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  1. Also getting this when logging on...
  2. Apologies if this is blunt, not intended as a criticism just a list; Typo in hunter descriptions (code for creating a new paragraph has space in it) when purchasing the rewards (screenshot). IR Laser pointer is loaded from a saved loadout without being purchased. inventory is randomly closing when I'm moving stuff around (i.e. between backpack and vest). Reward points don't seem to be used when I buy items from the 'gear' section. .45 ACP (Lots). .45 ACP: I buy it and it shows up in the arsenal but I can not get any ammo besides the three mags as added by default when I buy it. If I die/respawn it suddenly becomes unavailable in the arsenal (may take a few deaths/respawns but always happens). if I load a loudout with it after previous errors if gives me a notification that it has been removed (also happens if i loot one from a corpse). in rewards window it shows I own it and no option to re-buy after error occurs. Same occurs if I unlock it and change my role, as all other gear is available (providing not class locked) assuming this is a bug. Is it intentional to only allow MXCs for most classes or is it just placeholder with MX rifles being available on release? I don't know if you've tweaked the stamina but it seems like i can carry more before being reduced to the walk... it's very much appreciated.
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