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  1. Community Update#3

    Water bottles?
  2. Destroy enemy armor.png

  3. Colours are flashing and all fades to black

  4. Anyone know when the next repo update will be?
  5. I&A 3.3 Update & Feedback.

    Any other possible uses for eu2?
  6. I&A 3.3 Update & Feedback.

    Put eu2 to another use?
  7. Guide - Blackfish

    I am defenitely going to be using that pilot helmet.
  8. Lands on civ...
  9. 20180930201153_1.jpg

    I remember pushing up and that thing shooting tracers down range
  10. 20180930210818_1.jpg

    Sadly me
  11. Serbian Gamenight

    Very fun for one of my first awe experiences.
  12. If the last testing session is on the 27th, what will happen between the last test and when I&A 4 will be on the servers?
  13. Absolute Suck

    Proudly supporting Microsoft by not paying 100$
  14. Absolute Suck

    My screenshots are always meh with activate windows in the bottom right.
  15. Absolute Suck

    You have had some really good ones in the past too.