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  1. A new Base

    Can I have the file for some testing?
  2. A new Base

    Helicopter doors *cough cough*
  3. A new Base

    @Eagle-Eye The use of triggers and loops is strongly discouraged by the development team for the sake of server performance.
  4. A new Base

    RIP MROTs on the helipads
  5. A few ideas and more

    Alright then
  6. A few ideas and more

    Yea that's how mines work. They kill you because you didn't pay attention. this addItemToBackpack "MineDetector"; It might be possible, since I didn't put any testing to this, that one unit per group is sufficient. If you allow me to run one instance of code per group (or even if necessary unit) I can do that.
  7. A few ideas and more

    The carrier is a landmark object, if it were a simple object you couldn't use the catapults and doors. But those seven objects more or less on the server don't really influence performance, especially since they spawn there as part of the mission.sqm. Mines are actual objects, you can look at them. That is actually not true. Using the very very very simple setup shown below I can show that AI equipped with a minedetector can walk (in fact, since I forgot to change the waypoint speed, this brave man runs) through a randomly generated minefield (in this case APERS mines), avoiding mines placed along his path. What I have no experience with is BIS_fnc_taskPatrol, but it does have a blacklist parameter, allowing you to exclude certain areas from the randomly generated patrol route. I can also think of a script determining OPFOR unit distance from the minefield and placing an adjusted waypoint (using move or doMove) when the unit gets too close.
  8. A few ideas and more

    It does take expertise to rig a block of C4 in the right place for something to be effectively destroyed though. But yes, I would go with this. Why make them obvious though? Gotta watch your step, soldier.
  9. A few ideas and more

    Yes. This is the case for every role. If it doesn't get picked you don't get its benefits. Need transport? Get a pilot. Need AT? Get AT. Need CAS? Call Deathstar. Need something repaired? Call a repair specialist. Need something to explode? Call EOD.
  10. Whats your setup like?

    What are you talking about? The Arma I know takes all the RAM it wants, usually 5-9 GB.
  11. Swift Strike WIP CVN Night

    Screenshot of a WIP. I was told forum backgrounds are user submitted images...
  12. Swift Strike WIP CVN Dawn

    Screenshot of a WIP. I was told forum backgrounds are user submitted images...
  13. TK Penalty

    Hence why I said just don't do anything if it's a pilot. Good Lord please send help.
  14. TK Penalty

    Allow two teamkills and don't leave banning to a script lol. I never suggested that. Just kick them, show some hintC or move them into a random OPFOR AI, what do I know. What issues does an EventHandler have with derp revive? I also don't see why you wouldn't run such code simply because it cannot solve all cases. That would require some advanced AI and certainly nothing Arma commands / functions can perform. Of course people always find a way to do what they want to do, but if a script keeps somebody from TKing even one more player per day then running that script is worth it. I mean it's not like the script is gonna do the staff's job, it should just provide an automated response to certain events. And sure, if someone hops into a pilot slot just to TK that'll still be the exact same as if he did that in the current state of I&A.