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  1. Frustration

    HQ slot?
  2. Preventing friendly fire

    Yea I was thinking more of the next-door AT guy, the dude holding the laser designator or @Admiralbumfluff in his fluffy Kuma struggling to determine wether or not Mouse 1 is the button to press.
  3. Preventing friendly fire

    That is kind of why I put a NATO flag on there. That was the entire point.
  4. Preventing friendly fire

  5. Preventing friendly fire

    @Stanhope @Ryko this forceFlagTexture "\A3\Data_F\Flags\Flag_nato_CO.paa"; on certain reward vehicles (T-100 or Gorgon for example) might prevent a few incidents though. Took me way too long to find out how BIS did that in the Remnants of War campaign.
  6. Preventing friendly fire

    Side effect of smoke is that you can't see through it. Just gonna leave this here.
  7. Units spawned by the main AO

    You might also want to decrease the AO diameter with less units.
  8. Hello there

    @TheScar hacks.
  9. Make Arma 3 Great Again!

    AI behaviour will always overwrite unit action ["LightOff", targetVehicle]; and setPilotLight is local. Unless you loop setBehaviour you can't force AI to stay in combat mode when there is no contact.
  10. UAV Drones LD

    This man is right. People who know what they're doing will have a Greyhawk circle above AO at 2000m, pick any target, paint it and drop a GBU, all while on autopilot; you don't even have to care about AAA because, well, 2000m is just too far for I & A ZSU crews. The only downside to this pattern is waiting for the Greyhawk to climb to 2000m, the weak link in the chain is getting enough GBUs into AO airspace fast enough. OP is a bit of an understatement. What if we gave the UAVs missiles instead of GBUs? Scalpels, something of that size. On a side note, why do we even have the Sentinel in I & A? I don't bother taking off with it because well, it's just another boring two GBU-12s with literally five minutes of fuel (that's BIS' fault though). Its enhanced stealth capabilities are of no use either, since, as I mentioned, the Greyhawks are already untouchable for OPFOR ground assets. If it had different weapon systems I could see why we have it, but like this...
  11. Hello good people

    0/10, this guy can't fly. Doesn't even try using autohover.
  12. The Editor has all the power.
  13. Your landing pad is a marker? That seems weird to me. getMarkerPos will work for markers placed in the Eden Editor or created with createMarker. However, I find it unlikely that you would actually want to use a marker for comparison here... But that's just an assumption. distance expects two Positions or objects. Comes in handy here, I would just pass the landing pad object (set the object name in the Editor) and the _vehicle. Alternatively, you could also hardcode the reference position (in format [X, Y, Z]) by right clicking the spot (or object) you want and choosing "Export position" from the menu. This will copy the position array (of your cursor position or the object you right clicked on) to your clipboard and you can just pass that to distance. Note to @Stanhope: Make sure to thoroughly consider using the respawn module from the Editor for I & A 4. It allows you to run code on the respawning vehicle(s) (We love magic variables!), can be synched to multiple vehicles and does pretty much everything for you. You can also create it on the fly (as far as I know) using BIS_fnc_moduleRespawnVehicle. No excuses. It's better.
  14. There a reason you use the missionNamespace? Why not use the object?
  15. I mean place the respawn module, put some code in it and synch it to the desired objects. Obviously this will interfere with the I & A code, because for some reason I & A 3 never uses any given routines except for like three triggers.