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Farawell my friends!


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The time has come for me to say goodbye for this awesome community! im simply running out of time and i need to take long brake from gaming atleast until summer.

special thanks to @Lindi for good times and making me feel young again. thank you @Xwatt @Geb @Stanhope @Norris @Patrik_swe and even @TheScar for random what just happened moments it was nice to play with you, i wish you best luck and good times on server!


@Ryko Goodjob with IA4, you have spent so many hours to create something new and because of that i have to salute you!


And for rest of the community, thank you all! ❤️

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Don't become a complete stranger man, make sure to pop in every now and then! I mean whos gona remind me of how old I am unless it's you? I'll just have to put extra pineapple on my pizza today, I'm that sad! :D


...but in all seriousness, I'm no stranger to real life getting in the way of gaming! Have fun and all the best!

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