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  1. pretty sure this is the latest version of stiletto malden, bluefor tracker isnt working, (asl has someone in asl slot, there is an alpha 1 teamlead as well, im in vortex)
  2. well, the xian and blackfish are as expected super cool. Confirmed that paradropping armed humvee's (both the good and bad vars) works. xain can only load a quilin but pla don't have many options for vechs.
  3. Spawning other logi boxes works fine, but when trying to spawn the dedicated logistical point boxes i get this
  4. I've seen many enemy jets and helicopters spawn, the carriers long range anti air capability covers almost all of stratis, and its short range death trap CWIS net covers a good 3-4 km radius around it.
  5. Ideas \o/

    It's a neat idea and I like it, though I think it's easier to combine this with your last idea (change factions at the whiteboard) yeah, if we could change via whiteboard then this wouldn't really be needed. It's dependent on the helicopter - some have the FRIES points enabled, some don't - ie., all the Russian helicopters can't fast rope. yeah, its just we cant use the ace pylon menu on unarmed helicopters, so even though the unarmed Huey and Blackhawk support it, currently we need a zeus to do it. It's a good idea. Can I ask someone to come up with the appropriate text and I'll add it to the default briefing notes? *stares at skull* Ripe for abuse and griefing, but not a bad idea at all. I mean it would have the rank restrictions of a normal spawnpoint, but yeah.. This whole system deserves a review at some point, and I'll review that, but the ability to create custom squads was always intended to be used solely by a Platoon Commander. \o/ To answer the question - nope. And even if you took the C130 or a smaller plane like an AN-2 off the carrier, you'd never be able to land it there again. (COUGH MAYBE THEN WE COULD GET THE BLACKFISH COUGH <3) Time change is already there in mission management. Hashing the mission is not currently there but I believe the last update allowed whoever's in command to abort missions... although I think it just replaces the mission rather than advancing the mission number, so this won't end up hashing the mission. Not sure I want it there, the ideal solution is that we actually implement the #voteMission command with a 99% vote requirement. vote mission would solve this problem For changing the factions, that's possible, though I think I'd want to set a 10-minute time limit so that you don't constantly switch factions during the mission. As well I'd need to build in some exception handling so you don't arrive in situations where you are Opfor fighting Opfor. yeah it would need some restriction
  6. these feel too small to put in feature requests, and are probably all bad so I'mma post them here first. Make the default faction random, so we play something other than usmc.. add the FIRS (fast roping) system to all the unarmed helicopters (dunno if possible, but would be neato, main example is the Huey and black hawk) Put the "medical bandages appropriate usage" table in the briefing map menu thing, maybe not the image to save on file size, but just what bandage for what wound (and maybe even reopen times/ chances etc) put a vehicle spawner on the carriers, so that instead of having to set up logi people can just airlift vech's (and maybe drive the amphibious ones) make it so that you can disable the default squads, so that people who want to set up custom alphas etc can just disable the default and make a new one without editing the default one. do we have any planes smaller than the c130? for transport / paradroping (like for example the plane we use for a c130 spawn when playing as russia), so that it could fit on the carrier Add the ability to change the time on the whiteboard for squad leads, and if possible the ability to change the factions / hash the mission? (might be too abusable, but would be super useful for when no admins are online) let me know if you like any of these ideas / have any of your own / questions
  7. 8-man Squad kit setups.

    If I was ASL'ing an 8 man squad, I would probably do 2 man buddy teams in a fireteam each, so: Fire team 1: ASL - Usually doing a lot of radio comms and "big picture" planning, gets distracted a lot. Medic - Sticks with ASL, provides security while he has his head in a map, if someone needs a medic they are either brought back to the medic, or the ASL buddy team goes to them. Rifleman AT - Smaw carrier, I don't want this role to be 44 KG, but I also really don't like them only having 1/2 rounds, sooo.. Rifleman - So my solution is to have a basic rifleman who can carry another 2 rounds (or another tube if using a jav), This should keep this buddy team light enough to still quickly clear buildings and move between cover, while still being able to deal with multiple large armored targets. Fire team 2: AR - Fire team 2's leader, has a smaller AR for use in a city, this fire team is gonna be up front and clearing buildings. Rifleman - I am a fan of the basic rifleman slot, and I don't want to force people to carry ammo but I'm sure the AR would love a few more boxes. LAT - someones gotta deal with the damn BTR's Engineer - Usually up front with a mine detector, makes things go boom. Outside of a town, say assaulting a forest or a small military base, I'd put Fire Team 2 on point, and the AR would put the engineer up front for mines, they would move up and get the squad into the compound, dealing with most of the threats out in the open and clearing the perimeter. Fire Team 1 would follow up behind, and would clear the few small buildings and possibly deal with any medical situations and / or tanks.. Inside of a town, I would divide up the town into a slightly unfair say 60/40, because I expect Fire team 2 to be faster and to be able to clear more ground, This also gives Team 1 more slack to be able to react to tanks and medical emergencies like before. TL;DR Fire Team 1 is the reactionary force, they are able to redeploy to other areas of the AO as needed to deal with supprises.. Fire Team 2 is the front line, they are the ones who clear the way. Of course, no plan survives contact, and Fire Team 1 would by no means be waiting behind, they would just be the second people through the door.
  8. Im'a just bundle all these together: 0.27 feedback thread: Change log 1. works fine, you dont have to get them out of the vech, as soon as you drive into the base zone it completes the mission (praise ryko) 2. sounds neato. 3. JIP'd, didn't get arsenal. 4. Works with the ace micro dagger! (yay) 5. is that what caused sometimes not being able to spawn stuff? lol. (not sure how to test, but I'm sure it works.) 6. Nope, mission we did about 4 hours before time of this post had a buzzard landed just outside of the AO, ontop of a hill. 7. didnt notice anything broken here. 8. re-spawn time is sometimes 0 seconds, sometimes 25 seconds. (didn't do much testing, maybe just the first couple of spawns are broken?) 9. haven't tested.. tested on 27 malden and 27 lithium.
  9. Is this suppose to happen?

