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  1. Nice to see you again, Jasman. We're still here! Our current map rotation includes Malden, Altis, Stratis, Lythium, Tembelan, and Bozcaada, and sometimes Gorgona or Kunduz. Most of the mods we use will be familiar, I'm trying to remember all that's changed since you last played. Some notable changes: The removal of Bluforce Tracker and its associated items, lots of new ace features including 'enhanced' nightvision and dslyexci's grenade script, the BAF modpack which adds a whole lot of British Armed Forces assets, and a few different vehicles, from Air superiority jets to LAV's. People come and go(as evidenced by you!) but the server is still quite active on weekends, Friday nights in particular if you're looking for a good time to hop on. Hope to see you on the battlefield!
  2. [AWE][GAMENIGHT]Operation Nightfall on 13/4 at 1900 UTC

    We've got an exciting mission by ShadowAce taking place in two weeks, sign up if you're interested!
  3. bozcaada 54, defend comms array mission was attempted, all enemies neutralized but mission never completed
  4. First video of the new year!
  5. Lythium Stiletto 33, IED's seem to be spawning 2 in the exact same spot, often different combinations (IED's, tripwires, etc.)
  6. Gauntlet 54 Update and feedback

    Lythium latest(109 I think?) Editing squads doesn't seem to work (from squad management window, admin only) I attempted to delete some bugged slots in A1 (teamlead and engineer), but it had no effect. I also attempted to add an additional teamlead and engineer slot, but that also did not work.
  7. Version: Gauntlet 53_113 Mission: Malden Bug: Server crash on triggering Defend Town(no initial assault) Description: Messing around on the server alone, getting familiar with the new content, decided to activate the first AO that spawned on a fresh map. Town defense(no initial assault), placed my character inside the radius. Received proper warnings about incoming attack, enemy mobilized, etc. Watched on Zeus as 1 ambient squad spawned, and then the server hung for about 5 mins with ambient/civvies running in place before I lost connection. Tested twice, second time manually queueing the mission. No ambient spawn, server did seem to hang for a bit, but mission did eventually spawn OPFOR. I was not able to complete the mission, however, even after killing the assault forces and waiting 10+ minutes.
  8. Version: Gauntlet 53_110 Mission: Altis Bug: Logi FOB crates Description: Only the 20RP crate can be spawned, currently. 150 and 300RP crates will not spawn, I've looked all over the map for them in Zeus to no avail.
  9. [EU#3] [GAMENIGHT ] Invade Utes

    Looking forward to this, also not fussed about where I'm slotted.
  10. I believe his intent was to observe the AR's tracers, and give corrections based on their position, not to be marking targets themselves.
  11. Mortar seems quite resistant to most damage, with reports of multiple CAS missile runs being ineffective.
  12. Great mission, Copey, and great job to Bravo! You guys rock.
  13. [GAMENIGHT] [AWE] Operation Whiskey Delta

    Copey stated today that slot assignments will be announced Saturday afternoon, in advance of the gamenight. (He's not able to post himself, but he wanted you all to know)
  14. 80 votes is really not surprising, for a few reasons. 1. While the server rarely (if ever) reaches capacity, the 20-something average players on the server are not the same 20 players every day. Some people play all week, some only on weekends, and some only a few times a month. A healthy server will only have a small minority of its total players connected to the server at any given time. 2. It's safe to say that some of the people voting for TFAR are players who no longer play on the server due to the switch to ACRE, and if the switch to TFAR was made they would potentially return. I'm not confirming or denying the changes, if any, that may occur as a result of the vote, I just wanted to clear up the misconception about the vote not being accurate based solely on number of votes.
  15. Was really fun and intense, thanks for putting this gamenight together Ryko. Would love to see more like this in the future.