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  1. Absolute Suck

    Proudly supporting Microsoft by not paying 100$
  2. Absolute Suck

    My screenshots are always meh with activate windows in the bottom right.
  3. Absolute Suck

    You have had some really good ones in the past too.
  4. Absolute Suck

    @J0hnson is professional screenshotter
  5. beautiful.png

  6. a10 strike.png

  7. Me also hellcat was gone and a few hours later still gone
  8. Found that you can get in helicopter as pilot in base then switch your role to something else and still fly the helicopter. I could see how this could be ok if the player count is under 5 so then you could transport yourself faster
  9. Also hellcat got shot down and didnt respawn. I checked half an hour from when it was blown up
  10. Remove countermeasures from dont shoot at base?
  11. PizzaMan.jpg

    chop chop chop
  12. Will each time the server restarts the base will be chosen?
  13. Alright here we go. Played around with various roles and I like the squad management system, although I clicked u thinking that it would bring up the squad management system. Instead it placed a squad move marker thing. I could not find out how to teleport places, maybe i'm not looking in the right spot or not developed yet? While playing uav operator I forced respawn and open the uav terminal did not appear in the action menu. So I checked in squad management and it said I was uav operator but I spawned as a mortar operator (correct term?). Is everything going to be aaf and will fobs still have to be earned? Overall I like I&A 4 so far. I also like the fact that you get killed if you fire in base too many times. Had to find that out the hard way. Anyway since I'm not that good at reports like this I'm done.
  14. LOGI-action on #EU1

    I would have dropped it somehow.
  15. rough ride.png