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    top classy Arma moment: one nukes another for abusingly spawning vipers ... epic !?

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  1. The BEST !

    don't be said Noah_Hero i don't get you wrong
  2. The BEST !

    thanks for your suggestion Noah_Hero
  3. The BEST !

    I was no.1 in EU#3 many times, that's a fact, don't get so hyped that i am so proud of it ...
  4. The BEST !

    -1 per day / per person, but who cares if you can fly submarines and nuke everyone at your discretion... that is true arrogance and it is also the unfounded type of it
  5. The BEST !

    arrogance is scratching the butt and screwing the rules just because one can, loosen up and learn to take a joke ... teamwork is in the facts, the action, not the words. In all i've done, all my life i have tried to be the best, 90% i succeeded ...
  6. The BEST !

    teddy, you already gave me -1 3 times today, pls wait one day like everyone else to give me another one (24h pass quickly), or even in here you act beyond any rules ?
  7. The BEST !

    Yes, yes , yes, but still, number 1 is always, always Number 1. I killed them so they didn't kill you, that's team oriented at its finest, that's quality, that is an example to follow, that is what medals are given for, that is the stuff of legends ... I know it can be sad but (like Metallica said) true ... and Benji, 20 years ago i helped to write "the book" on corporate teambuilding marketing, hr type motivational , personal development, career management etc BS , i 've seen it all, i've read it all, i've smoked it all ... i am not gonna be proud of scratching my butt, i am sorry... 1 is 1, the rest just follow ... but who cares ?
  8. The BEST !

  9. Quality judgement without objectivity (tests) and metrics is like chasing your own tail. What is a good "quality", "experienced" player 500h, 1000h, 2000h, 10,000h , 100,000h; or is it no. of kills, or no. of successful landings, or no. of AOs without getting killed, no. of complex minefields deployed, miles driven without hitting any rocks, no. of correctly applied quickclots , dBs of laughter when you miss-throw a nade ? Whom i like is not "quality" is love <3. And one must be a hell of a stud to love 30 ppl at a time. *play Op Flashpoint again to re-discover the true spirit of ARMA ! The character was always fighting alongside people he didn't know, strangers he didn't know whether to trust or not, always outnumbered and outgunned, always questioning himself, the plan, the others, always geared with anything he could get his hands on, always having partial or no intel about what was going on. The atmosphere created was "real". The plot got thicker with every mission. There was always something deeper, something looming beyond the mission, beyond the war, it perfectly related to the era the game was portraying, to 50 years of daily reality in people's lives in E. Europe. That made the game special and unique among thousand others. It is an art form to transpose that in a multiplayer environment but since it can only be done in coop mode and given the number of artistically inclined people in here i think you could be the first to truly do that, if only ...* ps
  10. FIR_AWS Weapon Systems

    A bit of extra info never hurt any cause... Amentes truly did a great work and duly appreciated in introducing the assets.
  11. It is estimated that there are 500,000 survivors of accidents caused by landmines, cluster munitions and other explosive remnants of war. In addition, millions of people live under the threat of those weapons, sometimes decades after conflict. According to the 2012 Cluster Munition Monitor report, 94 percent of registered casualties are civilians and 40 percent are children One cluster bomb contains hundreds of bomblets (or submunitions) and typically scatters them across an area the size of two to four football fields Bomblets are small, often the size of a 'D' battery or a tennis ball and have a failure rate of up to 30 percent; unexploded bomblets become de facto landmines More than 70 countries stockpiled over one billion submunitions in 2012 The United States stockpile contains at least 730 million submunitions 34 countries are known to have produced more than 210 types of cluster munitions, 17 of which are suspected of still producing in 2012 Cluster bombs impede economic development, restrict access to water and deprive children of safe access to education There were 40 countries and territories affected by the presence of unexploded munitions as of 2012 Unexploded bomblets were responsible for nearly 10% of U.S. fatalities in the Gulf War The United States dropped 19 million in Cambodia, 70 million in Vietnam and 208 million in Laos The U.S. executed more than 580,000 bombing missions over Laos, dropping, on average, an entire planeload of bombs every eight minutes, around the clock, for nine years. The most cluster contaminated areas are in Afghanistan, Cambodia, Iraq, Laos, Kosovo and Vietnam. ***************************************** Army 2016: Russia to complete trials of cluster bomb Nikolai Novichkov, Moscow and Neil Gibson, London - IHS Jane's Defence Weekly 12 September 2016 Russia's Bazalt, a subsidiary of the TekhMash Concern, is to complete state trials of its latest PBK-500U Drel (Drill) 500 kg-class universal gliding cluster bomb in 2016, according to TekhMash's director general, Sergei Rusakov. "We are planning to complete them before the year end," Rusakov told IHS Jane's at this month's Army 2016 defence exhibition. He added that the PBK-500U Drel can be launched by day and night in all weather conditions and in contested areas. "An aircraft that drops the bomb can stay at [a] safe distance, as the Drel has a long range," he said. The PBK-500U is designed to attack targets such as armoured vehicles, land-based radars, and air defence command posts. The bomb has a length of 3,100 mm, a diameter of 450 mm, a combat weight of 540 kg, a maximum glide range of 30 km, and incorporates 15 SPBE-K submunitions. An aircraft can launch the bomb from 14,000 m, Rusakov added.
  12. 1 listening to all sides is a major prerequisite for any improvement (and not any personal vendetta) 2 the truth also 3 "warnings" instead of teaching him something about advanced models flight characteristics / AO veteran approach tactics etc obviously didn't improve anything 4 as a "veteran", getting shot down by a BMP (not an AA asset) didn't teach the kid by example much either, disconnecting right after the "wrong doing" (avoiding thus any kind of responsibility) taught him even less and he picked up on it, behaving exactly the same way later, once himself got shot down 5 after 1h , finding the desired slot taken by the kid and starting a "personal vendetta", still not giving him any advice but continuously looking for evidence of wrong doing (even while you were offline!?!) while he was trying to play his role and do his job of flying people and equipment wasn't helpful at all. You did not want to teach the kid anything at that moment, you just stood there watching him fail, that's the truth. "Tacticool, milsim-ish" = we don't just watch friendlies fail and die, right ? 6 make an objective, transparent, tough test, like a pilot's license, everyone takes it if wants to be certified and allowed to fly, once the pilot gets his license then all trolling and picking on must be completely stopped 7 judging an idea based 100% on the issuer and not the content is a major lack of "professionalism and focus on improvements" plan B :"Kid i see you would like to fly. In this server we have strict rules about slotting and advanced flight model assets. If you want to learn i could teach you a lot at x o clock on the x of July if you desire , because the server is usually empty then" plan C:"Kid i see you would like to fly. In this server we have strict rules about slotting and advanced flight model assets. But i am sure, given that the server is almost empty, nobody would truly mind a veteran taking a kid as co-pilot and teaching him something useful. Hop in as co-pilot for 10 min, but not more, because the rules must still be enforced here" etc. If he refuses and still trolls, shoot him in the head, report him and perma-ban him like the worst kind of traitors deserve. just the little devil's advocate point of view (overemphatic, against the tide, lacking omnibenevolence, omnisciently delusional, suicidely non dogmatic, indisputably black sheep-ish) ...
  13. anything can be used to troll if trolling is the purpose ... but yes, a visible colored, powerful light (strobe) would be a nice thingy to attach ... (there is a shoulder mounted colored light mod that i know of, it is quite nice but it only works clientside atm, so no good as is for multiplayer : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=832551294