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  1. Zeexe

    Sun Scenery

    its really hard to write descriptions these days.
  2. Zeexe

    Sun Scenery

    Planning our next move
  3. Zeexe


    Those are real stars BTW
  4. Leaving in Shakespearean style, I HATE IT Leaving in Scar way, I LOVE IT See you until then (dad).
  5. Zeexe

    I+A 4 alpha the revival of Lopez.jpg

    We actually thought to use them to detonate the crate, obviously there were "enough" explosives to "destroy" it. XD
  6. Zeexe

    Very close air support

    Or the fact we threw white smoke and Vortex shot who ever is inside it then asking " Is white frndly?" Good thing i survived it
  7. if you meant sending messages to people who are NOT on their computers then it could be a good idea to reach out whoever is AFK, other than that we could have a steam group.We can post events ( though i don't want it to replace over this website) and have a group chat there; also you could always have steam on your phone sending you notification.
  8. You can find the server address and its passcode in teamspeak, see the description of the briefing room under EU#6 - MSO *Edit* : Sry, saw just now that Stan and Noah_Hero already answered the question
  9. This is the forum page of MSO https://forums.ahoyworld.net/forum/103-aw-mso/
  10. Actually, Pilot license is not bad, not bad at all. In fact, we have only 5 pilot slots, pretty competitive i think. (Just an idea) i thought of if people wanted to be pilots, they should come to this forum, give an appliance of being a pilot, this appliance shouldn't take lots of time, its should be a 5 minute maybe less of a multiple choice test, one that can define if he is "mentally" ready to be a pilot. the number of wrong or right is totally up to you guys. if he passed he can be whitelisted for the slot. the idea of making an account and apply will differentiate between the serious and the trolls. just basic modifiable idea, you can throw this off if you think its bizarre
  11. Not much but glad to help, feel free to edit
  12. Feelings are hard to be written, You have been a great mentor, brought joy, and done what helped this community purely from your heart. I'm grateful that i had a chance to play with you. Best of Luck Soldier
  13. Hello everyone, Today i received a mail from ubisoft with a code for me to get into the closed beta of The Crew 2 , and they also gave me 3 extra invitations for the closed beta ( I think on all platforms ) This Closed beta will run from 31 May - 4 June SO WHO WANTS ONE!!! add me on uplay to get the code: zeexe1943
  14. did i just read C-130 ?? Oh boy Oh boy @hobnob11
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