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Invade & Annex DLC Maps Version History & Feedback thread


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Noticing vehicles fuel explosions after destruction do not always convert vehicle to a wreck after detonation and are sometimes delayed.

Is main base a temp or permanent location, would it be able to move to a pre constructed FOB say FOB4 Danang, should be easy enough of a thing to convert over for a few more helipads/vehicle spawn and repair facilities.

Assuming rewards will be the walker bulldog/huey hogs and frogs?  If so wouldn't Cobra be a better reward and have a random between a hog or frog at main?

Also haven't seen rewards spawning for missions (I am assuming this is due to early stages of development and not implemented yet).

Would squad org have to sit the same as EU1, Rifleman AT and LAT are kind of the same thing in this version due to AT weapons being limited?

just for notation as other people have said it but haven't seen it here;
suppressors for m16s
AK/RPD variants
Open up the helipads a bit more

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Vehicle explosions are arma, nothing I can do to fix that.  The main base is where it is now because it's on a shoreline, meaning that I loose 50% less useable places to spawn an AO, putting it in inland means I have to clear a large radius around the location of AOs.  Side mission rewards will contain all vehicles that don't regularly spawn as in vanilla, the cobra is included.  No, side mission rewards have not been spawning yet as there are no side missions compatible with this map yet.  Removing roles from squads (or changing them to existing ones) is possible, adding new ones less so as it'd mean a significant increase in maintenance (the vanilla and prairie fire versions are kept in sync for non-map specific things (like roles)).  I'll put suppressors on the list, ask about the enemy weapons and main base has already been redesigned for the next release.

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I had an issue when looking at the map that the red circle around the player icon was not present.  Also that the centre map on player wasn't working, the map would move but not centre on my icon.  The combination of the 2 made it very difficult to find my position and my relative position to others.  I wondered if it was a thing with the DLC so I checked in MF last night and that worked as normal.

Another vote for the availability of enemy weapons.

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20 hours ago, Stanhope said:

Vehicle explosions are arma, nothing I can do to fix that.  The main...

Thank you @Stanhope, one thing I have noticed is multiple medics reviving me only have option to heal not revive, I've also noticed that other people are having that issue too... is that default ARMA too?


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I'm enjoying I&A Nam, Just a couple of things I've noticed:

Lots of AI spawning in individual watch towers.

AI spawning under objects, I've noticed specifically under trench lines and rocks, I think as they're standing objects, not just on the ground

the screenshots are from the marked locations, which is where I've noticed them while playing


There's also the issue with planes not being able to lock other aircraft, which applies on EU1 as well, I think it may be to do with being spawned by the rewards spawn menu, but I'm not sure.

(also rewards menu spawned aircraft losing their pylons on occasion, but I've only seen that on EU1, when I tried to reward spawn a Wipeout as a reward)





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I'm not sure if it was mentioned yet... The other day we noticed the AI were choosing to garrison the prison bamboo cages (up to 4 per cage - kinky) in the enemy camps. not sure if that's solvable or not

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Change logs:



- [Added] Ability to see which AOs have been captured (map > settings > AO Markers)
- [Added][Cam Loa Nam] Bicycles to main base
- [Added][Cam Loa Nam] FOB Fox and FOB Leopard
- [Fixed][Cam Loa Nam] Carrier jet having the wrong loadout
- [Tweaked][Cam Loa Nam] Main base design
- [Tweaked][Cam Loa Nam] Night time time multiplier
- [Tweaked][Cam Loa Nam] AO reinforcement helicopters
- [Tweaked][Cam Loa Nam] Gave flare launcher to everyone



- [Tweaked] How certain side missions are spawned in
- [Fixed][Cam Loa Nam] Whitelisted some missing arsenal items
- [Fixed][Cam Loa Nam] Pilots being unable to repair helicopters
- [Tweaked][Cam Loa Nam] Enabled side missions
- [Tweaked][Cam Loa Nam] Ejection seat added to cleanup script
- [Removed][Cam Loa Nam] Removed grenades and CS gas from helicopters

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Could we add a max distance from nearest base/FOB modifier for side missions, EU2 usually has less people online than EU1, so it's less likely there'll be a pilot online, and due to the size of the map side objs can be a long way away(17 km cough, cough), taking a while to get to, only for the mission to fail soon after you get there 😞

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Changelog for 3.4.03

[Added] Destroyer side mission  
[Added] Map param to remove overcast at night (off on altis, on on Cam Loa Nam)

[Fixed] Prio arty ammo truck not being cleaned up
[Fixed] Jets on which the ejection seat was used not being cleaned up

[Tweaked] Made tank platoon subobjective compatible for all maps
[Tweaked] Weapon shipment side mission: civies are now more random
[Tweaked] Range from the center at which squads will patrol in the main AO
[Tweaked] Side missions will spawn a given distance away from a base or FOB
[Tweaked] Expanded the garrison blacklist for the main AO to include prisoner cages
[Tweaked] AO garrison: buildings will have a max garrison of 50%, max 40 garrison units will be created


[Added][Altis] Prairie Fire builboard - [Tweaked][Cam Loa Nam] Changed classnames of player units

[Tweaked][Cam Loa Nam] Infantry can be copilot in the AH-1 and UH-1
[Tweaked][Cam Loa Nam] Set mission date to have a full moon
[Tweaked][Cam Loa Nam] Main base layout (just a bit this time)

[Tweaked][Cam Loa Nam] AA weapons of F4s are assigned to the copilot again
[Tweaked][Cam Loa Nam] Default vehicle loadouts now include backpacks and flare launchers
[Tweaked][Cam Loa Nam] Arsenal restriction: Added mission weapon for grenadier and more face and headgear
[Removed][Cam Loa Nam] Seahorse from the side mission rewards list

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Below is the change log for Invade & Annex Prairie Fire which will be after the next restart on 06/05/2021.


- [Added][Cam Loa Nam] More AOs and FOBs
- [Tweaked][Cam Loa Nam] Enemy weapons can now be used by the recon squad
- [Tweaked][Cam Loa Nam] Enemy weapons can now be picked up in the field by any unit

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