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  1. If I know Midnight's operations well enough, then it's only civilian slots that are for signups. So yes, first come, first serve
  2. To make it as fair of a judgement as possible, I ran it through wheelofnames.com 10 times with 5 entries per name. @Walk'N's entry nr. 3 won. I'll sent you a DM on discord prior to the OP with information you may need. If you have any objections, let me know.
  3. Operation Red Dragon Mission Length ~2 hours Modset OperationRedDragon.html Situation With Poseidon out of the picture the Soviets are on high alert. They are fortifying their borders and increasing their nuclear arsenal. While these fortifications were being set, an IDAP group were sent to a catastrophy site, where a town was sent under water. This group carried a powerful NATO-made generator that could supply them with power for several days. This same machine has been the reason the IDAP group has attacked last night. The US can't be known in any
  4. Would be nice to have the build menu options (after you've clicked "buy" in the scroll menu), to be coloured so it's easier to differentiate from the rest of the options
  5. Operation Evergreen Mission Length ~2 hours Modset OperationEvergreen.html Situation A soviet arms dealer, codenamed "Poseidon", has made his name by selling weapons to both soviet insurgency, middle eastern parties and has served as off-shore funding and arsenal by special forces in the Eastern Bloc. The CIA tracked every lead they could get their hands on and learned that he will be attending a business meeting regarding a big shipping operation in Albania. For this, we have dispatched a black ops unit to kidnap him and cease the operation by any m
  6. Looking forward to it. Modset looks interesting
  7. Wouldn't this mean we get punished for dying? Instead of dying instantly, we are stuck on a 2 min 30 sec timer where we can sit and be bored while medics treats us?
  8. I agree. I vote yes to all of this.
  9. Mission Name: Star Wars Campaign Week 5 Server Details: IP: Port: 2302 Mods Required: AWStarWars_Zen.html *NOTE updated HTML with ZEN addition* TS address: ts.ahoyworld.net TEAMSPEAK MISSION BRIEFING FOR ALL PLAYERS WILL BEGIN AT 19:00 UTC Expected Mission Length: 120+ minutes (may go over or under expected mission length) Player Slots: 40 (4 Squads of 9, Vortex, Reaper and a 2 man command element) Situation After our last mission, the reconnaissance unit has moved further east where they relayed the where
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