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Anyone else notice this?

John McClane

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I've noticed with a lot of the servers i have seen in the server list and youtube video's that it seems like there isnt any genuine arma game types anymore. IDK if anyone remembers Evolution blue from Armed assault, and just general domination in Arma 2 OA.  Now there are some communities out there that still play the combat aspect of the game (Like Ahoy World) but it seems that 80% of the community are into wasteland/zombies/life servers, personally i HATE HATE HATE!!!!!!! dayZ because of what it did to arma in my eyes. And wasteland you just cant really get the teamwork aspect into the game that you could get from the game modes in Arma 1 and Arma 2. The life servers in arma 1 where probably the best then there wasn't 10 different communities there was just 2 it was Sahrani life and City Life and the RP And amount of fun you could have in those you just cannot find in the life servers anymore.


Anyone else agree/disagree? Share your thoughts im curious. 

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I played ArmA long before DayZ existed, and while I certainly agree that DayZ brought in a lot of; undesirables?, I'd hardly describe it as an "every man for himself" type of game. In my experience, teamwork kept me and my team safe, rather than the opposite.


I loved the tension that DayZ could sometimes serve up. I remember vividly a 6-man excursion to a heli crash site, how it all went tits up and I ended up shooting enemy players and zombies, weaving in an out of friendlies, from my OW point.


It was, and is, the sort of game that a community like AW could enter and excel at, not that I'm advocating that we do so. It was what you made it, and me and my group made it glorious.


We actively hunted Bandits, and we facilitated trade between third parties by MAD doctrine; we guarded the good Samaritans of Dr. Wasteland. We tried to make it more than "run around and shoot things".


But yes, obviously few other players were that creative in their use of the game, which is also why I quit playing it. That and the scripters. Mostly the scripters.

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I would never play dayZ... I played it once and it doesnt appeal to me, and because my frustration twords the game is too high. And from what i hear 85% of people dont have teams to play with you where lucky to find ppl you could play with and not rip you off.


All im trying to say is i wish there was more of the old arma in the new arma and forget DayZ and bring back the times when an entire public server would work together to complete 1 goal.


And before DayZ there wasnt as many Trolls/teamkillers in arma, when i played arma 1 i think i seen a player get banned maybe twice for hacking, and when i ran my own arma 2 server it was the same, i miss those days.

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It took work, not luck :P





Arma gameplay is what you invest in - its all about making YOUR gametime a well spend investment.







well,we never had much love from the dev side with missions and such,every good MPmission was made by players FOR players!

Kilgore´s EVO @ ARMA 1

Xeno´s Domination that DESTROYED small coop servers by the 100s,similar to the Gayland and *shrugs* the cursed mission i wont name here do today - i recall similar talks dizzing Xeno for "inventing" Dom and wiping the so called "elite" coop servers

After all,I+A is nothing but a further developed and executed port of Domination as Xeno didnt want anyone to port Dom over to A3 - but look where we are now ;)



i can recall times in any game i played on the ARMA and before series that there s a good chunk of assholes coming with it,depending on timezone/country/server - so nothing new here

There s a fine saying in one of the "german" community forums im stalk...reading that goes like :

"Come for ARMA,stay for drama"



having played the "mod" back in the time,it was a ridicoulous small community that grew DAILY by the 100s - updating your modfiles daily to match the newest build and checking out the new features that been implented (the good,the bad and the ugly),waiting forever to connect to a server - in the first 3-4 weeks i played there was VERY LITTLE PvP and we shared groups with 20 people all fighting for the same goal by coincidence - it was one of the greatest gaming experiences i ever had!

New,intense,unforgiving ...

Nowadays - and you may already guessed that - i never bothered to purchase GayZ cause after quite a few years in MPgaming you grow a "nose for upcoming BS to stay out of" or maybe just got older and less the killing godess in PvP i was back in my glory nights but i enjoyed my time in the (mod)apocalypse in Chernarus



#my 2 Cents



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I didn't play Arma: Armed Assult, I didn't even own a PC back then. I'm originally a console gamer, with a background of games such as CoD, Halo and Battlefield. I had seen Arma before, but as I looked it up it didn't seem to be my kind of game. It seemed far too slow, complex and I didn't really think I would enjoy it. I am far from the only one who had this assumption about Arma. "It's a military sim that appeal only to military fanatics".

I overlocked Arma, it simply couldn't be a game for me. Years later I, as manny other found this guy Frankie on youtube. He was playing a modded version of Arma, a exploration/survival game with an insanely large map, a game in which your goal is to survive by any means nessecary, a game in which killing the opponent isn't always your goal. If I remember correctly it was even around the same time as the hunger games movie was released, and this was an opportunity to try and live through the same destiny as the kids in that movie. I had watched frankie play, I had followed him and only by watching his movies, felt competent enough to finally decide to give Dayz a try.

I bought Arma 2 and Operation Arrowhead, downloaded the mod and off I went. Framerate was horrible, I was lost and didn't know what to do. Spawn, found a zombie, died. Rince and repeat. I tried to get in to the game for a few hours, but always managed to get myself killed within 20 minutes or so and eventually gave up. I lay Dayz aside for a while and kept watching Frankies videos.

