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  1. Tanoa is very nice, unlike most other Arma 3 maps it isn't just a 14km square of sand. with the occasional road.
  2. Adshield

    Sun Scenery

    I do enjoy being light and mobile while doing recon
  3. it just means players will have to concentrate and properly validate targets before engaging. if orders are followed and groups stay in communication with each other, then everybody should know where each other is, and should only engage the enemies. its like finding a difference between a civilian Ural driving past or an insurgent Ural as they may both be in civilian colours, you just have to look at who it in it or ask others if they know. if we can manage playing as Russia vs Chechnya Chedaki in a jammer mission, then we can manage it with Serbian armed forces.
  4. the issue also arises when you are dropping your weapon to reduce weight while defusing IEDs where you have to sit through long animations to take off each attachment, i'm all for having the animations play and i like the idea of them playing however i mentioned this as its the bugs which bring it down. items can be switched in the faction gear selections, there are many different options in mods such as RHS:GREF or RHS:SAF which we have on the server already. in its current state. however the point was, if we only use the large mod for the SCAR then we could swap it for another mod or not use it. TOW hummvees are being worked on in RHS, and minigun hummvees are not needed at all, they are not used often in the US military as they are expensive, and require lots of ammunition compared to the M2, so for realism reasons I and multiple others dont like them. as of now there is a majority of people who hate the DAR HUMMVEE mod according to the results. if you really want up armoured or specialist role humvees then may i suggest asking zeus to use 'attach to' to make a custom vehicle. in a prowler driving a moderate speed yes a bush will damage it however while driving at very slow speeds the LAV can 'cook off' from touching the bush. a prowler is more understandable as it is a small light vehicle, however an LAV is not. if your driving quick enough for a bush to damage your vehicle, then avoid bushes and drive slower. as i said though EU3 was started as public modded so the majority of peoples perception was that it would be more heavily modded and not just EU1 with TFAR and ACE. that larger group come to EU3 for the mods so removing the mods means large groups of people would leave, and that escalates further as people tend not to join empty servers. i suggested this as it is an alternative to mods such as middle eastern faction and SMA that offers many different items including what the other mods have, it was a suggestion not a declaration. it is a very similar camo with them both being desert digital camo with similar, and at the longer range it does look almost identical i know as i was the marksman, and i almost started engaging as i didn't know and couldn't tell what was in the gunner seat.
  5. As the origin of EU3 is 'Public Modded' there should inherently be mods, my perception of this is having most things being modded, as having just TFAR is reproducible by playing EU1 and using TS and direct voice chat. Since Arma is a military simulator I prefer to have what I use to match the faction or army we play as, therefore I like it when everybody is using the correct equipment, with some light variations of course (this is another reason why I like playing as the Russians on Eu3 as people tend to use matching RHS equipment with the only exceptions being those who use the re-textured MNP gear). As for the mods we have and my view on them, I believe that there are multiple mods that we can ditch from the repo for various reasons. I know that some share this opinion and others don't, however since many different people play EU3 a middle ground has to be found, this is me presenting my views on the mods. My remove list: most if not all have already been discussed however i want to show my view on each. DAR_HMMWV I personally dislike this mod due to the general bad quality of the vehicles it adds. major gripes include the apparent sub Arma2OA quality. previously we had another hmmwv mod which offered a better direct A2OA ports which looked ok, however I don't see a reason for not using the RHS versions as they control better, have better functionality [ie. shoot from windows etc], look better [higher quality models, textures and functional mirrors] and have a better overall polish [much more effort put into the vehicle]. Killochs_MNP As I have said I prefer when everybody uses the same, realistic equipment. MNP doesn't offer this, as it is bad re textures of vanilla equipment. with instances of Russian uniforms and Rigs being re textured Nato equipment increasing the chances of Teamkilling and is completely not realistic. camouflages are desperately wrong in some occasions with M81 being very dark for example. re textured onto vanilla gear which is often Nato.^^ one instance of this is while playing Russian EMR vs US marines [desert Marpat , Stan using the re textured Nato gear in desert EMR getting on the gunner seat of a US MRAP. From longer range you cant tell if the person is allied or not due to the almost matching camo meaning A1 and ASL Marksman nearly engaged. roughly 5 of the camos are used so the full list isn't required. Kunduz As others have said its too small and broken SMA to beat the dead horse, the only weapon worth keeping is the SCAR and it is already broken. The SMA weapons are also lower quality than RHS with lower quality models and textures that is a fact [my opinion is that the weapons look bad as a they are too new and clean, it looks like an airsoft gun in the display case of a shop. Middle Eastern Factions Its not really needed, mini already said it LAV-25 In the battle between an LAV and a Bush the bush wins L_Mount it is a nice mod that is good for those who use multiple optics, however it is buggy and gets in the way sometimes. My possible add list: CUP terrains it adds many varied maps that many players miss e.g Chernarus. CUP full we could replace all of the need for mods such as PLA and MiddleEasternFactions, as it adds most things from previous arma games. I dont suggest removing RHS as it is such as high quality mod. I suggest doing similar to the AW 124th and use the RHS for the majority of equipment and have CUP for things RHS doesn't add such as the T-55 or Frigates. yes there are many things that RHS and CUP both have however RHS does them to a higher standard. CUP is higher quantity, while RHS is higher quality. just my £0.015
  6. Logi system bug: If you try to place an object on a steeper gradient it stops the ability to place the object, however the object still stays locked to the character meaning the object is constantly stuck to the player, only way to fix is to re-spawn. If you re-spawn the object will be dropped in its position where you died however its only visible to the person who placed it, while it is also physical to the person [can be stood on].
  7. Adshield


  8. After building a fob with the new system, I can say that I like some of the new functionality and the gains to it however I also have some issues. A. I personally preferred the ace sub-actions as it was less intrusive than the box, also the box reopening after placing an object is slightly annoying. B. i'm fine with this as they were pretty much useless. C. very nice feature as if command wants another fob i may be able to move the box and order others later on. D. very nice feature, as if the FOB needs moving or a redesign then the parts can be removed without much loss. E. nice and accurate however I find it slower to use than the ace interaction version, and also my PTT [MB5] cancels all placement which is rather annoying during joint builds. F. not a fan as if an object is misplaced then it will take longer to move and will cost points. possibly requiring a new logi box to rebuild it. If on the ACE action to select LOGI there was a 'settings' or choice between building with the list or using the ace sub-actions, and scrolling for rotation or using the 'set direction' and 'commit/cancel' ace action. I'm ok with FOB building taking longer, however some in Alpha, etc. often get annoyed if the FOB takes too long to be built. Also the spawnable AT-4 box and medical box (there's only one now) are both empty boxes with no supplies inside.[there are probably others however I haven't fully tested the boxes]
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