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  1. Remove me

    Hi please delete my forum account and anything else related to me. Thx, bye.
  2. Balance / Nerf the Jets

    Awesome, so we seem to be getting closer to a basic idea. Let us see how this will continue
  3. Balance / Nerf the Jets

    Wouldn't that mean that the requester (ground foot unit) would have to also be in TS? And wouldn't this make it harder for rule breakers to be noticed? (If you make a rule that pilots MUST be on TS, it could be a base for a solution), but many pilots don't even come on TS since its only advisable to be there, but not a must currently? Of course a solution to accept both would be awesome, but most of the time I'm alone in the TS channel (and i'm not even a pilot, i just come in there to not feel lonely )
  4. Balance / Nerf the Jets

    Make it a rule for the pilot to respond ONLY if the request has been made in side chat. If the pilot is requested via TS, then the pilot should tell the requester to make a formal request in side chat. (This works elsewhere, so no reason for it not to here). Alas i have no answer for this part, my proposal was a base idea. Maybe it can be used to build upon, and not viewed as a full fledged solution? I'm sure that something can be worked out along the lines of actually having a pilot be on standby until requested. I mean, this is the only issue at hand: Don't pick own targets Don't engage unless legitimate request has been made. As for enforcment... i can not be of too much help there since i am not a staff member, and do not have any form of control on this issue. Staff should figure this one out amongst themselves Regards, Theronas
  5. Balance / Nerf the Jets

    This is the only solution to my proposal. Why not? It works on all the other rules that you have implemented? Why not here? One thing i have learned and seen here on AW is that in-game, not only the Staff looks out if a player does something they shouldn't, but so do most of the normal players. If someone does something they shouldn't, you can see side chat go berserk most of the time about people complaining. And like is said, once the rule gets a bit more known, you will see that not only the pilots need to be aware, but the players will be too, hence; Rule breakers will get recorded/reported/spotted/bitched at Oh, btw, i hope i am not... uhm.. being rude of offputting at how im writing this morning. Im just having a rough day at work at the moment Regards, Theronas
  6. Balance / Nerf the Jets

    Hello Everyone. I think that this quote (above) hits the nail on the head! A more simple and elegant solution would be to actually create specific rules that apply for jet pilots. Sure, it will take a bit for the rule to get known and utilized, but in the long run it would work (see how the rules work for heli pilots). Any form of CAS should be standby and only be used on request. If this is not the case, kick/ban the pilot. The CAS should only be used on a specific requested target. The pilot and gunner should not be allowed to pick their own targets (with the exception of enemy air ofc). A request like this should just come in side chat, as in: "Request CAS on enemy MBT, located at 143576 from North to South. Target is being lazed." Once that has been requested, the CAS pilot is allowed to take off and eliminate said target. After the target is down, the CAS returns to base, or if requested they continue, they have to be announced/requested in side chat. Now to the issue of having 1 pilot slot that sits on standby, meaning that only 4 other slots are available.... create a pilot slot ONLY for jets. Simple really, if someone wants/enjoys to play a role where he sits mostly on standby and is active only upon request, that's his problem/fancy. That way the classic pilot slots will not be affected, there will be no camping (since its a slot-based solution). Now before some of you start with the argument (its a public server, which is why it won't work yak yak yak), it DOES work, on a PUBLIC server. I have seen other I&A public servers that have exactly this solution implemented, and it works like a charm. All it takes is 2 messages in side chat (request & confirmation) and a pilot willing to play that role in this manner. IF we see jets flying, attacking targets without a specific request (enemy air exempted), that pilot should leave the slot, kick, ban, however you wish to deal with rule ignorance. Like I mentioned above, it will take a while for this rule to become known and people to find out, but since you are all able to enforce so many other rules, this should not be an additional hassle. That way, there is no need to NERF stuff. I am one of the people who hate nerfs in general. Instead of nerfing something, might as well remove it totally, but stop with the nerfing as it is really annoying. I have never heard of a fighter jet for example that does not have air-to-ground missiles, and needs a separate Laze for it to do it's job. If it's too OP, then don't put it in in the first place. But to get back on topic, also based on the amount of different jets (AA jet only, WASP, etc) you would have to find the right balance in slots. This would also mean to adjust the re-arm and re--fuel times accordingly. There would be no need for 15 mins of re-arm or re-fuel, since that asset will operate in a more controlled environment (rules), or keep it for realism effect (this is not a formula 1 pit-stop either ). If you would like to see this solution in action, send me a pm (AW STAFF ONLY) so i can link them to an I&A server which has this solution implemented (I don't want to spam any other server in forums which is why i say staff only and only in PM). I would also like to add that this solution is the fastest/easiest method, which requires the least amount of work compared to many suggestions that have been proposed in this thread. Just my 2 cents Regards & whole lotta love, Theronas.
  7. Medic system on EU3

