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Framework For Mission Creators


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The following is a framework that are we releasing to aid future gamenight creators for Ahoyworld. These incorporate tools and features that are a standard across our missions, that you can incorporate into your own gamenight to align it with our standards. Credits to @Stanhope


The Features Of The Framework Include:

- TFAR Comptability (included but not required - sets default radio channels)

- Includes Admin Tools and Gamenight tools functionality

- Reapplies loadouts units had in the editor upon every spawn

- Contains 2 headless client slots

- Contains logging for friendly fire incidents, grenade throws and launchers being fired

- Readme compatibility, allowing staff/spartans to have zeus access  


How To Use:

Replace the ".VR" at the end to the map of your choice. The framework can be used on any map. 

(e.g change ".VR" to ".altis" and it will be compatible to use on Altis. 


 (Outdated look below for newest version)

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Wow, this is super helpful. I remember the days where I had to use AWE mission files and construct off of that, super poor performance because so many things kept running in the background that weren't used. Never got really good at decent missions with scripts in it so I had to heavily Zeus them after initial setup. But a overall framework is super nice.

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13 hours ago, MrEtra said:

Can I drop these configs into the main pbo area next to descript.ext or would I  have to copy and paste into the corresponding functions ie; fn_ClientEventRespawn?


Unsure what you mean exactly.

Everything you receive in the template is pretty much what you need. No need to hand pick (except for the media folder) stuff out.


If you mean the Discord Rich Presense code, then you can just paste it at the bottom of the description.ext of your exisiting one.

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Update to the Mission makers Framework. should be a bit more efficient than previous versions.




(Requires CBA and Ace)

  • Contains updated zeus code
  • TFAR specific code (which can be commented out)
  • Radio channel chart support
  • Improved event handling
  • Updated diary
  • Removed CHVD in favour of AW Mod
  • Cleaned up mission
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