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  1. Squad XML Membership

    Squad Name: Members A3 Name: Kacper TS UID: lpxj5qt5oi73C/VIilF6Dcx19LA= A3 UID: 76561198037994615 A3 Remark/Quote: Still want to beat TheScar in the amount of score.
  2. Correction in the server rules

    Yeah, teamwork is a key. You can always join these "stealers" if they are kind It won't work everytime because mostly they are toxic... Suddenly i can't zap them xD
  3. Correction in the server rules

    I like that improvement
  4. Correction in the server rules

    I don't know tbh, maybe i want too much but there are too much limitations. Staff member can talk with them and unlock vehicle eventually, but without evidence (SS, video) its impossible to solve
  5. Correction in the server rules

    What do you think about this script: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=33195 ? Is it hard to modify it like: if person did required action to complete the side mission - vehicle is locked for other players (only owner can unlock).
  6. Correction in the server rules

    Hello. Imagine situation like this: Someone (or his team) did a side mission. This person(s) in example respawns because he wants to take his reward. But someone takes it because he spotted this reward, took a quad and in 0.23546 sec just stole it. Ofc these person(s) who played side mission doesn't allow to take his reward. They are trying to talk but "Rewards zone camper" screams like this: OOH stop crying I took it first and now get out. And for now he is right because there are no rule like... "protecting rewards for person(s) who did side mission/zeus op etc". I know that isn't easy topic, and in situations like this "reward owner" REALLY have to prove his rights. Staff member should evaluate the situation very carefully. For now I'm inviting you to a discussion. It's not easy to express situations like this in 1 paragraph / correction in existing paragraph. I understand that is a COOP mode where all shared content are free to take, but its not fair when "Rewards campers / stealers" (without CLEAR statement from "Reward owner(s)") just taking a vehicle.
  7. Box loading function

    Is that possible to add this mod as optional on EU1 and EU2: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1199318917 Box loader just allows to load supply crates into ANY vehicle. If it heavily changes the gameplay maybe its possible to add box loading into Blackfish via "easier" scripting? I mean functionality in actions menu.
  8. Return of Tanoa

    Im proposing it because of bigger amount of players after the free weekend.
  9. Return of Tanoa

    Well, i just miss Tanoa map As a Zeus i can disable that annoying fog whenever im online so shouldn't be a problem for the players What about enabling it on EU2?
  10. Ok i get some things..

    Well, i've tried to do "armored battle" but as far as i remember, some players just took these tanks and wasted them in the main AO. (main purpose was Zeus op). I've done some mistakes like: just spawning these tanks at FOB (should do separated place for them). Im still learning Zeus things, forgive me
  11. Meet Angara

    very romantic
  12. Spacing on EU1 = non existent

    causing problems=warnings, admin - it includes everyone
  13. Spacing on EU1 = non existent

    Im spawning MLRS after my zeus missions, usually for people like @itsmemario xD. Ther aren't making problems.
  14. It's time for me to take a step back

    Good luck! Do what you wanna do and be Happy Cya!
  15. Frustration

    Yes admins are for cleaning the shi*. I know. Just type "!admin" and the job will be done. But when noone is responding when someone in example using AA jet for CAS... What about HQ slot? Just 1 man who must be on TS, if something goes wrong just calling an admin (if HQ guy isn't on TS just kick him). I dont know, maybe its stupid idea. Waiting for opinions xD