    I understand and do agree with your arguments. My idea for a medevac was a bit more along the lines of an addition, not a substitution. I always like to believe (not just here in arma/AWE) that adding options (not forcing/replacing options) just to give more possibilities when and if a situation allows, could be beneficial and add to the fun experience. Its nice to have multiple options for many misc. stuff rather than being forced to just 1 solution. Note: In general, not just for this thread here. I see many people give some pretty sweet ideas here and there. Most of them are being denied with the argument "Its not needed". It's not about "needed" or not, but rather to have more possibilities and choice to approach a situation. (No, it's not about my suggestion here, its general I'm talking about). No one is saying to not implement what others have suggested, but adding some of the other various ideas just offers more. I didn't know that AWE does not fall under the category "Milsim", so it appears that I am unaware what the actual Milsim is then in Arma (yeah yeah, im an old fart, and a n00b in many aspects) but I love this game, and sometimes i just scratch my head at the issue of knowing that Arma has so much to offer, but a lot is being limited to the player base. (No offense, I'm not criticizing this community or anything, I'm just wondering, thats all). I definitely understand that my suggestion is not feasible if you barely have enough players to fill up 1 squad, and about the time it would take to go through such a hassle. I guess i was just in my mind visualizing some war movie and thought "hey, this would kick ass in-game". Maybe someone could elaborate for me what "milsim" actually stands for, if not AWE? Regards, Theronas
  8. Medic Rant

    Whilst i feel for you about how annoying it can be, i honestly think (that for this specific situation) a kick/ban/report player is way to exaggerated. I mean seriously? You want to report/kick/ban a player for saying something like that? Its a bit harsh. And about the rules, I don't think that rule #9 applies here, nor does #8 really. He wasn't doing anything except opening his mouth, which as far as it's not insults or bad language, it should not be punished. Based on your logic, every time vortex has to put up with passengers telling him to fly low, do this, do that, every single flight should be punishing a handful of passengers. Don't let it get to you, and just either ignore such people, or do what you did "telling him to f*** off" which should suffice. It's not like your patient died due to his intervention or anything. Whilst i do have a lot of respect for rules and reporting, i honestly don't think that someone telling you "how to" should be punishable. Unless of course he's all over your face and intentionally being a dick at annoying you, then of course something should be done about it, but that was not the case from what i understand here. Regards, Theronas
  9. Pilot Callsigns

