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  1. RHS TOW Humvee (custom)

    This is not frankensteiny, this is how you hunt tanks in desert environments.
  2. Eu1 rewards

    Both I guess...
  3. Eu1 rewards

    Alright, I'll come up with something.
  4. HMDs mod

    I don't really see the need for this mod (apart from the Pawnee), but the licence merely states that you need the creator's permission to use it. Now I don't know about real mod makers, but if I made a mod, I would want people to use it, and if one of the bigger Arma 3 multiplayer projects came around asking if they can use my stuff I'd be more than happy to let them...
  5. Eu1 rewards

    The current system is based on overall score; I can give you one distinguishing between infantry, soft vehicle, armored vehicle and aircraft kills plus overall score. What support do you want to unlock when?
  6. Eu1 rewards

  7. Eu1 rewards

  8. Eu1 rewards

    Give me files to work with and I'll do it.
  9. Eu1 rewards

    Maybe notify them when they unlocked one. Maybe give them the use option in the field and not on some laptop in base people only look at when searching for Base AA or teleports. I don't know man, the improvement options here are few and hard to implement. Oh wait...
  10. Don't worry, not even I can unPBO files these days. BIS might have changed something or some (Tanks DLC) assets are not available for common use with default PBOs yet, I don't know. I only know it doesn't work.
  11. Return of Tanoa

    Stan is scared of heights
  12. Correction in the server rules

    What the hell man, keep it family friendly!
  13. Correction in the server rules

    Spawn them three minutes later lol
  14. Whats your setup like?

    I'm not sure about that, i5 6600 (3.3 / 3.9 GHz) looks like a solid allround CPU to me. But I also have not seen your Arma and settings yet @Mad Eye Moody
  15. Whats your setup like?

    Hard to help solving that problem from over here...