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    hello and welcome
  2. I am looking forward to this campaign @MidnightRunner. Thank you for doing this along with your PMC OPs!
  3. Hey sorry I had to dip in the middle of this op guys but my friends had their first child today and were released from the hospital today so I went to see them.
  4. the russian rigged the voting poll!
  5. I didn’t really have a problem with the coms until I died and the frequency reset, reinsert heli was at base and I started reprogramming and then got rushed because the pilot got impatient which I understand why. I had my own squads channel, command channel and deltas channel set up so I could easily switch between them when I heard bravo being called at the beginning of the op. Now on this op I was in charge of bravo and coordinating with delta, command and fac. Now doing this with a short range radio on a map that is what 5x5km which is within the radios transmission range made things simpler and helped with stamina as I wasn’t carrying the long range radio pack so having that would be cumbersome especially when it’s really not required because of the small map. So taking the extra time to set up the additional channels when you die and are at spawn awaiting reinsert helis to show up may kill the time. Now I have a lot of radio experience from my years in the fire dept and my job where I use it everyday helps knowing how and when to transmit. A rule of thumb I use is to think of what you want to say then think of how I can make it more clear and especially short to cut down on unneeded radio traffic (again this came with over a decade of using radios in a professional environment). A lot of radio traffic will affect the outcome of any op as you are painting a picture for the commander via radio transmissions. Now you can give him clear and short instructions like “move the paintbrush from the middle and go up” (clear and short) or “put your paintbrush in the middle of the canvas and move it up in a slow manner until you are just about at the top then stop” (yes it is clear, but long). You can either give him clear and short instructions allowing for other radio traffic that might be more important to come through or give him clear but long drawn out instructions that may get confusing and impedes other important radio traffic that needs to be sent to command.
  6. The biggest issue I feel is the ballistics in my opinion. I’ve shot ai across the street in the face (with a 5.56 x 45) and it took about 5-6 rounds to take the ai down, sometimes more, and I 99% of the time get domed right away from 50-300m or the ai snap around the corner firing before I see them (might just be a connection problem).
  7. Hello Ahoyworld member, There is a way to contact the Ahoyworld Staff by typing in any chat "!admin" following this you should include the players name and reason for your ping. Examples of pinging the Staff are the following: !admin/Norris/AFK pilot or !admin/Xwatt/team killing or !admin/script kiddie on EU1. This function should not be abused, if abused it could result in a kick or a ban. On our Team speak server ts.ahoyworld.net (this goes in the address box) and Discord server there is a channel named "Need Assistance?" which you can enter and a member of Staff will be with you when we can. Most of the time there is a member of Staff on EU1, Team speak and Discord servers, but in the event that there is no Staff members around there is a player report tool that you can use which is found here: Player Report Tool. In this player report tool you should include a DETAILED description of the event and TIME it took place, there is a place where you can insert a link for VIDEO EVIDENCE which will help us out tremendously in the investigation and help determine the outcome. Thank you, Members of Staff
  8. Here is the link for anyone interested in Squad leading: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KuAMtXLJKKI9PJk7t7-ATGNW6VK9VHvIbc0Obonv3O0/edit?usp=sharing This is a guide for new Squad leaders or for those who would like a refresher on the topic. A effective leader and radio communication helps the Operation move smoothly and more efficient.
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    Welcome to the Ahoyworld Community Puka
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