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  1. yes, it's not worth it Just don't - your ass and backbone will be very thankful. He is joining at 3 a.m. and playing for 12 fu**ing hours sometimes.
  2. @Stanhope Or add something like "tank hunters" sub-obj, raise their skill lvl to the max. https://armedassault.fandom.com/wiki/9M135_Vorona - Vorona is SACLOS only so you won't get any warning from the upcoming missile.
  3. @Stanhope Add atleast 1 heavy AT squad per AO (CSAT boyes with Voronas). Vorona is much more effective, it can 1-shot a T-100 + you can't hear a missile warning like with titan (its wire guided)
  4. AW’s MVP 2019: @Ryko thank for making I&A 4 AW’s Most Friendly Admin/Moderator/Spartan 2019: @MidnightRunner AW’s Most Helpful Admin/Moderator/Spartan 2019: @MidnightRunner AW’s most Active Staff Member 2019: @LH5 AW’s Most Helpful User *Non-Staff* 2019: @Stanhope AW’s Most Friendliest User *Non-Staff* 2019: @Whigital AW’s Strictest Admin/Moderator 2019: @Admiralbumfluff AW’s Most Tacti-Cool ARMA player 2019: @BruceLee best IED specialist change my mind AW’s Best Teamplayer 2019: @Jenkins blessed platco AW’s Most Underrated User 2019: @Moto no k
  5. I played on a server where the Enhanced movement is allowed. What i mean is you can't see these animations without the EM loaded, so the other guy kinda teleports over the obstacles. @Lindi
  6. I think this mod is actually client-side (if you don't have it the player just teleports) but it wasn't updated for a long time (check the steam workshop comments) so I'm assuming its buggy as hell.
  7. t a n k b a t t l e
  8. How about randomizing viper/spetsnaz units spawning in the AO? 50% / 50%
  9. Kacper

    Plan Sorted.jpg

    10/10 i approve
  10. just to make it clear: its not a "capture airfield" type of mission xD
  11. Maybe increasing the skill level for manpads will help? Not sure cuz its still Arma AI... btw @Ryko i know that AI is smarter and more challenging than before but is there any chance to use something like VCOM AI in the future?
  12. thats cuz we have access only to Mod 0 (which is used by AAF). MAAWS Mod 1 with NV and rangefinder is for NATO.
  13. Kacper


    Zeus op
  14. Well i think that application system for Viper and Reaper would be nice. That will exclude players joining ie. HQ role just for points. I'm also for application system if you wanna be HQ ofc.
  15. Kacper

    Gambler overwatch

    I think that was me and "Tanker" in a slammer
  16. Will teamkill messages return in I&A 4?
  17. I've noticed that when i was trying to switch control of the DAGR rockets to gunner, it just didn't work (blackfoot). It were weapon slots [1] and [6].
  18. So yeah as @Lindi said, most of the Achilles modules are broken. Also I've seen an enemy Neophron landing at base xD
  19. MAAWS mod 1 (this one with NV and rangefinder) for LAT slot would be cool xD
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