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Another Shacktac Mod Thingy!

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depends on if the mod is like that of the shactac hud, because this is client-side it is optional, if the nades mod is also client side only then i see no reason that it should not be allowed on all of the ahoy arma servers. 



EDIT: He is moving the code over to the ACE devs so it will become a feature of the ace mod pack meaning it will only be available on EU3 most likely 

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Yeah, unfortunately I think EU1/2 are unmodded servers, meaning anyone can play on them because they require no MODs... this is by definition a MOD... :)


I'm super excited to see this, and it means I don't have to try and make it myself. :)

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will we do a mission with shacktac maybe? ive always wanted to
This is highly unlikely because we are are general community not a realism community like shacktac.

The way that we play is really relaxed and chill where they attend sessions and train with the people they play with to ensure team cohesion

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