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  1. AW Most Friendly Admin/Moderator/Spartan 2020: @Lindi AW community treasure AW Most Friendly Member 2020: @Lindi AW Best Voice 2020: @Jenkins ASMR AW Best Driver 2020: @Assault knows how it's done: https://clips.twitch.tv/GorgeousSpicyDootDxCat AW Best Screen Shot 2020: https://forums.ahoyworld.net/gallery/image/1404-able-and-hammer-prepare-to-attack/ AW Role Model 2020: Reformed @Xwatt is reformed
  2. So many comments and none of them asking about the pay...
  3. modset: 0 modest: 13 I'm sorry but it cracked me up every time I came across it. Please don't change it, it's much better like this.
  4. The Tale of Bravo as told by team leader ansin11 A comedy in five acts During the final hours of the CHADS' deployment to Hell, the legendary Bravo team was comprised of five experienced operators: @Assault, @Miksi, @Schubz, @Toasted_Bread_Slice and @ansin11. The story begins after Bravo, shining in a last moment of undimmed glory, leads the CHADS convoy to the first staging point (after the previous lead vehicle, manned by Alpha, stayed back to heroically face the enemy). Act 1: Bravo attempts to complete the first objective The first objective assigned
  5. If both of these screenshots are from scripts/client/build/do_build.sqf then those lines are not in the AW_Liberation_v0_8_2.altis.pbo, at least not in the one on my machine.
  6. From setVehicleRadar documentation: Chances are that the AI emission control is set to automatic by default when spawning the radar.
  7. I vote in favor of the MIM-145. Player numbers are mostly low, so its nice to not have to deal with constant air threats for once. The improved AI and the reinforcements are already challenging enough when there's only one player squad, few pilots and limited assets.
  8. ACE View Distance should probably be turned off. Currently, the server overrides the client and enables it. I have ACE VD off (because I don't want it in singleplayer) and rely on the server to override that setting during gamenights. Liberation and its minimum FPS feature worked fine during the opening days, but for a couple of days now, I have been getting 15 FPS on the ground (despite 40 server FPS). At the same time, the GREUH VD, recognizing that my FPS are below my set threshold of 30, reduces the view distance all the way down to the minimum value Arma 3 allows for.
  9. You having a high download bandwidth does not mean that every server (along the chain of servers that make up your route to the AW EU#X server) will also upload to you with the same high bandwidth - far from it: Very few services will push your downstream bandwidth to the limit, as only some, for example Steam, need to do this and have the infrastructure and upload bandwidth for it. The AW EU#X server you are downloading a mission file from is mostly busy running a live game, so chances are that sending the mission file to your client is more of a background task. The machine hosting
  10. Can the CHADS insignia be incorporated?
  11. @SiegeSix don't worry, I don't think @Gambit (or anyone else) did a poor job. I'm just trying to give @MidnightRunner a good idea of what I personally believe would make these PMC OPs more enjoyable - hoping that he may find some of my input useful.
  12. Edit: Read this comment as an extension of my previous comment. Once the objectives are distributed among teams the command net should become cleaner all by itself because every team is mobile on itself and movement and attacks no longer need to be coordinated with other units. Example: Alpha's task is to pick up a VIP at point A and provide him with safe passage to point B. At the same time, Bravo and Charlie are working together on a different objective. PC can now leave the execution of the assigned tasks up to the corresponding team(s) and take on the role of a dispatcher,
  13. Right, feedback. Comms, Chaos & Coordination: That was just bad luck. Nobody could have predicted that this mission would attract so many players. Team Size: So in my unpopular opinion, teams of four work well for this PMC setting. It felt nice and cozy in Alpha, communication was far better than it is in the big squads and breaching / CQC was organized, which, despite the best efforts of many during previous OPs, is usually not the case. Not having a medic / autorifleman / engineer on every team also seemed perfectly fine. It was just that the approach to the OP and the setup of
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