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  1. inb4 we get banned from twitch for pg
  2. i think having loadout suggenstions might be usefull. i might even do it myself if there is intrest.
  3. pubbies don't have apex. its the only reason. when EU#2 was announced to be on tanoa i got very exited. finally! an unmodded, public, chill, server!! with less people, no trolls, it was gonna be great! but alas, simply not enough people had apex. i have had some amazing experiences on EU#2 tanoa. lets hope it will stay as the less popular, but still very loved smaller borther of EU#1. P.S holy shit did i write a requiem to EU#2 on tanoa?
  4. there has already been a thread on this. also, eu2 tanoa was greatly underplayd; i loved it, but there were no people playing it.
  5. Kirk76

    Purge heretics!

    we found this a few weeks ago, in the new MRAP's from RHS update
  6. and here i was thinking no one remembered that game...
  7. democracy wins! also BOY WERE THEY WRONG* *obscure-ish reference
  8. heres a really old one from way back when on fallujah
  9. looking forward to this, my only minor gripe is the times, as they are slightly late for me, being 2200-0000, but i understand that i am in a relatively eastern time zone (IST). one suggestion i have to make is flight training, since (good) pilots are somewhat scarce these days. cheers, and godspeed.
  10. its about time we see more responsible players in eu#1&2. i wish all applicants good luck, and godspeed.
  11. too bad, won'd be making it, my GPU's fried, replacement should be here by sunday
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