    its because the carrier is an object not part of the terrain, so units spawning on it count as spawning "in the air", units that are spawned in the air are given parachutes. <3
  10. 1. Name the MOD, Map or Feature: Helmet Cam Script 2. Describe what it does, or how you see it working: Brings back the helmet cam system that we lost with the removal of CTAB. 3. Provide a Steam-link or Bi-Thread to the request: / 4. Concisely tell us why you think it will improve the server, or player experience, by implementing it: There are a few roles who's job description can often be translated as "waiting", like transport vortex, high up command elements like platco, and logi when the base is finished. I was quite happy to sit on a helipad waiting for re-inserts for hours watching my little helmet cam feed of the action, with it gone I don't get to see how well the little troops I deployed are doing D: Soooo... I asked for someone to write a script for it, and boy did @Jochem deliver By the looks of it, there is still some work to be done on this, for example adding it to the map player menu and restricting it to command elements, but @Ryko is a super talented coder man who could do that izi pizi. <3
  11. on the topic of vortex: so in the ops where you restrict vortex, would you be opposed to a transport vortex who is basically a 5th logi guy, say for example we're on a carrier map, if all vortex did was ferry troops to the fob, then logi would drive them in. and if logi wanted he could also go and get boxes? on the topic of the scripts: @Ryko the minimap looks promising, (kinda need to control zoom, but im sure you'll be able to figure that out. does bluefor tracker work with it? because the ace mini tablet thing doesn't.. @Jochem GIB, IMMA MAKE A FEATURE REQUEST RITE NOW HOLD UP.
  12. I used to be mainly a lead / medic, as that seemed to be where I could most effectively help other people. Nowadays I've taken to hiding in vortex or some other separate squad because of the vocal disagreements on decisions and fights that happen, but that's besides the point. all I want to do is stop people from not having fun, that's the only reason i play any game. I don't find shooting people or blowing things up that interesting and what with the increase of capable Squad leads appearing, The main source of "non-fun" comes from players waiting around for the gears to start turning. So i started going Vortex where I could best minimize the amount of down time people experience, but now that's started being less and less useful so I ask you this.. (Side note: I feel like this could be interpreted as an attack on mini's concept of "ground only no air assets using the FOB", so I'm writing this side note to say that it is NOT that, I think its a cool alternate direction, but i have some questions..) 1: Do people not like vortex because it defeats the purpose of real logistical support, such as trucks and humvees? or is it because armed air assets make every battle "a sure victory"? 2: I saw in another post stanhope commented: I can't speak for other pilots, but If I manage to make just 1 person who just joined or died not wait as long, keep them in the game then I'm happy to wait on standby on the carrier for hours. We had a zeus op a while ago which consisted of some towns to clear on altis, and it was just after the rally point had been implemented so there was no need for reinserts. I sat on standby for maybe 3 hours before alpha needed an extraction, just watching the helmet cams and listening to long range, but I flew in and got everyone out, which gave them enough time to go and do something else instead of having to walk back. I'd do that mission again right now if i had the chance. 3: (this one is with minis op he did in mind) Say you did have a fob set up, with a logi team sorting out logistical support, but every now and then you had a guy who couldn't spawn at the fob because the JIP'd and didn't have the spawn point, or didn't want to kill them selves.. would you still object to a transport only vortex? 4: what happened to fast roping, hell when was the last time anyone did a parajump? there are so many more interesting ways to insert a team other than drive in a convoy or land a click outside and walk in. (off topic question) 5: does anyone know arma scripting well enough to code helmet cams into the new map based system, its lonely on the carrier nowadays.
  13. Hammer team didn't show up on the map because they didn't have a commander. altis logi crates have been broken since 0.24 I tested it just now, you can switch the weapon assignments between pilot and gunner just fine on the f18. also to make sure you select the right weapons to avoid clipping i suggest using the f18's own menu for pylon re-armament. the f14 is also a fully functional carrier aircraft that can carry the same if not more payload, can do both single and multi seat like the f18, and has access to all of the fir weapons, and from doing some basic testing with flying over a enemy AA mission, it seems more durable as well. IMO the arsenal in the FOB doesn't negate logi, it just negates the need for vortex to be slaved to them, and unless Logi drives the supplies In (good luck on carrier maps) this will mean vortex will need to help logi with all the boxes again. I think the point of the resupply boxes is not for when people get back to an FOB, which may or may not have the ammo they want (leading to most of alpha re-spawning at the FOB when they get back when they cant find what they need). Its so that when alpha's out in the AO and for example needs more smaw ammo, they can call that in without logi / the pilot having to go switch to bravo AT to get the ammo in a box then switching back to vortex to get to the AO. (ah, the good old days of switching to bravo marksman in takistan to get 7.62 ammo and then back to vortex). all the arsenal box does is convert the like 20 logi boxes that fill up an fob into 1 lag free box that has everything.
  14. Its not, both systems still work, FIR adds a new incompatible GPS system, which can be mounted onto the F18. but does not work with the F18's gps guided system. I dont know which bombs are FIR and which bombs are F18, but only the f18 gps bombs will work with the f18, and only the FIR gps bombs will work with the fir gps system.
  15. I think logi boxes are still useful, but for supplying troops out in the field so they don't have to keep going back to base after every mission. having logi fill up an fob with 20 crates of ammo and supplies just adds lag.