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  1. Please Be Gentle!

    Hello Tim, Welcome to Ahoyworld. Teamkills do happen sometimes, just say sorry and move along Just pop in teamspeak when you play and ask anything you want.
  2. A random brit joins the battle

    Welcome to Ahoyworld
  3. concluded Visserin Oriontus

    Hello Visserin Orients, thank you for the ban appeal. You were indeed banned by me for teamkilling a pilot. Usually we warn, then kick and or ban. But this was a instant ban because you shot a helicopter pilot in the AO at point blank distance. I was standing next to the helicopter and did not see, hear or read that it was 'joke' at the time. After reading your appeal and apology I have decided to revoke the ban. Please make sure that you play by the rules. We are strict on them and a second ban is not something you want. Visserin Orients's ban lifted.

    Hello Garrotjat, Welcome to Ahoyworld, I havent played Squad yet with Ahoy. But I suck at it too Hope to see you online.
  5. concluded JulianWilliams

    Hello Julian Williams, thank you for the second ban appeal. In September 2017 you have been banned because: Use of foul language in server side chat. I have read back in the server log from the beginning of September, its was one long list of swearing and foul language that went on for days. Therefor I will not be unbanning you at this time, I will advise you to wait another six months before applying again. Ban appeal is unsuccessful.
  6. Ahoy there *_^

    Welcome to Ahoyworld
  7. Hello there!

    Hi Klosjaarrr, Welkom and hope to see you online often
  8. Hi All

    Welcome to Ahoyworld Suribatchi Sama
  9. Subnautica

    So many nice games, so little time! It looks good
  10. Hello there

    Hi gamingmad101, I got told to say hi to you too Welcome to Ahoyworlds community!
  11. Oh Hi guys

    Heya Joebillibob, welcome to Ahoyworld The AWE expierence is really nice, hope to see you online alot!
  12. Hello there

    Hi Kacper, finally you made a post! I hope to see you reach the amazing level of TheScar! Its really mindboggeling how much time and points he has.
  13. concluded Gayben

    Hello Nibs, thank you for taking the time to write a ban appeal. When appealing for a ban, you should list the true reason for being banned. You were banned in October 2016, for verbal abuse and ignoring the player's role. Also the profile picture of a golden phallus you selected earlier on the Ahoyworld forum was noticed by staff members. After looking at the ban report that our staff members made in 2016 and your ban appeal, I have come to the conclusion that you do not seem like the person I would like to game with. Ban appeal was denied.
  14. concluded Plebsticle

    Hello Plebsticle, thank you for your appeal. You have been banned by a admin for a racist remark while playing on EU#1. This behaviour is not tolerated and always will have a repercussion. The Rules of Ahoyworld are very clear. 1.1.3. Racism or hate speech of any kind is not tolerated. The remark you made was not visible outside of your group, but it was still made. The ban you received will not be lifted but reduced. The next offense will be a permanent one. Ban reduced to two months.
  15. Kujjin

    Thank you for the response to my questions. We do not allow recruitment on our servers, this to keep the players safe from abusive I.P. addresses or malicious websites. Also we are proud of our player base and would like to keep them on our servers. The recruitment seems to be for the EU#1 server only, but the Discord server and the required ZEUS ad dons on the Steamgroup gives rise to my doubt. In your defense the 3rd Fast Response Team seems to be active only on the AhoyWorld servers, the group is behaving and coordinating well with other players on EU#1. You have come to teamspeak to talk to administrators immediately and were friendly, open and honest about the situation. I am willing to unban you, but if you recruit again it will lead into a permanent ban. Also this is a warning to the whole 3rd Fast Response Team, we do not allow any recruitment on our servers, in game, websites, teamspeak and forum. When this behaviour continues I will ban the group from AhoyWorld. You are off course free to ask any player on the server to play with you (3rd.FRT) and add them to the in game group with the user interface. We like coordinated teamplay and you guys have shown it a lot lately. Kujjin's ban has been lifted.