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  1. USS Liberty as reinforcement

  2. USS Liberty as reinforcement

    I think it can be used as artillery. That missle platform can fire HE or cluster so...
  3. USS Liberty as reinforcement

    It can be even just only AA defence for FOB Guardian cuz i know that noone uses these "arty strikes" at base
  4. USS Liberty as reinforcement

    Just another idea. USS Liberty spawns after Terminal AO is done (with FOB Guardian). I think its possible to add laptop near the arsenal and add AA defence option(like the Carrier defense) + MK41 VLS support (for your points). What do you think? Does it would be hard to implement?
  5. I&A 3.3 Update & Feedback.

    Ehm... no "Save Gear" option near the arsenal (actions menu).
  6. proud_father

  7. Punishment on bad flying

    Imo when you're entering pilot slot there should be a hint with some the most important rules like: If you are very bad we suggest practising offline first and in extreme cases may ask you to surrender your slot to a known good pilot. If you refuse we may be forced to kick you. (must be :P) Are in command of their aircraft, not the passenger or co-pilot. Don’t confuse this to mean that co-pilots cannot take control. Pilots are required to engage with admins when requested. If an admin asks who the pilots are please respond. AFK pilots will be kicked. Pilots are required to land in designated areas! Landing in non-designated landing zones around spawn will most likely result in a kick. Repeated crashing or abandoning choppers is not permitted.
  8. Punishment on bad flying

    Yep thats annoying and sad but when admins are online they're mostly doing their job and punishing incompetent pilots. What are you proposing? Something like the prevention system? Pilots license? Maybe punishment worse than just a ban?
  9. HMDs mod

    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=312724602&searchtext=helmet+mounted+displays Very useful mod for pilots. Is it possible to add it to public repo? What do you think?
  10. Correction in the server rules

    Yeah, teamwork is a key. You can always join these "stealers" if they are kind It won't work everytime because mostly they are toxic... Suddenly i can't zap them xD
  11. Correction in the server rules

    I like that improvement
  12. Correction in the server rules

    I don't know tbh, maybe i want too much but there are too much limitations. Staff member can talk with them and unlock vehicle eventually, but without evidence (SS, video) its impossible to solve
  13. Correction in the server rules

    What do you think about this script: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=33195 ? Is it hard to modify it like: if person did required action to complete the side mission - vehicle is locked for other players (only owner can unlock).
  14. Correction in the server rules

    Hello. Imagine situation like this: Someone (or his team) did a side mission. This person(s) in example respawns because he wants to take his reward. But someone takes it because he spotted this reward, took a quad and in 0.23546 sec just stole it. Ofc these person(s) who played side mission doesn't allow to take his reward. They are trying to talk but "Rewards zone camper" screams like this: OOH stop crying I took it first and now get out. And for now he is right because there are no rule like... "protecting rewards for person(s) who did side mission/zeus op etc". I know that isn't easy topic, and in situations like this "reward owner" REALLY have to prove his rights. Staff member should evaluate the situation very carefully. For now I'm inviting you to a discussion. It's not easy to express situations like this in 1 paragraph / correction in existing paragraph. I understand that is a COOP mode where all shared content are free to take, but its not fair when "Rewards campers / stealers" (without CLEAR statement from "Reward owner(s)") just taking a vehicle.
  15. Box loading function

    Is that possible to add this mod as optional on EU1 and EU2: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1199318917 Box loader just allows to load supply crates into ANY vehicle. If it heavily changes the gameplay maybe its possible to add box loading into Blackfish via "easier" scripting? I mean functionality in actions menu.