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  1. also, gib dis: Logi dont have access to it, maybe give it to them until we get FSG?
  2. Happening since before the start of 53, You can get laser designator batteries from arsenal, but if you save a loadout with them and then load that, you get "1x laserdesignatorbatteries in vest not available". Oh also another long standing bug, G-Force a big problem... a10 pilots do not wear geforce suits as they are not needed yet in arma you can black out in one.
  3. Reversing ftw

  4. FOB Best Base

  5. FOB Best Base

  6. you need about as much fucking at to kill thoes damn things.
  7. WIPseaPads

    this for I&A?
  8. People taking less ammo on purpose is a very serious problem, but i dont think this is the solution. I would suggest a good old fashioned shouting at as a solution for that. when you have a AO thats set to nightmare and even with vortex on eagle you're surrounded by btr's and bmp's, that rpg would come in real handy.
  9. Arma 3 Jets DLC.

    yes it is, and i know people still prefer the other aircraft to the vanilla ones. which is why i suggest maybe just 1 or 2 of them could be replaced by wipeouts.
  10. Arma 3 Jets DLC.

    oh cool, it would be nice to have the active radar but i doubt the modded AA threats are affected by the radar being turned on and off. mainly i just want a targeting pod that isnt done via ductape and a quadcopter.
  11. Arma 3 Jets DLC.

    Yes the main reason i want is the vastly improved sensor pod on the a10, and from my extreamly limited test i dont think the rwr works on the modded aircraft either.
  12. Few issues I have found so far: 1: The f18's tail hooks do not (as far as i can tell) work. 2: None of the jets use the new radar systems 3: we are still using a darter duck taped to the bottom of a harrier as a tgp. Now, i understand you dont want any paywalls on eu3, (cough prowlers cough) so you dont want to add any of the new jets. but what about replacing maybe a few of the a10's and blackhawks with the vanilla versions. you could even use the new pylon system to make them have the same loadouts. and maybe make the enemy ai jets be from the new lineup?
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