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  1. side misson with smuggler spawned on swamp with some funny results:
  2. I simply ignore a ping when I'm unable like flying. Not a lot of pings are ment to request help anyway. 49.5% to anoy us and 49.5% miss type while range finding. Gesendet von meinem SM-G935F mit Tapatalk
  3. Geb

    ATC where are you!?

    +5 Hummingbirds
  4. - got BA kicked by try out a gun and missile run with a jet.
  5. Geb


    Hi and welcome to our server. Less talk, more play is OK ?
  6. yes, but i could not switch to gunner or driver
  7. Feedbach from 03.05.2019: -Got into a APC, could not switch to driver or gunner. When i left with Z was kicked out of the server (Battle eye) with SetPos Count Restriction - got in and out of zeus menue and lost a lot of function from achilles mod. got out and in again witch restored all functions ? - placed a CSAT Scuad and got kicked (AddMagazineCargo Count Restriction) (had to restart the game to enter again)
  8. Feedback: wasn't able to kick a player out of a vehicle with "g"
  9. AW MVP 2018: AW most friendly admin/staff member 2018: @Lindi AW most helpful admin/staff member 2018: @GhostDragon AW most helpful user *Non-staff* 2018: AW strictest admin/staff member 2018: @Norris AW most absent staff member 2018: how can I know that? It's like catching a lion in africa by set up a cage, sit inside and define that outside is inside.... AW most active staff member 2018: @Lindi @Ryko AW friendliest user 2018: AW most tacti-cool ARMA player 2018: @Johnson AW most incoherent ARMA player 2018: AW best ARMA pilot 2018: every humm
  10. Sorry to hear Mario, I can understand and wish you a good time and hope to see you ?, I mean back again ?
  11. Geb


    It misses a unicorn!
  12. Geb

    I'll Tell Ya What

    Oh great, now that spinns in my head...
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