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  1. That is why I've never been on EU3.
  2. Lies. You're aiming for me.
  3. There's no schedule, whenever it is deemed necessary. Usually every ~65 hours I would say.
  4. Marking sensible LZs

    AAA is when the fun starts.
  5. Next guide

    Oh boy...
  6. We need your ideas

    That is the case for most of Altis' ocean, but Tanoa for some reason has varying depth even at the generic offshore ocean distance from land and Malden and Stratis are something in between if I remember it right. This should not play any role though, since the vehicles float. I like the idea as it would make boats useful at last.
  7. One question!

    I am not sure what agents are, but they are mentioned in several object retrieval related commands, might be Arma 2 only though.
  8. One question!

    Don't run Arma 3 servers maybe? They do not seem to have collision with themselves or are drawn incorrectly, so I'm guessing you don't know about any way to retrieve their object?
  9. Next guide

    @Stanhope No, I can not remember seeing that legendary man fly a jet. Or anything else. But does he land without autohover?
  10. Next guide

    The side chat. You have more or less three options in this case: Considering that at one kilometer out you usually are already starting your landing approach and assuming that the area is not safe, land where you were planning to. Mister Hol-van-Pluto-LZ probably will get out at that point. If he doesn't, check out LZ Hol-van-Pluto and decide wether you can go there. If you can, you are now able to offer him to go there after the others got off. Assuming you are a good pilot and you are not currently being shot at, you can attempt to come around for LZ Hol-van-Pluto. Or you offer him to go there after the LZ of your choice. Involves looking at the map, not ideal halfway into an AO landing. Screw that guy and his LZ that he marked in the wrong damn channel, this is your helicopter. Why have I written this...
  11. Next guide

    Show me how to land without Autohover!
  12. How to join and play on our I&A servers

    Why the hell is your GUI blue and not green?
  13. Civilian population

    No. It's more than a lot of work to implement. It would't exactly be beneficial for performance.
  14. Community Logic

    That seems like a legitimate reason for a ban to me. And you should probably see it coming or at least have a remote idea as to why you got banned after making such tasteless contributions to the chat.