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  1. Solex


    Iam very sorry Reci, I forgot to deal with the appeal. Ban appeal is successful.
  2. Solex


    Hello CasualLemon, Iam moving your appeal to "Stuck in the abyss". Just create a new topic if you would like to appeal. Solex.
  3. Hello TylerShank, thank you for the appeal. On the day of the ban you have been warned several times by an admin, kicked from the server as a final warning. After that you came back, continued the behavior and insulted the admin. I see no reason to revoke his decision to ban you. Ban appeal unsuccessful.
  4. Hello Cuban Cartel, thank you for the appeal. The last few days I was thinking about your appeal. One of the main reasons for me is to be considered a un-ban: would I like to play with this person, would it be a pleasant and safe experience to me and others. After your actions all the things you wrote on the forum/in a PM to me, I can only come to the conclusion that I would not like to game with you. Ban appeal is unsuccessful.
  5. Ban appeal was succesful after altering the avatar.
  6. Solex


    Hello Ravenbb, The ban has been lifted. Thank you and enjoy Ahoyworld
  7. Hello Ravenbb, Thank you for the ban appeal. You were banned in September 2016 for recruiting players on our server. The Rules of Ahoyworld are clear about recruiting in any way of form. We do not allow it. I am willing to let you back on the server. But I need you to change your profile avatar. It can be considered as recruitment and if one follows the website details on the avatar, it will lead them to a non secure website. So please remove the Avatar, read and play by the rules. Enjoy the Ahoyworld community. Ban appeal is almost successful.
  8. Solex


    Hello Ethan, Thank you for the private message. Please read the rules of Ahoyworld and follow them. The ban you recieved was a old one, I am willing to let you back on the server as long as you behave and play by the rules. Ban appeal is successful.
  9. Solex


    Hello Ethan, Thank you for the ban appeal. Could you please private message me your Arma3 GUID number so I can look into your appeal. Thank you.
  10. Solex


    Hello Vlad/CallMeTom, Once again thank you for the appeal. After the new appeal, I have come to the decison that I will allow you back in to Ahoyworld. The things that you wrote were not pretty but I hold no grudges. But make sure that you read and follow the rules of Ahoyworld. Ban Appeal is succesful.
  11. Solex


    Hello Vlad, Thank you for the appeal. At the moment I have a bad case of the flue and will look seriously at your appeal when I feel somewhat better.
  12. Solex


    Hello Kozak, thank you for the ban appeal. You have been banned on the 12h of February 2019 from our servers for recruiting players for an other regiment. Recruiting is not allowed on our servers, the admin that banned you from our servers already warned you about it. Ban appeal is unsuccesfull.
  13. Hello Harvjomac, Once again thank you for the appeal. I apologise that I took more time for this appeal, but I needed it a little bit more time for this one. I have come to the decision to unban you. But you do not get any more warnings or get out of jail cards. If you cannot behave in our community a new ban will be a permanent one. You have to read and agree to abide by our rules. Ban appeal is succesful.
  14. Wario! See you around the galaxies! Thank you for the fun
  15. Solex


    Hello Nodro_000, Thank you for the ban appeal. As you ban was many moons ago, I am willing to unban you. Please read our Rules and guidelines. Ban appeal succesful.
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