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  1. Is that possible to implement something similar in the rewards menu?
  2. Beta testing in October i guess... Is Beta gonna be launched periodically (weekly) or in ex. whole October ?
  3. betrayal

    is this the end?
  4. this is it - i m done

    YEess finall... i mean i will miss you...
  5. List of side mission rewards?

    Idk the full list, but in I&A 4 we will receive points for doing missions. Points can be spent for vehicles.
  6. - I would prefer to have classic additional arsenals at every base - last gear sometimes dont save - vehicle customize options (tanks dlc stuff) - maybe more stuff from CSAT? (backpacks etc.) - hunters from the vehicle depot will despawn at base (even if its locked by a player), cuz you can anyway buy your own - ofc view distance plugin
  7. Old warning system

    Hello there, When im reading the chat and see things like: i was rearming (vehicle) at base and rocket out of nowhere killed me... Im wondering why old hint from I&A v2 "Enemy CAS (or jet whatever) has entered the space" was removed. It just simply can save a lot of our vehicles when we're vulnerable at base. As always im waiting for the opinions of others. (maybe will be back in I&A 4 ?) Regards, Kacper
  8. wed

    2x bobcat, 1x t140k, 1x gorgon, 1x cheetah
  9. scre

    now guess... how many of them and how long they survived...
  10. varsuk3

    yeah its enemy t-100
  11. varsuk2

    trying to destroy it...
  12. varsuk1

    a fine addition to #EU1 collection...
  13. Additional arsenals

    Hello there, Im appealing for an additional arsenals in ALL FOBs. Its a lot easier to load up some things into a vehicle + smaller risk of stealing it. Well thats just it. Regards
  14. TheScar stats.JPG

    he is just a legend on our servers xD
  15. USS Liberty as reinforcement