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  1. Usually the mobile respawn helicopter is the bigger capacity helicopter for the faction, not necessarily its flying characteristics. The chinook is the same as used for the USMC factions and there is the ground one if that is better. Its meant to bring more life to the map, along with the ambient civs who drive/walk around the map. Its not his fault a FOB was built on an international airport It also makes it so anything airborne isn't necessarily a target, giving a bit less of a 'blow everything out the sky' idea. I can turn him off for this map, if others feel the same way. Apologies, this has been listed on my to-do list once my time frees up. And this was also done
  2. Something like this is very do-able, linking it with Mikaels as well. I'll be looking into doing this, however I just can't find the time too right now, so this may take longer then I usually push out new content.
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