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  1. Sorry it took a while, but AW Mod has now been updated to have a split air category, and the 'unexpected' behaviour with entering a distance has been altered.
  2. The newest update to AW Mod has the following changelog: [Added] Air view distance is now split into Rotary and Other Air for extra customisability [Tweaked] AW_RESOURCES has been merged into AW_UI [Tweaked] Minimum view distance reduced to 100m from 500m [Fixed] Unusual behaviour on radio channel chart [Removed] UIs for Frontlines have been removed
  3. Arsenal has been changed for the next update.
  4. You can recycle huron containers, its just that they were put just out of range of the recycling point. I've increased its range by 50m to try and avoid this in the future (50m on top of the build radius from the original FOB building). There was a change to make it stop updating with less then 3 characters (so wouldn't trigger on 2m) which should help with that. We could reduce the minimum to 100 I guess. This is do-able (rotary & fixed-wing), although it'd require a UI update which makes everything a bit slower to implement. I think this is more of a player enforc
  5. Have pushed the unload point slightly further back to try and avoid this. Found the issue, will be fixed in next update. May have found an issue, worth checking again after next update.
  6. 1. Fixed the secondary mission tab issue, would only occur when you get the full 60. Will be fixed in next update. 2. The mission does scale with players, sending troop carriers depending on player numbers with a minimum of 2. So if you went in with 8 people, you'd get 2 vehicles with troops, but 9 people you'd get 3. So it goes with the logic of players on divided by 4 and rounds up to figure the count and thats how a lot of secondary missions are scaled. It did help that yesterday 2 of the BTR's went straight into all our squads I'll knock the scaling down to 1 per 3 players for all th
  7. The cleanup script for things such as that works with the logic that there is a set cap (10 vehicle wrecks, 30 bodies) and once that cap goes over it will delete the oldest body/wreck, so this behaviour is somewhat expected. I can always reduce these values but at the moment, performance wise, it seems to be ok.
  8. Have tweaked around with various settings, should improve but will get a better view from gamenight tomorrow. Found the issue, this will be fixed in next AWMod update. Found the issue, happened when recycling a mobile respawn. Fix will be in next update for gamenight tomorrow.
  9. As not every op/person uses DUI I would prefer to avoid including this in the AW Mod HUD, however you can be quite clever and change the keybind that DUI provides to disable their UI. If you set this to the same as your disable HUD key (Ctrl+Shift+F by default), it'll do both at the same time.
  10. So this weird behaviour is because it doesn't allow you to have a number less then 500 (as thats what default arma uses) and I update the view distance on the onKeyUp event (once you've released the key) so you can preview the distance. I think a possible solution could be to not run the code if less then 2 characters are entered, which will mean it won't set it to the minimum of 500 as you type.
  11. 1. Makes sense, we'll change that 2. If we have some in-house graphical talent I'd be well up for that, however we want to keep unique and not re-use assets from elsewhere. 3. Was a design choice, PoW's drop their currently held weapon then instantly surrender. Ref view distance, if you can get with me on teamspeak we can go through and see what the issue is, that sounds like your user data may be a bit borked. Found an issue in AWMod. 1. In the old settings, they would usually die off a headshot so this does give them another chance at life. I'll admit even I monged o
  12. AW Mod has been updated today with the following changes: Fix for double opening of view distance menu View distance will now change if you are driving a UGV (car) and UAV (air) Clear grass action added Inventory management actions added Chestpack actions now client toggle These options can be found in Addon Settings: AW Mod - Client, as shown below.
  13. DomT

    Face of a medic #nofilter

    Hey, that guy looks familiar! Didn't realise you were that close to death, that tiniest bit of proper Gray in the middle.
  14. I signed up, but can't make it after all, sorry but other things came up :/ Hopefully I'll make the next one!
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