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  1. New Update?

    Will the server update to the new version that Will come alone with the” Tanks ”DLC when it resets in the morning!? Since I Guess many with me auto updates the game and then is stuck with the wrong version to join the server.
  2. I&A 3.3 Update & Feedback.

    Been out of computer gamling for a while Cause My Lays son been occupating it. See many new Things hope to be in soon again.
  3. Old man, new player

    Welcome I have you beaten with 5years. Welcome again. See you around. That Said you find me on EU1.
  4. Me And Lindi was trying the new I&A. Found that at least the building for ”Resarch data” was locked. So could not be completed. Besides that Love the FOB makeover. Will miss the Kuma. Slammer UP is so weak on the engine side.
  5. What's Up Gents :D

    Welcome Ravager. See you in the battlefield.
  6. Hi Im new here

    Welcome have fun. See yu around on EU1.
  7. Greenhorn.

    Welcome see you out there
  8. HQ building

    Yes Would force ppl to take it to ease the Taking of Ao. The prio mission are sadly Much overlooked. IF they where to Cause a problem Like Arty and AA. Would be s digf story. Say factory. IF it spawns X klick from Ao the Veichles ther start moving to Ao. . and the sub cache give EI better Gear. And the HQ. Either as Said before here. Increse skill or hostile tanks or so. Prob Things already mentioned some where. Bit just My thoughts
  9. Terve! (Hello)

    Welcome Vargen. Mor nords find their way here.
  10. Guns On Wheels

    Welcome. Nice to see you here. Seen you on a few time.
  11. Hallo

    Xwatt it is s sign of age Welcome Grabben Ses kanske på Eu3. (translation; maby see you on EU3)
  12. When people get too OP, you catch them while they rearm! >:)

    Well team work for the Win.
  13. We need your ideas

    oook tru that. But still like to se the arty tank as a reward.
  14. We need your ideas

    I My opinion Sounds great. But IF Would be a scorcher there should be some kind of limit on who uses it. Seen many morons with a mortar.
  15. Stepping down

    That is the way to Go. When fun becomes "work" better leave it to some one else.