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  1. Well never mind. It's back to being broken again. I guess I just wait until the next firmware update. VR is seriously still in the beta phase.
  2. Well in case anyone else runs into this I found a fix. It's basically "delete everything associated with the Rift" plus some other precautions:
  3. After I updated my Rift S to 2.2.0 I'm stuck in what seems to be called the "reboot loop". I'm asked to reboot the Oculus software and when I do, it just asks again which basically has bricked the thing. Searching the Internet hasn't got me a solution that actually fixed the problem so figured I'd try crowdsourcing AhoyWorld. TIA, gents.
  4. I did some hacking on Wibbler's Helicopter Transport scenario to include helicopters from popular mods so you can get some flight time in non-vanilla helicopters. I left the Ghosthawk and Hummingbird in from vanilla since those are staples of EU1 and added more choppahs. Figured I might as well share with Ahoy and feel free to move this if I posted in the wrong spot. Here's the Google Drive link to the .pbo: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1TZN2X_DLMfycKOYkow0LtVoWRlkpY98f Where do I put this thing? Under your main Arma folder in the "Missions" folder. What mods do I need? CBA_A3 3CB BAF Vehicles RHSUSAF RHSAFRF RHSSAF RHSGREF How do I fire it up? Under "Scenarios" in single player, or launch it as a multiplayer mission and you can set scenario parameters. (Like set chance of AA manpads, set time of day, etc...) What helicopters are there? Vanilla: Ghosthawk Hummingbird From mods: CH 53-E Ka-60 Merlin HC4 24 MH-6M Littlebird Mi24-P Hind Mi-8MTV-3 UH-1Y UH-60M Wildcat AH1 Transport What else changed? Pilot is no longer in vanilla gear Spawned fireteam are US Army desert camo and are team leader, AR, AR assist & rifleman instead of all riflemen (plus a bit of a skills bump) Why didn't you just put this shiz on Steam? Because that sounds like asking for work and complaining. Who do I complain to if there's bugs or features I want? Remember what I said about complaining? But seriously, if there's a helicopter you really want to practice with and it's in one of those mods but not in the scenario, hit me up here or on Discord and I'll see what I can do.
  5. JJ Cakes


    I'm not on my gaming machine so I can't be more helpful, but once you fire up TS you're going to want to connect to ts.ahoyworld.net, once you're on there double-click on the EU1 channel and you use "Tab" by default to talk over TS. If you need more help ask in-game and someone can help you out.
  6. I really like the Helicopter Transport Pilot scenario by Wibbler, you pickup randomly spawned fire teams, there can be enemy forces at the PZ/LZ and you can customize it to some degree by running it as a multiplayer scenario.
  7. The last Unsung Op was a blast, get the mod, do this.
  8. Glad to see the support for bringing back Tanoa.
  9. I was just thinking this exact same thing a few days ago about how IA with minimal realism mods would be super cool. My day job is a programmer, and while I probably would be totally useless trying to script in SQF I would think there would be quite a bit of "grunt work" in making IA4 RHS / TFAR/ ACE aware. If this comes to fruition maybe I can help with some of the grunt work.
  10. OK, so if I get downed, the "Press Space to Respawn" keeps nagging me as I lay in state. But if I respawn, and I'm back at base, once in awhile that nag keeps happening every few seconds with no way to make it go away except as far as I can tell to back out to the Abort screen and start over. The first phase should be easy enough to replicate, the second phase I think you can replicate by murdering a player where they can't get revived by a medic and pressing Space before the hint happens. Sorry that's not more helpful, but the best I got to debug this.
  11. I'd just like to note that when I&A4 started beta testing, I wasn't totally on board. Now that I've had a chance to play it more I'm always happy when 4 is running on EU#1 and prefer it to 3.
  12. Small thing I noticed and should be easy to replicate: Go idle for over 9 minutes and get booted from your squad, when you go active again you get the message that you've rejoined the squad repeating every 5 seconds or so. I was in Gambler as a gunner when this happened. I had to abort and some back in to get the messages to stop.
  13. JJ Cakes

    Community Update#3

    You cleverly hid it right in front of my face.
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