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  1. No, but if I'm on your wavelength there are options to help build a lot; So repeat build is very useful for FOB defences
  2. I've shuffled the tower slightly to prevent it clipping, it also now spawns a smaller tower setup but it works better. So you're asking me to spawn more enemies to come and rush you riiiiiiiiiiight?
  3. I have to keep threat balanced so what number would you suggest? Some other numbers are; FOB Hunt: -40% IED Factory: -15% Supply Depot: -5% Taking a tower: -3% Taking a village: +5% Destroying a tower: -10% So all in all, destroying a tower after taking it actually reduces it by 13%, which is close to the value of doing a IED factory (which has the intel cost). We need to make sure its not too good, as then other things will be neglected. The insta-destruction of a tower was never aimed to be the primary way of threat reduction, just an extra way to reduce threat or get some consistent intel.
  4. From tomorrow, the amount of light vehicles that are spawned at all types of objectives will be reduced by 1, meaning the minimum vehicles at each objective will drop to 2 from 3. This should make it easier for smaller groups and also reduce the chances of GMG's wrecking buildings. Enjoy
  5. Are you sure it didn't get loaded into another vehicle nearby? There is a check to make sure if the vehicle is already full, it can't add more, and moves on to check other nearby vehicles.
  6. Thanks, have it fixed for the next update
  7. Side mission has been implemented so sectors can 'request repairs' from your forces. They will request a number of supplies from you which you need to deliver within 30 minutes, then you will gain 75% of the civ rep loss (so currently +6%). The side mission will be added on the next map change, due to it not being accurate for the current run I have also added a small menu to choose the amount of crates you want to retrieve from a factory, as well as the ability to withdraw resources from a FOB.
  8. Should be fixed next update. Have made it so rotors aren't spinning before the interaction is available. Fixed in next update. Reference LAMBS, Frontlines only uses its patrol, garrison and camp functions directly, and only for defensive AI. Otherwise its just the normal AI into combat, begin LAMBS stuff, so I can't influence it too much. There are a few CBA settings we can try and change but not sure how fruitful it is. Isla Duala may also not be helping, and will probably be avoided for future runs.
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