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  1. I had a feeling this was going to be one of those "Good idea, but Arma" type requests.
  2. Most vics on EU1 aren't fully crewed, it would be nice if you could set the countermeasures to just pop if an incoming missile lock is detected and you still have smokes. Seems like this is technically feasible using the "IncomingMissile" event handler, but I'm just throwing this out there to see what other people think.
  3. I'm going to just admit it, what attracts me to EU#1 is the fact you can "play it your own way". Time differences means often I'm soloing AO's but sometimes there's a good group to join and I'll do that, but I don't want to be forced into squads to play cooperatively when most of the time I want to just "do my own thing". The sort of weird chaos that happens on EU#1 because of the lack of command structure is a feature to me, not a bug. And despite that all, EU#1 has recently I think been pretty good. God bless our noobs, they seem to actually care about the experience and want
  4. Look at the file fn_cleaninventory.sqf, I believe that if you just insert this on line 1 it will disable the load out checks: if (true) exitWith {};
  5. Welcome! If you have any questions, just ask in Side and there's a really good chance someone can help you out.
  6. As far as I know only Radio Tower and Factory require players to load up with explosives to clear the AO. Can we have it so those use the scroll wheel to clear? It just seems like we should be consistent and it would help me as an FA to not have to try and train noobs about inconsistencies.
  7. I'm assuming the mission I'm creating using the previous template will still be OK?
  8. I'm making a custom Zeus mission to eventually run on AWE and previously I was using a weapons sway reduction mod off Armaholic until someone tipped me off to this SQF command: player setCustomAimCoef 0.15; No mods needed, will work in Vanilla and that coefficient seems like a nice balance to me. The bigger the number, the closer to vanilla behavior (1.00). There's still weapons sway, it's just reduced to a manageable/non-annoyance level and the decay on the effect seems faster. You can move 5 or 10m without going straight back into the full sway mode.
  9. Quality of life request: Put an arsenal outside the Hescos at both Last Stand and Stadium to make loading vics easier and help with preventing people running off with your ride when you're in the hangar grabbing gear.
  10. Are there issues with missions not showing completed? The following are showing on the map but without an AO circle, they're in "Tasks" on the menu. Sector 117183 Koroni Sector 122157 Lakka Main active AO, shows AO circle but: Sector 101149 (This one is missing "Location" link in tasks) and it seems complete, or at least sub-tasks, but not clearing. I do totally dig the new Units stuff. Good job on that!
  11. FA squad XML wasn't working on I&A3 last night and I made sure to check before I joined that I was using the ghoster XML URL.
  12. I took the grenadier role in a custom squad and the "Gear" part of the "U" menu was empty. I don't know if that's a general bug, or because of the custom squad or shiz is really locked down. If I selected "Show Restricted Gear" I saw it all. FA Squad XML isn't working. My opinion: The IR laser pointer should be in the arsenal and not a reward. It's the closest thing we have to prevent blue-on-blue during night missions, I would even say it should be equipped by default.
  13. Be careful you don't catch yourself a case of...
  14. This is how you win the 2021 "Mostly Likely to end up in The Hague" award.
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