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  1. Greetings from Austria!

    Welcome Matteo. Bring your buddies next time
  2. Greetings!

    Welcome to the fun. Hope to see you online soon.
  3. Hello there!

    Ahoy there coop3r07! Welcome to AWE
  4. Hello everyone!

    Welcome to Ahoyworld
  5. OddE

    Hello OddE, thank you for the ban appeal. You were banned from Ahoyworld on 23 December 2016 for racism. Ahoyworld has zero tolerance for Racism. Therefor I shall not unban you. Ban appeal denied.
  6. seadragon.jpg

    Somebody having fun on Invade and Annex :)
  7. concluded Tuxu -=JeepC=-

    Hello Tuxu -=JeepC=-, thank you for the ban appeal. On our servers you are indeed banned for running Cheat Engine while playing Arma 3. (BEC: GameHack #38). As this has been many years ago, I am willing to unban you from Ahoyworld. Please make sure that you read our rules for invade and annex, as some things have changed since then. Have fun on our servers. Ban appeal is succesful.
  8. My Humble Intro

    Welcome to Ahoyworld Palmbranch
  9. concluded Tuxu -=JeepC=-

    Iam looking at it now, could you PM me your GUID please? https://armstalker.com/guid/
  10. Hi

    Welcome to Ahoyworld, So many options on a loadout, I prefer 7,62 or 6,5 as it has more stopping power then 5.56 ammunition. Mostly the role that you select determines what weapons you can use. If possible I go for the automatic rifleman and spray and pray that I hit the enemy
  11. Hello

    Welcome to Ahoyworld Pascal!
  12. Have no clue over 3 years ago

    Hello Jλcøbski / Jacob / MrRepeatz / Jeff. You were banned on 8/9/2014 for Ban Evasion, Destroying assets, Destroying base structures / Teamkilling and Trolling. All in all a pretty hefty list. You appealed also in October 2016 and that appeal was then denied. After three and a half year being banned I am willing to give you a new opportunity to play with us, but.. We have a nice set of rules for our servers, the one for the #EU1 Invade and Annex can be found here in this link. I suggest that you read the rules and live by them, because a next ban appeal will not be in your favor. Ban request is succesful.
  13. concluded DOC

    Hello DocHere, thank you for the ban appeal. You were banned today for advertising your Discord channel. From Xwatt I understood that you two had a good conversation on Teamspeak about the situation and that it was cleared. Ban appeal succesful.
  14. concluded harvjomac

    Hello harvjomac, thank you for the ban appeal. Looking at our records, I have noticed that this was not your first ban on the Ahoyworld servers. On 24th July 2017 a ban for Trolling on teamspeak, it was a permanent ban that had been reduced to a 7 days ban after your appeal. This week you have been banned because of a verbal abuse against another player. The admin that banned you had a chat with you after it on teamspeak. Apparently the first ban was not enough of a warning that we do not like this kind of behaviour. Ban appeal is denied. I suggest that you wait at least 6 months for the next appeal.