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  1. With the current settings, spawning a Huey on the altis heli pad (i think its altis, might be malden) its not possible to edit it without moving.
  2. The public repo is horribly outdated, (blame ghost) you need to get the latest versions from either the armaholic link in the forum post or from steam workshop
  3. I know that the "Vehicle is too far away" error with the pylon menu on the heli pad is out of your control because its an ace feature. But could you maybe increase the range of the whiteboard? so i can stand nexto the heli and still interact with the whiteboard? Some maps (i think its malden's that does this) put the whiteboard out of range of the heli, so you have to move it closer.
  4. Pretty sure this happened before the new version you just posted, but both today and on Friday when you where Vortex, Capture HVT Missions have been spawning hvt's without the "confirm this asset" interaction, the mission still completes when you take this person back to base, but its easy to mistake him for a civi
  5. this is true, but if the workshop mod gets updated before our repo gets a chance to update you will be left unable to join the server. If you want to use the workshop version, i'd suggest copying it out of the workshop folder so it doesn't get auto updated.
  6. Update 01/03/2018: That test went well! looks like DynaSound is here to stay! Next up, we are going to test out Enhanced Soundscape, This mod is more intensive than DynaSound, so i'd stress that potato's probably want to avoid this one. If you want to try out Enhanced Soundscape, then follow the same installation instructions for DynaSound below, just use this mod instead: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26780 You can use the same arma3sync group, just drag it into the new modpack you made alongside dynasound2. (Side note for people using steam workshop, you can use workshop to download your mods, but I Advise copying them out of the workshop folder so they don't update before the server has had a chance to update, leaving you unable to join) Hi, Neighborhood transport pilot and steering committee member here. We will be testing a new optional sound mod in today's Stiletto game night: The Mod is optional, which means that it wont be in the Repo and you wont have to download it if you don't want to, for people who arn't interested in this sound mod you can continue as normal and nothing will be different for you. If you are interested in using this sound mod however, here are some steps to install the mod: Step 1: Download the mod: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=29810 (scroll down to the bottom of this page and click download) Step 2: Place the mod in your Arma 3 folder, next to all of your other mods (for people using the default steam install path, that's "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3" Step 3: Open up Arma 3 Sync, right click on your AhoyWorld Enhanced mod collection, and click Duplicate, you could call it for example: "AhoyWorld Enhanced With Sounds" Step 4: Drag the mod "@DynaSound 2" from the left to the new mod pack you just made and you're done :), just launch Arma using this mod pack instead of the normal enhanced mod pack to play with the sound mod.
  7. All Bugs listed confirmed as of 10am. 17/02/2018, stiletto version confirmed as 048 (based on in game change log) Spawn Crates menu: Medical Crates: Like the sound of different options, however.. - Numbers Listed next to options go " 1, 2, 3, 1, 9 ", this may be important idk - None of the medical crates actually spawn, no error message is produced (so far as i can see), selecting the option does nothing. Static Weapons: - This entire menu is empty, is this a class restriction thing? (tested while playing as vortex) Arsenal: Radio Stealing: - Steps to reproduce: 1: Equip a radio, exit arsenal, confirm radio still equipped, re-open arsenal. 2: Save that loadout, exit arsenal, confirm you still have radio. 3: Open Arsenal again, load the loadout, confirm both in the arsenal and out of it that the radio is now gone. - Tested 3 times both with the scroll wheel and the ace interact. Scope / Attachment Stealing: - Unable to reproduce, but happened to me yesterday, I load my standard loadout, quick save it using the ace interact, get into the heli, as soon as i get off the heli I notice i no longer have a scope. I realise this doesn't help you much in figuring out what causes this, but I can confirm it does still (rarely) happen. Heli Service Pad: You can just use a repair kit, but the harrier cannot use the service menu option on the heli service pad, and as you cant use the toolkit to refuel or rearm, it would be nice. Add Fast Rope System is my favorite addition to stiletto in a long time, the Huey, blackhawk, and Wildcat unarmed medium transport heli's are much more useful now, because you can put people into places that the little birds can (in the last two days, that's mostly been inside towns). One small request I have, I've been using the sling loaded "XL Empty Crate" to deliver supplies instead of the loadable boxes, it saves a lot of time to just release that then to land and get someone from alpha to unload the boxes, at the small downside of not being able to move the box as a inf. I was wondering if, instead of manually loading supplies into the inv, you could make the XL Crate have An ace cargo space of 2 or 4, so i can load for example a maaws crate and medical crate into it, that way the troops on the ground can unload the box they need and i don't have to be a sitting duck on the ground while they do.
  8. How do you communicate with say, a vortex element when radio's are being jammed? If I where ASL, I'd set up per-defined smoke colours, expecting vortex to see any use of red smoke as a authorization to strike, green being friendly but how do you communicate more complicated messages, say for example reinserts? I'm looking for a solution that doesn't involve steam/text messages, because you shouldn't text and fly (at least twice I have closed my text message window to see a mountain 2ft in front of me)
  9. https://clips.twitch.tv/KnottyWealthyAmazonDancingBaby
  10. had this "too far" issue with multiple different planes / heli's on malden yesterday while playing as PLA. ^
  11. Can we add the RHS Raven to the intel op? I don't think we should move what is effectively a heavy single seat cas roll (that heli thing has the payload to take out like 10+ btr's) into ASL, moving UAV op out of Plat Co and into its own role, enabled about the same time as vortex 2. so you could choose to have a uav instead of cas.
  12. (TL;DR, scroll down to the bullet points) After I heard that this could be fixed by disabling a windows compatibility option, I decided to do some research into what exactly was happening. I have found no reliable way to cause this, so local testing is pretty difficult. From what I can gather from online forums and posts by people having the same crash report, It's something related to Battle-eye and how windows handles full screen applications, as this happens in other battle-eye protected games such as fort-nite and DayZ. The error itself is a windows system error, but beyond that MSDN is being typically unhelpful. Anyways, Onto the "Supposed may or may not work probably will results may vary :TM:" fix. Open your Arma 3 Folder, this is by default located in: (If you have moved your steam installation, I will assume you know how to find your steam apps folder.) C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3 Right click on the first .exe file you see (arma3.exe) and click properties. Go to the Compatibility tab, and select "Change settings for all users" Check "Disable full-screen optimisation", and then click Apply. You must now repeat this step for all other .exe files in your base ArmA folder. I can't grantee that this will permanently fix the issue, but I can confirm that this has no performance impact what-so-ever so there should be no downside to this.
  13. It was at this moument he knew...

    GBU-12 best GBU.
  14. https://clips.twitch.tv/BovineHilariousTapirPastaThat