Somewhere down the road I realized that a friend of mine had Arma 2 and Operation Arrowhead, and we decided to give it a second try. It was much easier learning the game together, and it didn't take long untill we we're getting pretty decent at it. The Arma players would still kill us any day of the week, but among the Dayz players, we accually managed to do quite well.

Somewhere down the road we decided to give regular Arma 2 a try. With some basic knowledge from Dayz, we managed to adapt ourselves enough to play some Arma 2 wasteland, and we did quite well. You learned the basic combat, the vehicles and as we worked as a group of 2, we managed to overman most people who played by themselves. We rapidly learned to play the game, and became quite good at it. After having learned how to play Arma, we took that experience back to Dayz. We built bases, stole recourse, found friends, built alliances and generally had an awesome time. Dayz taught us the value of accually playing together, as it was the teamwork which allowed us newer players to compete with the more experienced ones.

Then there was Arma 3. We played Arma 3 from the get go, beginning with wasteland which we knew from earlier. Wasteland got boring quickly, so we gave king of the hill a try. King of the hill was an amazing gamemode for a while, as you can turn any game from a loss to a victory simply by cooperationg as a team, and it was some change from the slower wasteland. King of the hill is something which I still play a great ammount of, but now I want the real Arma experience - that's why I'm here on Ahoyworld. I went from a person who tried to survive the zombie apocalypse by myself, to a guy searching for a server to grow on as a teamplayer, as a part of a group. Arma has been quite the ride and I'm sure that there are manny, manny people taking the same rout as I am to finally end up in servers like theese.

You can complain as much as you want about Dayz, complain about how it killed the Arma spirit, but witout Dayz, I highly doubt that Arma would be the game it is today, the game we've grown to love. It would lack the budget, the playerbase and so manny people, me included would have missed out on the gem that Arma truly is.

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My personal experience is that i would never have found the Arma series if it wasn't for Dayz, it was the sole reason i bought arma 2. And arma in general would probably not be where it is today if it wasn't for the popularity that came from dayz. so you can complain as much as you want that you hate it but the harsh truth is that bohemia really needed the money they got from dayz. they might have gotten it a bit to late to fix the core problem of arma 3, that it is only 32bit.


So i dont really understand the hate. Not everybody likes the "hardcore" military simulator that is arma, but it is a great platform to create other gamemodes/styles of gameplay to cater what other audiences wants.

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And before DayZ there wasnt as many Trolls/teamkillers in arma, when i played arma 1 i think i seen a player get banned maybe twice for hacking, and when i ran my own arma 2 server it was the same, i miss those days.

This might not be entirely true. The gaming community evolves itself, DayZ or not. Sadly, it evolves to worse. Generally, not only ArmA.


So! Don't act like an old man complaining about everything in "Back in my days, communism was better!" style and enjoy the remains of good community we still have.  :)

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dayZ was cool and new in the beginning you have meet people make groups try to survive(my imbresion)


half year later: hello *bum*

i am friendly...: *bum*

same breaking point and exile they only camping ... build a big base shooting with a mar10 from the top of the base dont even make a npc mission (more loot if you can carry) no shoot me 20min after spawning and take my crapy ar15 iron sight my dog food and my dirty water big loot for you uhhh


The point is first there only arma players then hype bf cod gamers they dont care about how to play the gamemode coming in playing few hours and then they gone

also the server got a very tiny hack protection (i got a ak put a full mag into a player he move like flash and kill me with a hatch)


So mods are coming and going same like stupid player if you got the change and a mod relase try it out the first 2 weeks after this time are to many player the dont give a f***

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The people who only played ArmA2 for Dayz mod missed the entire game tbh.


Memorable moment at Ahoy:


We were browsing a couple of milsim units and there application process. 


Best question we found was "Did you buy ArmA2 for DayZ?" 


I can only assume it = DENIED. 

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Also its a lot of hard work to create stuff which is fun and playable.


Even Xeno's Domination sucks in A3 (read the reviews). All the ingredients are there, but its not fun and not really playable.


Rarek's brilliancy with I&A was creating something fun and playable and simple with the same ingredients.


Both Tonic (Altis Life) and Sa-Matra (Wasteland + KotH) are professional programmers, who are also excellent game designers.


The Exile team has at least one professional programmer, and a bunch of other enthusiastic and skillful modders.


Same with breaking point and dayz. Quality teams of semi-professionals and experienced modders.



Basically, its hard and mostly thankless work, to make something great. It is no surprise to me there are so few popular gamemodes.




Another thing to consider is on the Demand side, the above-mentioned teams being the Suppliers.


You could create something great, but no one would play it since most A3 players who are left (about 1/4 the number as were around 1 month after launch) have found their comfort zone gamemodes/gametypes, and just arent interested in playing anything else or trying anything new. Theres lots of fun scenarios with 0/40 servers simply because no one wants to join a 0/40 server, regardless of how much better your new gamemode is.


There isnt much demand for something new, evidenced by how rarely people join servers hosting unfamiliar scenarios.

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