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  1. Solex


    Hello Chubbs, Again, thank you for the appeal. The situation has not changed, the ban remains.
  2. Solex

    Dank Memes

    Hello Dank Memes / SamH001122, thank you for the ban appeal. You were banned in 2016 for excessive teamkilling in base. The original ban report even had a 10 minute video of the killing spree in base, it was alot more then shooting down a helicopter. I just watched the video twice. Ban appeal is unsuccessful.
  3. Solex


    Hello Dirty, It has been more then three years since the ban. Iam un-banning you from our servers, just behave and play by the rules. Please read The Rules of Ahoyworld. Ban appeal is successful.
  4. Solex

    "Ares" Richard

    Hello Richa, You were banned today for recruiting a player on our server to a Discord channel. As you may have noticed, we do not allow it on Ahoyworld. The-rules-of-ahoyworld I will not un-ban you at this time, you can try again in a few months. Ban appeal unsuccessful.
  5. Solex


    Hello Luke/Clannish, Can you please PM me your PlayerGUID? Thank you. Solex.
  6. Solex


    Hello Pascal, Thank you for the ban appeal. You have been banned for 48 hours by an admin for wasting assets and not having enough skills to fly helicopters. In the future, please listen to administrators when they tell you to change your behaviour or actions. The 48 hour ban will lift automatically in about 12 hours. Ban appeal unsuccessful.
  7. Solex


    Hello Chubbs, Thank you for the ban appeal. Yesterday you were banned because you did not listen to the administrators telling you to play your role, behave and comply. This behavior was not a one time incident but had been noticed for days. Sadly the behavior continued after being warned and in the end you received a permanent ban. Therefor I will not lift the ban. Ban appeal is unsuccessful.
  8. Hello [SPMC] ANCO. Monkey, You were banned in december 2016, you and a about seven other members for recruiting other players to your community. It has been more then two years since the ban. Just behave and play by the rules. Please read The Rules of Ahoyworld. Enjoy the Ahoyworld community. Ban appeal is successful.
  9. Solex


    Hello Zerocool10, Thank you for the appeal, our database does not tell me why you have been banned. I can only read that you were horrible at flying and teamkilled. Please read The Rules of Ahoyworld. Enjoy the Ahoyworld community. Ban appeal is successful.
  10. Hello Loup-garou14666, Thank you for the ban appeal. You were indeed banned for recruiting other players to a community, as you already noticed and have read, that it is not allowed. After reading your appeal and you having a good standing on our server, I have come to the conclusion to un-ban you. Ban appeal successful.
  11. Solex


    Iam very sorry Reci, I forgot to deal with the appeal. Ban appeal is successful.
  12. Solex


    Hello CasualLemon, Iam moving your appeal to "Stuck in the abyss". Just create a new topic if you would like to appeal. Solex.
  13. Hello TylerShank, thank you for the appeal. On the day of the ban you have been warned several times by an admin, kicked from the server as a final warning. After that you came back, continued the behavior and insulted the admin. I see no reason to revoke his decision to ban you. Ban appeal unsuccessful.
  14. Hello Cuban Cartel, thank you for the appeal. The last few days I was thinking about your appeal. One of the main reasons for me is to be considered a un-ban: would I like to play with this person, would it be a pleasant and safe experience to me and others. After your actions all the things you wrote on the forum/in a PM to me, I can only come to the conclusion that I would not like to game with you. Ban appeal is unsuccessful.
  15. Ban appeal was succesful after altering the avatar.
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