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  1. *@Norris watches on as valiant NATO forces are slaughtered on first approach* P.S Welcome to the forums @Koohk
  2. I've tested this numerous times since the jets DLC overhauled the way radar guidance works. I've found that DAGRs can only lock onto vehicles that are "hot" (emitting thermal radiation) or picked up by an ACTIVE radar. (Hellcat only has passive radar) As @ansin11 said, the DAGRs have no LOAL ability and cannot be guided by a laser designation unlike the Scalpel/Macer missiles or GBUs, they must have direct line-of-sight onto the target and that target must have a hot thermal signature. My suggestion would be to provide Vortex with two separate variants; 1 x WY-55 Hellcat w/ 20mm Autocannon and Scalpel (x4) missile pod. 1 x WY-55 Hellcat w/ 2 x DAR pods. However, that is down to @Xwatt to decide.
  3. Did somebody say C O L L A T E R A L D A M A G E Liking the new layout chief @MidnightRunner
  4. When it comes to incomplete squads, as long as each fire team has a Team Leader, this shouldn't really be an issue as the FTL can be asked to carry a LR radio temporarily until a Squad Leader is present. (Not sure how well this will work though as we no longer have an arsenal to get radios from.) I personally much prefer the British rifle section layout that we use currently due to it's simplicity and smaller size, but like I said before; for the sake of introducing more people into leadership roles, the new structure MAY perhaps be useful in that regard. I do think this will require a trial period though, so that we can determine if it's actually beneficial in the long-run.
  5. I believe the squad structure we use currently is the same as Arma 3's vanilla setup, which is very similiar to how the British Army operates infantry sections. (Strange considering NATO is mostly American in A3.) Which you can see in the following picture; Obviously subsiding the Section Commander for SL and 2iC for FTL. I do agree that squad leading can be quite taxing, however in my opinion I believe that squad lead is a role that just requires practice and some basic radio discipline within the squad. Whether this is done pre-mission or established hastily in the field shouldn't make much of a difference in terms of workload. For the sake of easing people into leadership roles and making the scenarios less mentally taxing, it could be worth while adopting the American rifle squad structure. (Identical to the setup you mentioned.) As seen here; +Adding a CLS to accompany the squad leader. As you said, it would allow the SL to focus more on Platoon orders/communication between fireteams, rather than have to worry about the rogue rifleman disappearing mid-op to eat noodles (@Wookz). This would also allow the FTL to practice their leadership ability. However, this is down to the staff to decide.
  6. I'd say @Minipily gave a pretty solid answer to your question. Unfortunately, a lot of different Arma 3 communities are experiencing similiar dry spell situations, it isn't purely reserved to Ahoyworld. The main contributing factor is that Arma 3 is becoming dated, and naturally, players will move on to other games. Ahoyworld is recovering though, thanks to the re-introduction of EU2 and the MSO missions ran by the Enhanced team. Hopefully once I&A4 is pushed out, full focus can be put into the release of AWE which I'm sure a lot of the oldies and newcomers will enjoy. You can check out highlights from MSO missions on @Johnson's channel: Multiple Sesson Operations Along with the EU2 gamenights on the Ahoyworld channel (and @Xwatt's Twitch highlights): EU2 Weekend Gamenights AhoyWorld Twitch
  7. Jenkins

    Know Your Enemy

    Tanoan Emergency Services and NATO responding to the scene of a car bomb attack, orchestrated by the Syndikat rebels in response to increased foreign and local government aggression. Georgetown - Tanoa, 2034.
  8. Thanks a lot @Xwatt! How will I steal @TheScar's reward Kuma now?
  9. Jenkins

    Status: Freedom Delivered.

    Personal highlight; After guiding a MAAWS HEAT rocket into the cockpit of an attacking AAF Hellcat, a poor un-suspecting @ansin11 gets a rude surprise. Hellcat Crushes Ansin
  10. Jenkins

    Status: Freedom Delivered.

    After a hard-fought push by NATO forces to secure Mike 2-6, the town of Agia Marina and the Military Airbase. The island of Stratis was finally returned to Altian government after the short-lived military coup. Well done to everyone that took part across the three-week campaign! (And to the staff that put up with our sh--)
  11. Jenkins

    Invade & Annex

    @Xwatt EU1 plebs being inserted into the main objective: eu1plebs.mp4
  12. Jenkins

    Invade & Annex

    NATO forces engaging joint AAF/CSAT held positions on the outskirts of Pyrgos during the Altian flashpoint. Altis Mainland, 2035.
  13. Looking forward to it @MidnightRunner! Livonia is definitely one of those maps with a lot of potential. Just bear in mind those precious frame rates
  14. Can't wait for me and the boys to get AP mine'd in the woodlands
  15. And half of those hours are thanks to @TheScar
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