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  1. had alot fun on i&a4 today! just 3 minor things i noticed: 1. you can't place waypoint on base (home button by deffault) 2. dragging and carrying wounded is not showing up in action menu 3. automatic pilot kick (losing 2 airframes in 30 mins) is not working
  2. applechaser


    I like the new more aerodynamic version of the blackfoot ryko!
  3. just some things i noticed from the test: 1. goblin uav fell down (crashed) like a brick when it spawned in the air again after "servicing" 2. donating points doesn't work (pressing "donate" doesn't do anything) 3. buying uav actions doesn't work (pressing "purchase" doesn't do anything) some suggestions (my opinion): 1. make Crossroads whitelisted or somthing along those lines so not every person can just grab to troll with maybe apply for HQ acces on forums or maybe an in game voting system so that if someone wants the role they can cast a vote among the other players 2. Opening doors of the tower would be fun to use as atc
  4. heyoo we live in exactly the same city lol welcome to ahoy world the first one sure is in Amersfoort have seen the guy drive arround a couple of times, not sure about the second one.
  5. just a few things i have noticed while playing here: 1. the destroyer has currently no way of rearming the cannon and cruise missiles. (Maybe this is supposed to be a 1 time use thing idk) 2. vehicles are not respawning/despawing same with the helis and the blackwasps 2.1 idea: reduce respawn time and distance with alot if vehicles are in base since they are already used alot for in base transport 3. primary weapon of the default Anti-Air riflemen slot gets deleted (MX Black)
  6. yeah, same thing with the armor roles. another thing: helicopters are not respawning: joined the server when it was emtpy yesterday all helis were gone..
  7. applechaser


    Mario ready to eat pizza on my tailwing
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