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  1. AhoyWorld End of Year Awards 2017

    Gotta love this line.
  2. I&A 3.3 Update & Feedback.

    @Stanhope BIS doesn't allow us to touch any landing gears with scripts. Saying it now, just in case.
  3. I&A 3.3 Update & Feedback.

    More like 10 years ago (Don't trust @Stanhope)
  4. Two Factor Authentication

    I assume you want to verify one's "identity" and not "identify" (Google Authenticator description).
  5. High Command

    The implementation is Place module Synch module to the high command unit But I can't really make any predictions about what players are gonna do there; I mean it would feel stupid for the guy in the slot if nobody followed his orders.
  6. High Command

    Some select few know about high command. But have you ever tried to use that? It's pure horror. Now thats with AI, I don't really want to know what random public server players would do, sooooooooo yea. Leaving out the uhhhh EU1 spirit, players are just attacking uncoordinated defenses, there really isn't much to coordinate at EU1's AI setting.
  7. Veni - that guy

    Play R6 Siege
  8. Veni - that guy

    @GamerbugUK This is one.
  9. Vortex and Team Speak.

    People communicate that stuff in Vortex?
  10. Contact at Kamino

    Thats some nice filter my dude, makes it look a lot more real. I like that.
  11. Vortex and Team Speak.

    You might have noticed that there's not a whole lot of communication between pilots necessary; I never even share a group with Vortex.
  12. You missed the point, @Stanhope. It's evolving is what @Geb is saying. Soon it will wage war all by itself. Be prepared.
  13. A wild Ansin11 hanging out of my heli

    I don't break helicopters, I fly them