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  1. Mission Name: Iron front US Campaign Week 2 Server Details: IP: Port: 2302 Mods Required: Arma 3 Preset IFA Ahoy.html 6.58 kB · 14 downloads TS address: ts.ahoyworld.net TEAMSPEAK MISSION BRIEFING FOR ALL PLAYERS WILL BEGIN AT 17.30 UTC Expected Mission Length: 120+ minutes (may go over or under expected mission length) Player Slots: 37 (2 Squads of 12, an 7 man weapons team and 6 man command element) Situation Operation Overlord is in full effect. With the successful inser
  2. After a brief talk with Midnight, this was already something added, just too late. From this friday there will be an M1 Garand and M1A1 Carbine in the arsenal
  3. I'm not fluent, but I know some
  4. it wasn't uncommon for american to have someone who could speak german
  5. Nein, wir spielen als die Amerikaner
  6. When you're the only one that can see the threats, you need to inform the neccessary parties. Besides, I only have a radio and a satellite feed, not a gun to shoot stuff with. Yes, sadly, you don't get the portable satellite anymore, so you're stuck in base, outside of SR range This was the case with Kunduz, as the ISR could join the guys in the field. As we moved to Finland, it can feel ackward dropping it on ISR, since he's not with you, but ultimately, if Command doesn't feel he can handle Vortex and all infantry elements, then he can ask ISR to take ov
  7. ISR is fitted to help with this if needed
  8. Mission Summary Russian special operators finalized a deal with a local warlord. While main forces are deploying into mainland, the insurgents have heard that the americans are withdrawing and sees this as a chance to fight against their own local enemies. However, the local oppressors are hiding behind american funding and have asked the russians to own up to their deal. Modset Required AW_Liberation_Lythium (4).html9.92 kB · 8 downloads Mission Runtime Roughly 2 hours --- Friendly Forces Russian Special Forces (under
  9. I tried to translate "never gonna give you, never gonna let you down, never gonna turn around and desert you" and put english words between the commas, but I can translating it back makes more sense
  10. Dear Diary, To whom's eyes this may be read from. Lieutenant SiegeSix, commander of Hammer, commander of both the T-80UM and T-90SM, and his crew, embarked on a horrific journey. The T-80UM was a massive failure only surviving 2 rockets in all of 30 seconds of combat. But a quick return with superior armor made quite the difference in the field. For the T-90SM, our superior on the ground was unmatched. Having to fire more rounds than what we had at our disposable, we killed every higher threat to the half-dead infantry. Our first engagement
  11. Mission Summary The US is about to finish their last and final rotation, meaning they'll leave the Lythium side of Afghanistan. The russians has taken advantage of this, establishing a base north of the US base. Russia hopes to exploit this land for many new possibilities and options in terms of warfare. Modset Required AW_Liberation_Lythium (4).html Mission Runtime Roughly 2 hours --- Friendly Forces Russian Special Forces Opposing Forces Insurgents Situation The FSB has managed to put us in
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