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  1. We know that we're never going to make a change that absolutely everyone agrees with, and it's important that we continue to receive feedback, good and bad. We don't want people to be afraid of saying something because it's "against the grain". Otherwise how will we know where to look towards improving things? That being said, this first step is intentionally drastic, everyone is going to have a very surreal experience their first time playing with a modset that's half the size. And yes, as was mentioned before, there's always the possibility of reintroducing things down the line, but we would definitely like to see the dust settle first after these changes have been made.
  2. For now, only the repo will be changing. Stiletto will need to be reverted slightly but no major reworks are being planned at this time. Further down the line, we are looking towards expanding the variety of gamemodes/missions available on AWE, but that's really all I can say on that at this time.
  3. That is correct Stan, I believe the only mod we are currently planning to keep, that wasn't mentioned in the newspost, is ShackTac UI.
  4. Enhanced Server Update

    Hi everyone, I'm Mouldy, and I'd like to give a quick introduction for those of you who may not know much about me. I started playing on Ahoyworld EU#3 Modded in September 2015. It was exactly the kind of community I had been looking for: a public server with radio-environment mods, and a focus on more realistic squad-level gameplay. In May of 2016, I was invited to become a moderator for what is now the Enhanced community, and I've been here ever since. With introductions out of the way, Colsta has recently stepped down as AWE Team Lead, and I am excited to take over the position during this pivotal moment in AWE history. AWE, at its core, has always emphasized teamwork, having fun, and player driven creativity. The mods that we employ on the server are in pursuit of this idea, but recently player sentiment has shifted. Many in our community have decided that our current modset is too bloated, to the point of being almost unusable by the average player. Of all the different kinds of people that come to play on the AWE server, everyone who has approached us has said the same thing: "We want less mods." The Enhanced Moderators are in full agreement with the community. We have heard your ideas, discussed some of our own, and decided on a course of action that we would like to take with the server. These are changes that the community has asked for, and the mod team has agreed is a direction that we should pursue for AWE. The revised modset for AWE will be trimmed down significantly in the next repo update. We are looking at the minimum requirements for our ideal AWE experience. Mainstays like TFAR, ACE, RHS, and a few choice maps will remain. But practically everything else is going to be cut from our modset. This will bring the repo size down to around 16GB(from 30+), which is much more palatable for prospective players, and we hope to capitalize on this with more promotion and events once these changes are live. We would love to hear the community's feedback in regards to these proposed changes in the Enhanced subforum, please visit the official thread here. The AWE Mod team has some more ideas that we're excited to explore, but we're not quite ready to announce anything yet! Thank you all for choosing Ahoyworld, and our Enhanced server.
  5. If you've not seen our newspost yet, please check it out here. Please post general feedback here, in regards to the changes outlined in the newspost. If you have ideas that were not mentioned, please consider making a separate thread if you feel it warrants deeper discussion. Thank you. Ps here is the future modset once the changes are implamented (ghost):
  6. Lythium 60 Several people (myself included) were crashing fairly regularly today when in proximity to a jammer AO. Beyond looking at the radar tower there's no identifiable cause.
  7. Nice to see you again, Jasman. We're still here! Our current map rotation includes Malden, Altis, Stratis, Lythium, Tembelan, and Bozcaada, and sometimes Gorgona or Kunduz. Most of the mods we use will be familiar, I'm trying to remember all that's changed since you last played. Some notable changes: The removal of Bluforce Tracker and its associated items, lots of new ace features including 'enhanced' nightvision and dslyexci's grenade script, the BAF modpack which adds a whole lot of British Armed Forces assets, and a few different vehicles, from Air superiority jets to LAV's. People come and go(as evidenced by you!) but the server is still quite active on weekends, Friday nights in particular if you're looking for a good time to hop on. Hope to see you on the battlefield!
  8. denied Chenarus NON-CUP

    While everyone (including myself) remembers Chernarus fondly, unfortunately a lot of us look at these older maps through rose tinted glasses, remembering the good parts and omitting the bad. Chernarus has AI shooting through trees in every engagement, very few enterable buildings, and the filesize here is quite large compared to the rest of our maps(even LYTHIUM is less than half the size).
  9. [AWE][GAMENIGHT]Operation Nightfall on 13/4 at 1900 UTC

    We've got an exciting mission by ShadowAce taking place in two weeks, sign up if you're interested!
  10. bozcaada 54, defend comms array mission was attempted, all enemies neutralized but mission never completed
  11. First video of the new year!
  12. Lythium Stiletto 33, IED's seem to be spawning 2 in the exact same spot, often different combinations (IED's, tripwires, etc.)
  13. Gauntlet 54 Update and feedback

    Lythium latest(109 I think?) Editing squads doesn't seem to work (from squad management window, admin only) I attempted to delete some bugged slots in A1 (teamlead and engineer), but it had no effect. I also attempted to add an additional teamlead and engineer slot, but that also did not work.
  14. Version: Gauntlet 53_113 Mission: Malden Bug: Server crash on triggering Defend Town(no initial assault) Description: Messing around on the server alone, getting familiar with the new content, decided to activate the first AO that spawned on a fresh map. Town defense(no initial assault), placed my character inside the radius. Received proper warnings about incoming attack, enemy mobilized, etc. Watched on Zeus as 1 ambient squad spawned, and then the server hung for about 5 mins with ambient/civvies running in place before I lost connection. Tested twice, second time manually queueing the mission. No ambient spawn, server did seem to hang for a bit, but mission did eventually spawn OPFOR. I was not able to complete the mission, however, even after killing the assault forces and waiting 10+ minutes.
  15. Version: Gauntlet 53_110 Mission: Altis Bug: Logi FOB crates Description: Only the 20RP crate can be spawned, currently. 150 and 300RP crates will not spawn, I've looked all over the map for them in Zeus to no avail.