only one player squad, few pilots and limited assets.
  4. ACE View Distance should probably be turned off. Currently, the server overrides the client and enables it. I have ACE VD off (because I don't want it in singleplayer) and rely on the server to override that setting during gamenights. Liberation and its minimum FPS feature worked fine during the opening days, but for a couple of days now, I have been getting 15 FPS on the ground (despite 40 server FPS). At the same time, the GREUH VD, recognizing that my FPS are below my set threshold of 30, reduces the view distance all the way down to the minimum value Arma 3 allows for. After reading some of the relevant code, my guess is that ACE VD and GREUH VD are conflicting. I assume that the server was set up with ACE VD off initially and that that setting was then enabled for a gamenight and not disabled again after.
  5. You having a high download bandwidth does not mean that every server (along the chain of servers that make up your route to the AW EU#X server) will also upload to you with the same high bandwidth - far from it: Very few services will push your downstream bandwidth to the limit, as only some, for example Steam, need to do this and have the infrastructure and upload bandwidth for it. The AW EU#X server you are downloading a mission file from is mostly busy running a live game, so chances are that sending the mission file to your client is more of a background task. The machine hosting AW EU#X might also be hosting AW EU#Y at the same time, tightening bottlenecks (such as available bandwidth per client) even further. A myriad of factors play into this, and sometimes, you might just have bad luck with your timing, routing or the server's workload.
  6. Can the CHADS insignia be incorporated?
  7. @SiegeSix don't worry, I don't think @Gambit (or anyone else) did a poor job. I'm just trying to give @MidnightRunner a good idea of what I personally believe would make these PMC OPs more enjoyable - hoping that he may find some of my input useful.
  8. Edit: Read this comment as an extension of my previous comment. Once the objectives are distributed among teams the command net should become cleaner all by itself because every team is mobile on itself and movement and attacks no longer need to be coordinated with other units. Example: Alpha's task is to pick up a VIP at point A and provide him with safe passage to point B. At the same time, Bravo and Charlie are working together on a different objective. PC can now leave the execution of the assigned tasks up to the corresponding team(s) and take on the role of a dispatcher, organising reinforcements and reinserts, collecting status updates and passing on intel from the ISR Operator. At that point you could change comms if you wanted: You could split the command channel, leaving Alpha and Vortex on 30 (because Vortex needs to be somewhere, not because they are working together) and moving Bravo and Charlie to 31. The units on 30 now don't interfere with Bravo and Charlie coordinating their combined efforts and Bravo and Charlie in turn don't need to ignore calls related to a mission they are far away from. You could leave command channel on 30. Bravo and Charlie merge to one SR channel and can now talk about their objective as much as they like and neither Alpha nor PC need to hear (and wait for the call to finish) that Charlie is moving to flank the enemy on the north-eastern side of town. Communication within the team (at least the one I was in) was easy and largely happened without radios. Watching @Norris's video shows me that the command channel and the map were flooded because @Gambit was forced to coordinate three helicopters and five (or six?) fireteams in what essentially became three consecutive assaults on enemy positions, a task that is evidently not well suited to four man teams and also a task that I personally would not expect in a PMC campaign. So, if @MidnightRunner is willing to adjust the objectives and the setting, then the player in PC is able to (and should) leave the approach to each task up to the assigned team(s). And then, in turn, four man teams with limited access to specialist roles may well turn out to be a lot of fun and very effective.
  9. Right, feedback. Comms, Chaos & Coordination: That was just bad luck. Nobody could have predicted that this mission would attract so many players. Team Size: So in my unpopular opinion, teams of four work well for this PMC setting. It felt nice and cozy in Alpha, communication was far better than it is in the big squads and breaching / CQC was organized, which, despite the best efforts of many during previous OPs, is usually not the case. Not having a medic / autorifleman / engineer on every team also seemed perfectly fine. It was just that the approach to the OP and the setup of the OP itself was not quite right for four man teams. Mobility: Too much. For a map of this size, there were too many air assets. My suggestion or my approach if I had to repeat this OP: Trim Vortex down to one pilot for reinserts and resupply. Keep the four man teams. No CLS team, no FAC. Make the mission ground / vehicle based (with one vehicle per team). Add more environment. Civilians, maybe a friendly or neutral road block, some (armed) third parties, some interaction with locals, just some things to keep players engaged and on edge before any firefights start. Split the playerbase across several simultaneous theaters and tasks once the number of players allows for it. Faced with only a handful of poorly equipped opponents at a time a four man team will be just fine completing an objective on their own. This would slow the mission down (reducing chaos) and allow for some cool teamwork while also increasing the amount of action / entertainment every individual team has. For example, Alpha and Bravo might be operating together, complementing each other's capabilites (specialist roles) to complete one objective. In the meantime, Charlie and Delta are in a different town, completing a different objective, surrounded by civilians just going about their daily lives - until the CHADS get ambushed. They are now in a lengthy firefight with insurgents throughout the town while scrambling to complete their objective. No support - just guns and bandages. Make the OP less of an open war with constant fighting and more of an unstable neutral environment. There's no need for constant fighting to keep the players entertained, just force them to keep eyes all around them expecting to be shot any second. Give them some hairy situations like a blocked road in a built-up area and everybody will be sweating profoundly just because two locals had a car crash. Remove military assets such as CAS helicopters, instead let the CHADS rely on their beards, improvisation and a piece of hightech equipment or two (for example the 'satellite'). After all, CHADS is a for-profit PMC not the USSOCOM with a billion dollar budget. Adjust the objectives accordingly: The CHADS are there to make money, not win the war. Your company needs to move several petabytes worth of data from A to B? No problem, CHADS got you covered. Personal protection or security? Yep, we got it. Cash in on a bounty? Sure, why not, we've got a convoy in the area. Your business has lost a valuable asset of questionable legality in a contested region? We can help you search, just pay the price. That's the kind of setting I personally would expect from a PMC OP. Today's mission seemed more like a poorly coordinated special forces raid. Unfortunately this is probably too much workload for a single Zeus, I do realise that. But feedback is feedback.
  10. I didn't play around with it any further, but this works as I think you want it to work: chemlight attachTo [player, [0, 0, 0.05], "leftshoulder"]; Then all that's left to do is rotating the chemlight to the intended orientation.
  11. In fact, when I think about it, it's not just the issue of slightly overloading the RTO's ears - that can be handled, I believe we were really missing that PlatCo tonight. ASL was mostly concerned with pressing tactical questions, issues and communication, so naturally that strategic role he had to fulfill on top of keeping A-1 and A-2 coordinated fell short and everything became more chaotic compared to last week. You see, I had Alpha Lead group on one ear and Vortex, Angel and Reaper on the other and even though I stayed out of the action and heard all radio communications within Alpha I had what can only be described as a very rough idea of what was going on and what the next planned step was. Now if it's only the RTO, that's not too big of an issue, because the RTO doesn't make decisions, but I'm pretty sure that ASL was far busier than me while also trying to plan ahead. This overstrained command element took a big toll on CAS: neither ASL nor RTO had confirmed knowledge wether OPFOR AAA current status was "dealt with" or "being dealt with", leading to CAS being called in while AA was still up twice. What I'm saying is: show more love for PlatCo, because when we have one, ASL can focus on fighting, managing his teams and passing important information up the chain of command instead of also having to process it and react to it. Leave the tactical workload with ASL and ATLs and the strategic workload with PlatCo. It's better for all of us, even if we only have one squad on the ground.
  12. Being RTO is a lot more stressful when attached to Alpha (Actual), there's much less radio chatter (and more combat capability / situational awareness) when working with a dedicated Platoon Squad.
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