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  1. Not really a mod request, but since its already here we will respond to it in this, future requests like this should go into the feedback thread. Denied because it would see limited use, and the ai following mechanic, as well as the whole changing squads system as a whole is pretty unreliable, and would require a lot of effort to get to a working state. -Steering Committee
  2. Approved, Will make it into the next repo update. -Steering Committee
  3. Mod Approved, It should make its way into the next repo update, barring any compatibility issues with the new pack of course. -Steering Committee
  4. Hi, We have decided not to include this mod mainly due to the 3.6gb file size. -Love, Steering Committee
  5. both the towed and self propelled arty all support manual elevation control via page up and page down, but charge information, muzzule velocity, and other stuff you need to calculate without a range table are missing. The paladin and pondos both have Fire Control Systems, but these are the same systems installed in tanks and are for line of sight direct fire solutions, they do not support indirect fire.
  6. hobnob11

    "I want to go home..."

    we came back for him.
  7. Perhaps a foxhole style "Consumable Respawn Ticket" system, where you need tickets (in foxhole, they use "shirts"), to spawn. and these tickets can be replenished by logistical support. for AWE this would mean that the FOB would require resupplying to enable re-spawning, in the field rally points could use a similar system, but without the ability to resupply them.
  8. I Wouldn't do camo patterns, because the system that chooses a faction doesn't know which camo's should be used on which maps, so it will for example pick woodland on lythium.
  9. One possible reason I can think of, we already have issues with team killing when we play opfor, and having humvees and m4's alongside btr's and ak's is not going to help.
  10. Feature Request, Ace Jerry Cans. Over the last couple days, We've been in a situation where a Jerry can would have been really fucking useful, and since Ace actually comes with Jerry cans, i figure there would be little harm in adding them to the logi menu. Maybe they could even be added in all vechs as default cargo, but that might be a little more involved to code. "Land_CanisterFuel_F" just by spawning the object it has the refuel and carrying mechanics etc built into the object, and it comes pre-loaded with fuel ready to use. Or even, this could replace the "use emergency fuel" ace interact option, it would just spawn you a jerry can, and it could be added to ground vechs as well
  11. With the current settings, spawning a Huey on the altis heli pad (i think its altis, might be malden) its not possible to edit it without moving.
  12. The public repo is horribly outdated, (blame ghost) you need to get the latest versions from either the armaholic link in the forum post or from steam workshop
  13. I know that the "Vehicle is too far away" error with the pylon menu on the heli pad is out of your control because its an ace feature. But could you maybe increase the range of the whiteboard? so i can stand nexto the heli and still interact with the whiteboard? Some maps (i think its malden's that does this) put the whiteboard out of range of the heli, so you have to move it closer.
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