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  1. Ooh "internal" is the keyword. Whoops! We'll see it when we see it
  2. I&A4 is being tested on EU1 at various times, no password required
  3. Would it be possible to buff enemy AA abilities when the ratio of pilots:infantry gets too high? Either increasing the rate of "Anti-Air (Goalkeeper)" objectives, or spawning a few more AA-infantry/static launchers? It sounds like you don't want to neuter the abilities of Talon etc... but it could encourage them to work with infantry, if they are unable to knock out an AO without significant risk to their (limited availability, iirc?) jet.
  4. I might have been struggling desperately to find the exact magic angle to get the "revive" trigger, and done the swap in that process ("I've got it! Oh, I don't have it") rather than during the animation, actually. That sounds more like it, what with the insane hitboxes for certain actions on things like vehicles etc...
  5. When reviving people, the animation can cause your point of aim to move over whoever you are reviving. This can result in you triggering other "space bar" events. Which is how I as a grenadier lost my grenade launcher without realising. I was reviving someone who was lying on the (unreviveable) corpse of another player. I saw the rifle-logo while holding space bar and thought "oh!" but after reviving I had a very pressing issue to deal with (a few shooty bois) and got distracted. 20 minutes later I went to switch to grenade launcher... doh. Adding to the Shelldrake debate: I have seen them used effectively once. Jin87 had taken on squad lead, there was some amazing teamwork going on, and he was getting Shelldrake to drop smokes to shield us from view, rather than as offensive weapons. I'm not sure if this occasion justifies keeping them - it was the perfect storm that you rarely see on a public server ever.
  6. That was a bug and a possible misunderstanding at the same time. There was a "Secure Intel" and a "Kill Enemy Officer" mission in that particular AO. "Kill Enemy Officer" was tied to the success of that AO. Secure Intel missions create a desk, intel pack (on the desk) and an Officer (and possibly some other assets). This officer was killed, and this was briefly misunderstood to be the officer from "Kill Enemy Officer". When the actual enemy (kill enemy) officer was located (which involves clearing buildings, which is part of annexing a location tbh, unless you want enemies to start emerging behind you) for some reason the trigger did not work, so the AO got stuck. That was the bug. Perhaps a prompt could appear on-screen to people within the AO if, say, the objective has not completed despite n% of the enemy forces in the AO being killed? "New Mission: Clear Buildings in this area" with a circle on the map that would narrow down the location of the enemy officer without just going "HE IS HERE"? Later on there was another "Kill Enemy Officer" mission that worked without a hitch. Further to rewards, maybe the reward menu could do with a bit of a declutter. Maybe categorising things and using a bit more screen-space for the menu would be an idea. If I'm using 6.5mm ammo I don't really want/need to be looking at upgrades for 5.56mm gear. I would like it if, instead of "unbought" items being auto-removed from inventory when you've loaded a saved loadout, there could be a prompt to purchase those items using the correct number of points... if you have them available.
  7. I made a lovely dent in the ground last night when my parachute decided to not exist during a paradrop - I had a message saying it was removed.
  8. Yes, "AA Assistant" is just what I'd name a regular rifleman-class loadout that has a large pack and as many AA missiles in as possible.
  9. The ability to create a custom squad with roles (rather than trying to get people to join into the correct roles, and then form a custom squad) should hopefully make this simpler to achieve. In IA3 on a busy night it's easy to end up in a role with a limited loadout, but the custom squads mechanic lets you create more slots for preferred roles. I'm happy to work on an AA Assistant type loadout and occupy that sort of role when it's needed. You favour the Spar because it lets you carry almost-lightweight 150rd box mags if I remember right?
  10. No, I mean, if an AT rifleman takes missiles out of your backpack (or if you put your missiles into their inventory), you gain RP. Oh, and a loss of RP for taking missiles out of an AT's pack to prevent RP farming...
  11. The system I support most from the 4 suggested is to use reward points. Would it also be possible to implement reward points for putting AT missiles into an AT player's backpack, to hopefully improve infantry self-sufficiency? (I am aware this is a potential thread tangent, if it is distracting enough feel free to fork it into its own thread!)
  12. Looking at prices, a RAM upgrade justifies a CPU upgrade as well. I just wish I'd spent an extra £35 to double my RAM back in 2012 The only snag is the knock-on effect of "new RAM... new CPU... new cooler... new motherboard..." I shall endure the spikes for now, maybe remain in a more "long range" role like AT or I'll get "into" marksmannery - the spikes are more of an issue in close quarters.
  13. Is there a point with hardware when Arma 3 runs pretty smoothly? Or is it somewhat limited by the server you're playing on, etc. I have an i5-2500k, AMD R9 290X (outputting 2560X1080), 8GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD (nearly full, which is bad for speed). I get quite a lot of stuttering, Arma is definitely a game I close background procs for and would never be able to record gameplay. However the rest of the time I am happily above 45fps... With (hopefully!) impending good finances soon, there is a possibility I will be able to upgrade my rig. But am I looking at a silly sized investment to get smooth gameplay and simultaneous recording?
  14. Followed an experienced Arma player I'd been playing Apex with in EU1. Got into the first helicopter that came my way (It did remind me a tiny bit of something I'd see in a SovietWomble video and may have inspired me to try learning to fly helos) and hummed Fortunate Son as we approached the LZ. And then enjoyed seeing intelligent looking play. Then tried playing yesterday and at least one person actually warned me when they were crossing my line of fire, which is a hell of a surprise.
  15. WinterMute


    Having spent a few hours headset-less trying to communicate with just one other person in Apex, I've come to appreciate the value of being able to talk! And I'll probably jump on this evening and see how things go.
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