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  1. OOK thanks . Yes guess I have to get my Dose of Arma3
  2. Could not log in to TS or find the EU1. Any one know anything?
  3. Already seen a fair bit of new players the other night.. but must say they where met with respect and mostly friendly replys help when they had problems.
  4. ANy thoughts on the Ryzen series??
  5. Sry uf post enda upp in wrong Area. Hi guys used to play alot before (autum -16) my old rig died on me. And thinking about building one for the first time. my plan is : GPU : 1070/1080 with 8GB. CPU i3 7350k. RAM : 16Gb DDR 4 3000MHZ Key part of question is Will the i3 work for arma3/apex /Patrik