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  1. ACE sometimes denies your attempt at defusing. This will make the charge blow up
  2. Feedback on Russian VS Insurgents Lythium 10/10, would play again. 1/10, wouldn't let Gustis defuse bombs again
  3. I volunteer to be a victim of Alpha's warcrimes
  4. Pretty sure there's a less formal introduction to the gamemode in your diary (Left side of your screen when you open your map)
  5. A grand idea for Russian VS Insurgents (Lythium) Random IEDs. Like good ol' Stiletto. Having IEDs at objectives or on random roads would spice up the gameplay
  6. Last I checked UN didn't commit as many war crimes as we do...
  7. Then let's go 'nam on these cooks and play as HIDF
  8. Changing the map to a 400 km2 Afghan map is, in my opinion, a great thing. Not only will Altis look like Malden, but the gameplay will be longer and the difference in the settings offers a moree dynamic feeling. As Johnson mentioned: Although the idea of fighting a new enemy is great. It would only make sense to fight afghan insurgents on Lythium only or HIDF on Tanoa. IIRC, BAF on Stiletto was only a fan favorite to the few and people wanted to play the USSOCOM instead. Adding my own opinion. Changing it to the playable russian faction (MSV/VDV) offers a new gameplay dynamic. You no longer have the little bird or Black Hawk/Huey, you got a Ka-60 and the fattest Mi-8 around. Ontop it offers Reaper an opportunity to transport players with the Mi-24.
  9. I noticed the PKM gunner aimed for body parts and armor, rather than head, which actually lead to me being downed for once and being sprayed down. +1
  10. To Ryko's problem, I give you the solution: New mod: cTab. Just like old days.
  11. Mod/map name : Advanced Towing Describe what it is: A tool that allows vehicles to tow other vehicles. Provide a link to the mod/map: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=639837898 Concisely tell us why you think it will improve the server, or player experience, by implementing it: Useful for when units need to move immobile vehicles. An example could be Alpha immobolizing three vehicles and they only got 2 working vehicles left. They or logi could go out there and tow the vehicles back to base/FOB. Another example could be when/if Logi has to return damaged vehicles from the battlefield. The vehicle might be lacking fuel or has damage that renders it undrivable. This mod would help find a suitable solution to often regular problem.
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