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  1. You fly that damn jet wooz' That shady thing can't even land on all three wheels or turn on 'em.
  2. Maybe I should become a pilot before someone crashes?
  3. This is what I remember most about EU#3; PTSD and vietnam music. Is this a first come first serve thing again?
  4. I remember back to my time here. Having the first-come-first-serve when it came to roles and a strict policy as to chain of command, I found it pleassant to have a group of people willing to abide by these and have fun. It creates that public commitment-free milsim that I personally love. To your question, I always felt that having something BLUFOR specific was a must, since I remember a couple of times where someone would dress up as russians and get teamkilled. If the server ever opens back up and with a newer version of Stiletto, I might consider coming back.
  5. The only way I managed to make this work is following: - Open arsenal - Do your business - Make sure you're on the communications tab - Make sure the selected radio is highlighted - Then leave the arsenal
  6. Stiletto Altis http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1303095054 Tried searching as a intel operative.
  7. SMA's M4A1 Tactical & MK18 MOD1 (pretty much all variants, tell me if you need a full list to be sure ;))
  8. Love the feedback guys! I see a pattern that doesn't change, and that is the tactical playstyle. It is always fun to play the objective in more cooperative planned out way. Once thing I also noticed, is that your ideas on gamenights are different. I am not the greatest mission maker myself, but I love to put things together and see how well they work. Keep it up guys!
  9. Hi, we're all different; the way we play, the preferred playstyle, tactics and so on. I wanna ask you guys - the AWE players - 2 questions (I much prefer details): 1) What type of playstyle do you like? (Recon, guns blazing, tactical, airstrike etc) 2) What type of gamenight missions do wish to see more of? (Something unordinary, serious stiletto, stiletto with custom objectives etc) - SiegeSix
  10. I got a for and against argument for this. On one side you can give him the lieutenant rank. On the other side you still have ASL or vortex to do that for you?
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