    To solve this part of the issue, normally when a CAS pilot is ready for CAS, he "should" announce something like: "CAS Online" or after "CAS Offline/refuel/rearm/whatever"... so the communication between ASL and Pilot Situations stays up to date at all times. I mean if we want to take it to a little bit of a realism level, then every player should up his role a bit. Its not hard for a CAS pilot to announce to ASL if CAS is online/offline. And its not hard for a ASL to know which call-sign refers to which type of aircraft. In addition to my earlier post above, (just for clarification) im not saying assign every aircraft its own call-sign. Rather group them, so make groups based on aircraft's role/types. 3 groups could suffice (4 would be even more detailed/better), so CAS jets get Talon, CAS helis get <insert some name here>, transport gets vortex, and AA jets get <insert some name here>, <---- Like Eagle or whatever There should be no confusion for just adding 3 names anywhere. The only issue at hand (from where i see it) is the coding/implementation part) from the admins/coders if they can implement an automated solution. That way, also it would not need for any re-slots or pilot intervention for switching groups/call-signs apart from announcing ON/OFF-line for the specific group (CAS/Others).... which they "should" be doing anyways all along with or without any changes mentioned in this entire thread. Regards, Theronas
  10. Pilot Callsigns

    Forgive me if i maybe make a "stupid" suggestion here. Is it possible to automate (script or hard-code) something like, when you login, you initially fill in a vortex pilot slot, but then depending on which type of aircraft you enter as a pilot, it would automatically change you to a specific Group/Call-sign? So for example, by default you are vortex, and when the pilot enters an Apache, he will automatically have his call-sign changed to Talon (or whatever you want to call it). That way, you can actually more fine-tune as in giving individual aircrafts their own call-signs without having the pilot to go through the hassle of manually switching groups etc... (Not to forget, the moment a pilot exits an aircraft, it should then also automatically remove the pilot from any specific group, maybe back to vortex or just plain "pilot"... ) And then like mentioned before, list it on the map which call-sign corresponds to which aircraft. I know this might seem as a lot of hard work to implement, but hey, it would be a sweet implementation if the admin/coders could make this work this way. Since it also has been mentioned here above that it maybe is a bad idea to give too many individual call-signs to avoid confusion, you can always dumb it down, to say any bird that can shoot would be called CAS, and the transports can just stay Vortex, or you can combine it for birds that can shoot and transport. Basically my initial idea can be dumbed down to help avoid confusion, but still implement an automatic changing of group/call-signs depending on which aircraft a pilot should enter. And if anyone in a command role can not cope with a couple of new names/call-signs due to confusion, then I honestly don't think they should be in a command role if that's what it takes to confuse them. (No offense intented). Regards, Theronas
  11. ArmA 3 Screenies & Videos Thread

    This should be put up on priceless.com
  12. Medic system on EU3

    I will not comment/talk about the issue of instant death or not. However, I would like to see a gamestyle where a wounded player would have to be stretchered out and medevaced. That would make gameplay more realistic, and pretty awesome too. Its not just about "pew pew pew, boom", but also about a functioning logistics for wounded. Now if you can sort out the technical issues (tank shell = kill, bullet to the knee shouldn't = kill, and actually have sqauds call in emergency medevac, that would kick ass. Arma realism should not only be about battle, but also all the other military things that come along with it. This includes logistics beyond just taking players to an AO for a quick first person Shooter. Regards, Theronas.
  13. Jets DLC

    Dunno, due to time restraints i have only been able to play once after the DLC, and i went on AWE that 1 time. I haven't tried yet on vanilla or anywhere else. I'm very busy these days, i run multiple servers on the net, and i am performing major upgrades on them, so I don't know when I will be able to login to game again. Its taking all of my time. I might be able to try/login tonight and see.
  14. Jets DLC

    I don't know if its relevant, but one thing that happened to me after the DLC update was that all of my saved arsenals were gone. I had to re-do them and save them again from scratch. So far (based on me browsing the BI and steam forums), i'm the only one who had this problem (atleast i didnt find any other thread/post about this issue). Other than that, yeah, on AWE i did come across some bad desynch and some weird frame drops here and there, but i didn't put the DLC to blame, i thought it might just have been my end or something. If i see anything else thats out of the ordinary i might post about it (if i deem it important enough to trouble you with)... Regards, Theronas
  15. Range finding after Jets DLS update

    Oh ok, many thanks @Stanhope. Theronas